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Classification of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes

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16.96 MB   |   49 slides, 19 pages of notes pages


49 Slides! And notes!

Search words: Classification, Darwin, Linnaeus, natural selection, taxonomy, binomial nomenclature, kingdom, phylum, genus, species, domains, phylogenetic tree, homologous structures, analogous structures, vestigial structures, cladistics, cladogram, dichotomous key.

If you have never taught a lesson using a Powerpoint presentation, you have to give it a try! My students always prefer this to a traditional lecture.

This powerpoint is on The Classification Systems of Living Organisms. It consists of 49 slides that are colorful, informative and visually stimulating. Pictures and diagrams are included that will greatly enhance your instruction to your students. This product also includes a set of notes for the teacher (9 pages) and a set of notes for the student (10 pages).

This product is also sold in a large, bundled unit containing 13 products: Bundled Classification Unit

Please download my free preview. The preview consists of the first 11 slides of the presentation with the corresponding notes for the teacher and corresponding notes for the student.

Topics covered are:
1. The need for a system of classification
2. Summary of Darwin's Theory of Evolution
3. Taxonomy
4. Early attempts at classification: Aristotle, misuse of common names
5. Linnaeus: Seven levels of classification, binomial nomenclature, definition of species, the rules of binomial nomenclature
6. Modern taxonomy: phylogeny, phylogenetic tree, reading a phylogenetic tree
7. Homologous, analogous, and vestigial structures
8. Modern taxonomy is based on: structural similarity, cellular organization, evolutionary relationships, biochemical similarities, genetic similarities, embryological similarities
9. Cladistics and cladograms: Students will look at a cladogram and answer questions about it
10. History of the Kingdoms: 2-kingdom system, 3-kingdom system, 5-kingdom system, and the 6-kingdom system
11. Three domain system of classification
12. Comparison of the kingdoms in the 6-kingdom system
13. Mechanisms that serve as barriers between the species
14. The dichotomous key to classification: Students will learn how to use a dichotomous key; Students will classify the leaves of 7 trees using a dichotomous key.

This powerpoint was written with a typical high school biology I class in mind. It is also very appropriate for middle school grades, and it can easily be edited.

Also included is a set of notes to accompany this powerpoint. It includes a complete set of notes for the teacher, and an outline of the notes for the students. Students will use the outline as the powerpoint is being presented and will fill in the notes as the lesson is being taught.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

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Amy Brown - Science Stuff
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49 slides, 19 pages of notes
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Classification of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes
Classification of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes
Classification of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes
Classification of Living Organisms Powerpoint and Notes