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Why should secondary students guess what’s in your head when you can offer them refreshingly clear targets to launch curiosity for your lesson?...
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I use this sheet in my lesson planning binder before each section of a unit. While I am teaching and after I have taught a particular unit, I ma...
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This small activity contains 3 ways to use this for a cowboy/ western unit. The activities vary on students level. Enjoy!
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No need for costly curriculum-mapping software! This template lends itself to outlining units of study in a user-friendly format. Map your units...
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A General Guide To Creating Thematic Units helps teachers provide an integrated curriculum that can be beneficial to both teachers and students. ...
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Looking for a comprehensive workshop scheduling format? Here's a complete 3-day schedule for a Monarch Workshop that can be used as a template f...
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Have you been wondering what all the fuss is about "authentic resources?" Would you like to start using pop-culture realia but don't know where ...
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Howdy Partner, This 4th book in the Classroom Couture series will have your cowpokes shouting “Yee-Haw!” It provides you with everything you...
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A MAKE IT REAL PLANNING GUIDE FOR ENGAGING STUDENTS IN PROJECT BASED LEARNING Project-based learning that sticks for a lifetime! Cultivate lear...
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WHAT THIS DOES: This resource enables medical vocabulary acquisition largely via hyperlinks to medical articles at and the google....
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