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Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan - 15 products included

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This bundled unit contains at least 2 weeks of teaching materials or 3 weeks if you complete all of the enclosed labs. The title of this unit is Photosynthesis. This unit has everything that a teacher needs to teach a unit on this topic to Biology or life science students. It covers all topics related to chloroplasts, pigments, light dependent reaction, light independent reaction, and energy transfers. You will receive 15 separate products: A 54 slide powerpoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes, 3 labs, a jeopardy review game, 3 quizzes, 3 homework assignments, a crossword puzzle, and a unit test.

Best Deal: This complete unit is included on a shipped CD called Cell Structure and Physiology, that includes 5 complete units. Click link for details.

When appropriate, I have included each product as an editable Word document, and I have also included each product in pdf form. Each of these products is sold separately in my TpT store, but buying the entire unit in one download will save you money. If each of these products were purchased separately, the total cost would be $26.50.

All answers are included.

Topics covered: Topics covered are:
1) Autotrophs, Heterotrophs, and the flow of energy through an ecosystem.
2) Chemical energy and ATP: definitions/explanations of ADP and ATP, the structure of ATP, how ADP becomes ATP, uses of ATP
3) Overview of photosynthesis
4) Chlorophyll and other pigments: pigment, chloroplasts, chromoplasts, visible spectrum, absorption and reflection of different wavelengths of light, types of chlorophyll
5) Leaf Anatomy: Students will label the parts of a leaf and define cuticle, palisade, spongy cells, mesophyll, stomata, vascular bundle, xylem, phloem
6) Structure of the Chloroplast: Students will label a drawing and define outer membrane, inner membrane, thylakoids, grana, stroma, chlorophyll, photosystems.
7) Electron carriers: Short discussion on electrons, energy levels of electrons, excited electrons, electron transport chain, NADP+, NADPH.
8) An overview of the stages of photosynthesis: the light dependent reactions and light independent reactions. Includes an equation for photosynthesis that outlines the reactants and the products of photosynthesis.
9) The Light reactions: photosystem I and photosystem II, splitting of water molecules, electron transport chain, production of ATP and NADPH, release of oxygen, ATP synthase
10) Calvin Cycle: includes basics of carbon fixation, reduction of PGA to form PGAL, regeneration of RuBP, how glucose is formed
11) Water loss from the plant
12) Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis: water, temperature, light intensity.

All of the materials that I am including in this bundled unit download are sold separately on TpT. Below is a complete list of what you will receive. You can click on each link to read a detailed description of each product.

Photosynthesis Powerpoint with Teacher and Student Notes

Lab: Leaf Structure and Function

Photosynthesis Unit Test

Lab: Pigment Chromatography

Lab: Stomata - Gateways into the Leaf

Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3

Photosynthesis Crossword Puzzle

Photosynthesis Quizzes - Set of 3

Photosynthesis Powerpoint Jeopardy Review Game

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15 bundled products
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Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan - 15 products included
Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan - 15 products included
Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan - 15 products included
Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan - 15 products included