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The Philippine-American War

The Philippine-American War
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This unit examines the bloody conflict that broke out on the Philippine Islands between Filipino forces battling for independence and American troops sent there to quell what they and many other American citizens viewed as a rebellion. This war lasted far longer than the Spanish-American conflict, and resulted in many more deaths. This unit will examine the causes of the conflict between the American government and the Filipino independence fighters, the arguments for and against annexation of the Philippines, and the nature and impact of the resulting military conflict. Primary source materials include letters, speeches, advertisements and magazine articles. The lessons include individual assignments, cooperative activities and a U.S. Senate simulation.


Lesson 1: Causes of the Philippine-American War

Lesson 2: The United States Senate Debates Annexation of the Philippines

Lesson 3: Warfare in the Philippines

Lesson 4: The Impact of War

Co-Published with the Organization of American Historians and the National Center for History in the Schools, UCLA

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The Philippine-American War