Talent Inventory - Link Learners to Lessons

Talent Inventory - Link Learners to Lessons
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Survey Learners to Jump-start Lessons that include Learner Talent

Talent Inventory is Included and ready to use with your students.

Link learners to lessons and both will improve, because when curiosity rises the human brain jumps in to ensure content becomes more relevant.

Want your next lesson to relate to every student’s interest and ability in ways that deepen understanding?

Have your class complete this Talent Inventory to discover each person’s interests and capabilities related to what you are teaching. Inventories can also be revised to fit any topic.

Inventory can also be completed by parents, care-givers or the students themselves.

The goal is to discover ways to link content to curiosity and capabilities of students.

Some teachers file and refer to responses regularly. Others send home inventories to be completed by parents, and then compare caregivers’ written assumptions to students’ statements about themselves.

Talent Inventory (Sample Responses are included – such as an inventory that was filled out by one 11th grade student)

Name _________________ Class ____________________

1. People tell me I am best at … (guitar picking, joking, debating)
2. I think I excel most at … (making friends, doing math problems, singing)
3. My best leadership accomplishment is … (started small business this summer)
4. I’d like to learn much more about … (other countries, travel opportunities)
5. Someday I would like to lead … (people of many nationalities, finances)
6. In this class, it would be fun to … (explore new ideas with peers, take field trips)
7. If I taught this class, I would … (let students grade their own papers, not lecture)
8. I like to be recognized for … (my creative projects, artwork I add to assignments)
9. I learn and lead best when … (directions are clear, I work with teams, I get a say)
10. Leading and learning challenges me when … (people get put down, I am bored)

Your own Talent Inventory is included on here a single page for easy distribution.

Further Uses of Talent Inventories for Whole Brain Learning

Talent Inventories can be used to develop students’ interests and capabilities as well as to adapt lessons for desired outcomes. It could be as simple as asking a learner who is interested in aeronautics to give a speech on a related topic as an alternative task to fulfill course objectives.

The Talent Inventory provides quick and up-to-date reference notes about students who seem bored, those who appear disengaged, or those ready for further challenges. They can be used individually to link content to students’ curiosity-building opportunities. Or faculty can skim the entire classes’ inventories, as a tool to tweak lessons. Use this survey to fit updated facts and figures into a lesson, as well as to help students extend content into their realities beyond class.

Chart students’ progress by dating and filing Talent Inventory discoveries. Over time, data can show students’ growth and provide information on specific areas of weakness. Student disengagement is often prevented by getting to know their capabilities and goals. What better way to engage meaning than to guide lessons that reflect participants’ personal proclivities.

Articulation of Talent Inventory responses will assist students in expressing deeper understanding of concepts learned and raise their curiosity through questions they still wonder about. Can you see how the regular use of this brief inventory enhances a greater awareness of students’ ability, and offers unique opportunities to help them build tools they can use to lead excellence in a new era?

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Enjoy your journey into a mind that beams up an exact intelligence or talent you need to learn and lead in a new way!
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Talent Inventory - Link Learners to Lessons