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Using the KWHLAQ inquiry method, students are able to plan and record their inquiry. The tabs at the top of the pages include K-What do I thi...
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In groups of 3 or 4 students form a travel agency and create an itinerary for the teacher, who has just won the lottery. I did this project with...
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Students are able to plan and record their research by using the KWHLAQ guiding questions. The cover page has a place for students to record the...
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This is a collection of four webquests designed to help students learn about different cultures around the world. The specific cities that are in...
By A Fink
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At first glance, the Personal Project for IB MYP seems a daunting task. How do you successfully manage so many different projects especially whe...
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Have your students shine, learn, and have fun, while showing traditional clothing from different countries around the world. This project is inte...
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Information sheets on countries competing in the World Cup - for Project Work and can then be used in an assembly or presentation. Smaller play...
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Inquiry booklet helps students plan out their exhibition topic. Pages include a place for students to brainstorm what they know about the topic, ...
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KWHLAQ Inquiry Mini Book has descriptions of the KWHLAQ process. One booklet has brief questions to help guide students through the research proc...
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Mixbook is a free program that will allow your students to create and author their first digital publication. Please check out this example: ht...
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These documents can be included or made into a research folder that students use to research and/or build a habitat. The first three pages help s...
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Inspire and give voice to your children's exploration of questions like: What do I want to know? What am I curious about? How can I start explori...
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This presentation assignment is based on Wole Soyinka's Climate of Fear. Students are assigned one of 35 allusions to research and present. I u...
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