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Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3

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This is a set of three different homework assignments on photosynthesis. I most often use these as homework assignments to help the students review the concepts we went over in class, but each of these would also make a great quiz. Your download will include all three homework assignments in both pdf and Word versions.

All answers are included.

Below is a synopsis of what is covered in each assignment:

Homework Assignment #1 Includes:
1. 13 short answer questions, 2 multiple choice questions, 6 true or false questions, and 14 fill in the blank questions.
2. The difference between autotrophs and heterotrophs; the flow of energy through the ecosystem.
3. ADP / ATP: What are these molecules? What do the letters stand for? What are these molecules composed of? What is the role of ATP in the cell? How does ADP become ATP? What is ATP used for?
4. Overview of Photosynthesis: General purpose of photosynthesis; equation for photosynthesis; reactants and products of photosynthesis; how the plant obtains water and carbon dioxide.
5. Chlorophyll and Other Pigments: definition of pigment; chloroplasts and chromoplasts; colors of the visible spectrum; absorption and reflection of wavelengths of light; leaf anatomy; functions of the parts of the leaf;

Homework Assignment #2 Includes:
1. There is a total of 81 questions on this assignment: 55 fill in the blank, 11 short answer, 6 multiple choice, and 9 true / false.
2. Structure of the chloroplast: double membrane, thylakoids, grana, stroma, chlorophyll, photosystems.
3. Electron Carriers: High energy electron carriers, electron transport chain, NADP+, NADPH
4. Overview of the stages of photosynthesis: What are the reactants and products of the light dependent reactions? What are the reactants and products of the light independent reactions? Where does each take place in the chloroplast?
5. Light dependent reaction: Photosystem 1 and photosystem II, the roles of the chlorophyll pigments, the splitting of the water molecule, the electron transport chain to replace electrons in photosystem I, the electron transport chain to produce NADPH, the production of ATP by ATP synthase, the release of oxygen to the atmosphere.

Homework Assignment #3 Includes:
1. There is a total of 50 questions on this assignment: 22 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 9 multiple choice, and 12 true / false.
2. The Calvin Cycle: Carbon fixation, RuDP plus carbon dioxide, PGA, PGAL, the use of the high energy products of NADPH and ATP from the light dependent reaction, the formation of glucose, the regneration of RuBP.
3. The water loss dilemma: The battle by plants against dehydration, the role of the stomata in photosynthesis and transpiration.
4. Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis: availability of water, temperature, light intensity.

NOTE: This product is also included in a bundled package containing 15 products (labs, notes, quizzes, homework assignments, unit test) on photosynthesis. The bundled package can be viewed here: Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan of 15 Products

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Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3
Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3
Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3
Photosynthesis Homework Assignments - Set of 3