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Cesar Chavez and Illegal Immigration

Cesar Chavez and Illegal Immigration
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Using primary documentation, Cesar Chavez's actions to reduce illegal immigration are detailed, because illegal immigration undermined efforts to help migrant farmworkers gain better pay and better working conditions. Recently a buyer questioned the historical authenticity of the above; here is the link from Ruben Navarrette, Jr.'s Washington Post editorial March 2014 which in part states, "The indefensible: Chavez, his cronies and the union itself were essentially surrogates for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. More concerned with maintaining leverage than protecting human rights, Chavez and Co. would call the INS to demand that they come and arrest illegal immigrants who crossed the picket lines..."
Ruben Navarrette, Jr. has researched Cesar Chavez, Delores Huerta, and the UFW for over 25 years.
Most students (and teachers) do not know that Cesar Chavez was against open border immigration and he acted on behalf of citizen migrant workers, not illegal immigrants.
Every Cinco de Mayo when some Hispanic students threatened walkouts based on illegal immigrant rights, students were enlightened through documents of Cesar Chavez's agitation to control the borders, because only when illegal immigration was controlled would citizen migrant workers be able to unionize for better pay and working conditions.
An extension of this activity would be to compare the March 2014 biographical movie of Chavez with the primary documents; i.e. "Does the movie treat Chavez's life 'in the fullness of time' or does it cherry pick events and actions to promote a particular political ideology?"
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On  March 31, 2014,  Buyer asked:
You might want to do more research on this before continuing to sell this product. Many of the farmworkers on the fields were undocumented immigrants. Chavez was opposed to growers hiring workers as scabs during the boycott because this harmed the movement. This is very different from what you are saying. His purpose was not to control borders nor was he anti-immigrant. Your lesson is misleading and as you are a teacher, I feel you are responsible to teach this part of history correctly to children rather than manipulate facts in order to support your own political thinking.
Teachers Pay Teachers
On  March 31, 2014Elaine Schwartz answered:
Washington Post editorial writer Ruben Navarrette, Jr. just had an editorial in the paper this week. In it he describes the "good" Chavez and the "bad Chavez, his words not mine, but he backs up my facts with this, "The indefensible; Chavez, his cronies and the union itself were essentially surrogates for the INS. More concerned with maintaining leverage than protecting human rights, Chavez and Co. would CALL THE INS TO DEMAND THAT THEY COME AND ARREST ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO CROSSED THE PICKET LINES..." You can read the whole editorial in the March 24 Post. Obviously Navarrette was and still is sympathetic to the illegal immigrants, so you can be sure Chavez indeed turned them into the INS.
Navarrette has been researching and writing about Chavez, Delores Huerta and the UFW for over 25 years. The bottom line? American born Chavez knew that whether a continuous trickle or flood of illegal immigrants, their very presence depressed fair pay, decent hours, and safety for those United Farm Workers he represented. So if illegal immigrants, being taken advantage of as scabs and strikebreakers by their usurpation of jobs threatened the jobs of legal workers, Chavez felt no compunction to call the INS.
You should do a little more unbiased research yourself without eliminating inconvenient truths with which you don't politically or socially agree.
If you want a refund, you can have a refund, but I won't retract the VALIDATED and SUBSTANTIATED evidence, which I have just validated and substantiated to you from a primary source.
BTW, I was asked to present this documented activity to 200+ students who walked out of my high school one Cinco de Mayo b/c their walkout and demonstration was based on bad history and emotional hype induced by others with a definite political agenda. After I presented this very information, not one student walked out.
You can presume whatever you like about my politics, but the activity is based on provable facts, but both the good and the bad facts.
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Cesar Chavez and Illegal Immigration