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Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam

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This Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam has 39 multiple choice, modified T/F, completion, short answer and essay questions on the topics of:

Characteristics of Protists, Protist Classification, Sexual Reproduction in Unicellular Protists, Unicellular Protist Sexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction in Multicellular Protists, Alternation of Generations, Conjugation, Ameboid Movement, Foraminifera (forams), Algae, Green Algae(phylum Chlorophyta), Red Algae (phylum Rhodophyta), Brown Algae (phylum Phaeophyta), Diatoms (phylum Bacillariophyta), Flagellates, Dinoflagellates (phylum Dinoflagellata), Euglenoids (phylum Euglenophyta), Kinetoplastids (phylum Kinetoplastida), Ciliates (phylum Ciliophora), Protistan Molds, Cellular Slime Molds (phylum Acrasiomycota), Plasmodial Slime Molds (phylum Myxomycota), Other Molds (phylum Oomycota), Sporozoans (phylum Apicomplexa), Protists and Humans, Beneficial Protists, Diseases Caused by Protists, Malaria Life Cycle, How Malaria Spreads, Treatment and Preventing Malaria.

A teacher answer key (guide) is included. A free product preview of the entire Exam is available.

A PowerPoint Presentation and additional resources on this topic can be purchased separately.

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Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam
Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam
Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam
Kingdom Protista - Protists Exam