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Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC

Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
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Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC


Who said CURRICULUM MAPPING has to be difficult? We have come up with a "life-saving"

program that will make this task a breeze -- and even fun to do. Take control of your curriculum

-- use for individual courses or plan out a complete curriculum based on the maps you create.

The latest bugaboo in education is accountability and the latest method for accounting for

activities is called curriculum mapping. Nothing really new here, just a different way of

presenting what it is you are doing in the classroom. All of this amounts to more paper work for

the already busy teachers, so here comes Baggetta_Ware to the rescue with a new piece of

software called Mapping Curriculum.

This program will save you time, help you get organized, and make the eyes bug out of just

about any bean counter you encounter. No one will be able to fault you for not trying to organize

your work, and you and they can see what you are doing at a glance. You can even save your

maps for future use or exchange with other teachers. Departments can store them so they are

accessible by all teachers on a network.


Save Maps In .cma Format
Save Maps In .txt Format
Save Maps As Web Page

Print Single Map In File
Print Current Map
Print All Maps In File

Open Maps In .cma Format

Clear All Windows Clear All Windows
Expand All Windows
View All Maps On Screen
Search Maps for Keywords
100 Maps In A File
Manual Date Entry
Calendar Date Entry
Connect To Internet
Spell-Check In Windows
Maximize To Screen Size
Total Pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration

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Product Questions & Answers

On  December 17, 2012,  Buyer asked:
I am very new to curriculum mapping and have never done this before. Will your product walk me through step by step. We also need to start constructing a portfolio of our work in our curriculum. Does this have anything like that on it? Lastly, is this easy to follow that even a technical dummy can muddle their way through it? Please say yes:(
Teachers Pay Teachers
On  December 18, 2012Albert Baggetta answered:
Thanks for your note. I developed and used this program when I was teaching. It allows you to set up your curriculum, like a lesson plan for a department. The program itself is relatively easy to use but does require a learning curve. I can't really tell what your skills are, but I would suggest that you download the free demo version from my website along with the documentation which you can study. This will give you a better understanding of the program. You can download the free version and docs from the following link:
Al Baggetta
Teacher Tech
Hard Good
User Rating: 3.5/4.0
Hard Good
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC
Mapping Curriculum for Windows PC