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In this set of fun, hands-on science experiments, your students will make many discoveries about weather, think critically about their observatio...
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Singapore Math and Math in Focus are mastery programs. Before moving on to the next skill, you need to confirm that your students own the informa...
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In this packet you will find: Graphic organizers for notes and a list of words to put into the graphic organizer 1 worksheet to complete 1 bingo ...
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These strategy cards provide a quick reference for speech/language students who have difficulty with the following areas: active listening, vocal...
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Teaching Fair Division in Discrete Math? Use these notes and included activity to teach The Method of Sealed Bids. Classwork assignment from th...
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Students often struggle with building Redox half-equations from written descriptions in worded problems, as well as knowing how to recognise the ...
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This PDF file is a letter for students to fill out after demonstrating bad behavior. The letter guides students to explain what they did, how tha...
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The Mole concept is a fundamental part of Chemistry. A sound understanding of the mole quantity and its applications are essential in senior leve...
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This is a great self reflection strategy learners can use to identify for themselves how to start a task, and to monitor their own progress towar...
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