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Classification Kingdoms Unit Bundle - 15 Files

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This product includes the Classification and Kingdoms Unit Lesson Plan topics - 15 files.

Each topic contains a PowerPoint presentation, Notes Outline, Homework Assignment, Vocabulary, Lab Lessons, Quizzes, Test Prep Question bundles, and a Unit Exam. In total, there are 2 PowerPoint Presentation Lesson Plans, 2 Smartboard Notebook Presentations, 2 Notes Outlines, 5 Homework Assignments, 2 Quizzes, and 2 Tests/Exams.

All individual components of this curriculum can be purchased and viewed separately in my main catalog.

My PowerPoint presentations have been made to be both informative on curricular topics and visually stimulating for all students. 100% of my students prefer to receive and discuss new topics via PowerPoint (compared to reading textbooks, lectures, or copying information off of the board). I have found that this method works extremely well with both mainstreamed and inclusion students. When I taught in a traditional HS, I provided a notebook with all the slides for students who needed to take a second look at a slide or were absent for the day.

This bundled product includes the following Classification and Kingdom Lesson Plan topics:

Classification of Living Things PowerPoint Presentation
This presentation Lesson Plan has 9 slides on the following topics: Need for Classification, Basis for Classification, Modern System of Classification, Classification Standards, Subdivisions of Kingdoms, Carolus Linnaeus, Scientific Names.

Classification of Living Things PP Notebook for Smartboard
Classification of Living Things Notes Outline
Classification of Living Things Homework

Kingdoms and Domains PowerPoint Presentation
This presentation Lesson Plan has 30 slides on the following topics: Kingdoms of Life, 6 Kingdoms of Life, 3 Domains of Life, Domain Bacteria, Characteristics of Bacteria, Kinds of Bacteria, Domain Archaea, Characteristics of Archaebacteria, Kinds of Archaebacteria, Methanogens, Extremophiles, Nonextreme Archaebacteria, Domain Eukarya, Characteristics of Eukarya, Kinds of Eukarya, Kingdom and Domain Characteristics, Multicellularity, Colonies, Aggregations, True Multicellularity, Complex Multicellularity, Kingdom Protista, Kinds of Protists, Pseudopodia, Flagella, Double Shells, Photosynthetic Algae, Fungus-like, Spore-Forming, Kingdom Fungi, Kinds of Fungi, Zygomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Ascomycetes, Kingdom Plantae, Kinds of Plants, Nonvascular Plants, Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonflowering Seed Plants, Flowering Seed Plants, Kingdom Animalia, Kinds of Animals, Sponges, Cnidarians, Flatworms, Roundworms, Segmented Worms, Mollusks, Arthropods, Echinoderms, Invertebrate Chordates, Vertebrates.

Kingdoms and Domains PP Notebook for Smartboard
Kingdoms and Domains Notes Outline
Kingdoms and Classification Homework
Kingdoms and Domains HW 1
Kingdoms and Domains HW 2
Kingdoms and Domains HW 3
Kingdoms and Domains Quiz 1
Kingdoms and Domains Quiz 2
Classification and Kingdom Test
Classification Kingdoms Domain Exam

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Digital Download
List Price: $31.25
You Save: $11.25
Classification Kingdoms Unit Bundle - 15 Files
Classification Kingdoms Unit Bundle - 15 Files
Classification Kingdoms Unit Bundle - 15 Files
Classification Kingdoms Unit Bundle - 15 Files