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Properties of Water that Make Life on Earth Possible PPT and Notes

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Topic: The Properties of Water That Make Life on Earth Possible

32-slide PowerPoint with Notes for Teacher and Student

This PowerPoint and accompanying notes is for a high school Biology class. An understanding of water and its properties is essential to the student as they begin their study of biology. Life on Earth is made possible because of the unique properties of water, such as its high specific heat, its polar nature, and its ability to stabilize temperatures on earth.

It has been my experience that by teaching this unit first, followed by a unit in biochemistry, the teaching of the rest of the biology course flows more smoothly and with greater understanding on the part of the student.

If you have never taught a lesson using a Powerpoint presentation, you have to give it a try! My students always prefer this to a traditional lecture. The use of eye-catching photos and diagrams rarely fails to stimulate a lively class discussion.

This PowerPoint is on “The Properties of Water That Make Life on Earth Possible”. It consists of 32 slides that are colorful, informative and visually stimulating. Pictures and diagrams are included that will greatly enhance your instruction to your students. This product also includes a set of notes for the teacher (6 pages) and a set of notes for the student (8 pages). Graphics, diagrams, clip art, and photographs were chosen to capture the attention of the student as the lesson is being taught.

Topics covered by this lesson:
1. Water has four properties that make life on Earth possible: It’s cohesive nature, its ability to stabilize temperatures, it expands when frozen, and its versatility as a solvent.
2. Covalent Bonding: Definition, polar covalent bonds, electronegativity, nonpolar covalent bonds, ionic bonds.
3. Water and the Hydrogen Bond: Explanation of why water is polar, the consequence of water being polar, hydrogen bonding.
4. Cohesion, adhesion, factors that allow water to be pulled to the top of a very tall tree, transpiration, transpiration pull, capillary action.
5. Water stabilizes temperatures on earth: Specific heat, importance of specific heat to life on Earth, evaporative cooling.
6. Water is the solvent of life: solution, solvent, solute, hydrophilic, hydrophobic
7. Ionization of Water: Ionization, ions, acidic solution, basic solution, the pH scale
8. Buffers: The importance of buffers to living systems

This PowerPoint was written with a typical biology I class in mind. It can easily be edited to meet your needs.

Included is a set of notes to accompany this PowerPoint. It includes a complete set of notes for the teacher, and an outline of the notes for the students. Students will use the outline as the PowerPoint is being presented and will fill in the notes as the lesson is being taught. I always include both the Word document and a pdf of the notes.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

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Amy Brown (aka Science Stuff)
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32 slides, 14 pages of notes
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Properties of Water that Make Life on Earth Possible PPT a
Properties of Water that Make Life on Earth Possible PPT a
Properties of Water that Make Life on Earth Possible PPT a
Properties of Water that Make Life on Earth Possible PPT a