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Jacquelyn Courtney
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Kirsten Boland  (TpT Seller) re: New Controlling Idea formatt- To Kill a Mockingbird
Is this with the whole novel or just an excerpt?
March 14, 2014 Report inappropriate comment

Supply Account D. re: Topic cards for Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis
About how many topics/cards are there in this package?
October 24, 2013 Report inappropriate comment

Juggling ELA
Juggling ELA   (TpT Seller) re: Into the Wild Study Guide - with research project
How many pages is this?
September 5, 2013 Report inappropriate comment

Rebecca S. re: The Last Lecture Study Guide
Your prices are much higher than normal. Would you consider lowering price of The Last Lecture?
August 28, 2013 Report inappropriate comment

Deanna B.
My email is
Thank you,
August 18, 2013 Report inappropriate comment

Deanna B. re: Kite Runner study guide
Does this have a key?
August 17, 2013 Report inappropriate comment
Jacquelyn Courtney  (TpT Seller)
No but if you send me you email I can send you a student model when we get back to school.
August 18, 2013 Report inappropriate comment

Buyer re: One Second After
I am not clear as to what I am purchasing. Are these just comprehension questions? How many pages/questions are included? Do these questions go through the entire book?
October 16, 2012 Report inappropriate comment

Paul Leporino  (TpT Seller)
Can you produce a thumbnail or some other sample of this assessment? I'd like to see it before I consider purchasing it.
December 6, 2011 Report inappropriate comment

Beverly Thompson  (TpT Seller) re: 1000 Splendid Suns Unit Test
Hi Jacquelyn, While I was able to use a small portion of this test, I was disappointed in the over usefulness of it. I felt it was significantly overpriced for the skeletal and basic information it covered on such an magnanomous book. I had to add quite a bit of material to it to make it a useful test. I feel like $3.00 wold be appropriate for the content. Is there a way I can get a $7.00 refund? I don't want to have to leave negative feedback, so I am hoping we can work this before I leave feedback. It isn't that I didn't think there was anything useful, but I don't think there was enough to merit $10. There also wasn't a key with it, which would have been useful since some of the answers were obscure and focused more on unimportant minutiae. Thanks, Bev Thompson
June 24, 2011 Report inappropriate comment

Do you have the answer key for Handmaid's Tale. Of course, I have read the novel, but at present I have a broken right hand and writing & typing is very difficult, not to mention SLOW...thanks...getting your test will be a life saver...charlotte london
October 24, 2010 Report inappropriate comment
Jacquelyn Courtney  (TpT Seller)
Name______________________________ Ms. Courtney
The Handmaid’s Tale Unit Test Class Period______

Directions: Indicate the correct answer for each question.

1) 1) In Gilead, what is Janine’s new name?
a) Ofglen
b) Ofwarren
c) Offred
d) Offrank
2) What is the purpose of the wall?
a) To show what will happen to anybody who doesn’t obey the law
b) To show who has died recently
c) To show the people that they have defeated in war
d) To protect them from invaders
3) What are “Econo-wives”?
a) Widows who are forced to do all of the manual labor
b) The wives of the poorer men in Gilead
c) Wives that can be bought
d) Prostitutes
4) What happens to people of other religions who refuse to convert to Christianity?
a) They’re killed/sent to the colonies
b) They are deported back to that religions homeland
c) They are forced to convert
d) They are jailed
5) What term is used to identify people in the resistance?
a) Freedom
b) Peace
c) Mayday
d) Praise
6) Who is Moira?
a) One of Offred’s friends before the revolution
b) Her mother
c) Someone she met and became friends with in Gilead
d) Her overwatcher
7) Why is the need for Handmaid’s so great in Gilead?
a) There are few women left alive
b) There is a great labor shortage
c) There is an infertility problem
d) Many men have died in the war
8) How does Serena plan to get Offred pregnant?
a) By giving her hormone pills
b) By having her sleep with the doctor
c) By implanting an embryo into her
d) By having her sleep with Nick
9) Who takes Offred away at the end of the book?
a) Luke, her former husband
b) Nick drives away with her
c) A pair of eyes, who may be in the resistance
d) Moira, who is escaping with her
10) Why do all of the signs in Gilead only have pictures and no words?
a) The women are not allowed to read
b) Many of the shops have the same name
c) It is easier to recognize
d) Many people speak different languages
11) Where does this book take place?
a) Los Angeles
b) Cambridge, Massachusetts
c) Ontario, New York
d) Washington, D.C.
12) What is the Ceremony?
a) A reading from the Bible followed by sex, between the handmaid and the commander
b) Execution of offenders
c) Ritual where the wives and commanders are married
d) The apocalypse
13) What are unwomen?
a) Women sent to the colonies
b) Prostitutes
c) Handmaids
d) Women married to husbands that are not commanders
14) Where does Offred see her mother?
a) In the market
b) At the salvaging
c) At a party the commander threw
d) In a tape showing unwomen
15) Why is the protagonist named Offred?
a) Her commander’s first name is Fred
b) It was her husband’s name
c) It’s the name of the first male child she had
d) She picked it out to hide her identity.
16) How long does a handmaid have before she is declared an unwomen and sent to the colonies?
a) 5 years
b) 6 years
c) 1 year
d) 10 months
17) What are the colonies?
a) A labor camp, where workers are forced to handle toxic waste
b) Places that are safe houses for the people escaping Gilead
c) Cities of the Resistance
d) Places where Handmaids are allowed to go when they have produced 5 children
18) Who are the soldiers in Gilead?
a) The Angels
b) The Guardians
c) The Commanders
d) The Knights
19) What is ironic about the name The Republic of Gilead?
a) It is a satanic society, and Gilead has a religious significance
b) It is not really a Republic
c) It has the same name as a city mentioned in the Bible
d) The civilization itself is not really named Gilead
20) What happened to Offred’s daughter?
a) She was taken when Offred and her family tried to escape
b) She was sent to be a handmaid in another town
c) She married Nick
d) She died.

Directions: Determine whether the following statements are true or false. If you determine that the answer is false correct it on the space below the question.

21. The Handmaids are forced to dress entirely in red in order to mark them as sinners._False- They wear red to symbolize their fertility.

22. Ofglen hangs herself rather than be arrested and tortured by the Eyes. True

23. The shops in Gilead have pictures instead of written signs because the entire society is illiterate. False – Men can read women cannot.

24. The Wall is a place in town where the bodies of those who have been executed are displayed. True

25. The Handmaids are not supposed to look at the Wall, they are supposed to walk past quickly and keep their heads down. False – they are supposed to stop and pray or contemplate the crimes of the accused

26. While looking at the prayer machines, Ofglen tells Offred that she should try to kill the Commander.

27. Offred sees Aunt Lydia at the club named Jezebel’s-
False – she sees hers friend Moria.

28. The password used by the rebel group trying to overthrow the Republic of Gilead is “Mayday.” True

29. At the end of the novel, Offred is taken away by a group of Eyes that may be members of the resistance. True

30. The term Jezebel refers to women prostitutes and entertainers who are available for use by the Commanders. True

Directions: Answer the following with complete sentences. Be sure to support your answer with literary references.

1. Describe how individuality is extinguished when Gilead is formed. Be sure to touch upon how women are seen in this new society.

2. When the Doctor suggests that he help Offred conceive, she rejects his offer, even though she knows he is giving her a way out. When Serena Joy offers to help her, she says yes almost immediately, despite her lack of trust for Serena. Why do you think she accepts Serena Joy's offer rather than the Doctor's?

3. In the Republic of Gilead, women are not allowed to read and the shops in town have signs with pictures instead of words. Why is reading dangerous?

4. "There's more than one kind of freedom” said Aunt Lydia. “Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don't underrate it.” What does Aunt Lydia mean when she says this?

5. Why does the Latin phrase “Notile te bastardes carborundorum” mean so much to Offred when she finds it?

6. What is the significance of the secret password Ofglen gives Offred?

7. What is the significance of the setting in the novel? Why does Atwood choose to set the novel here?

8. How is the importance of religion conveyed in Gilead and why is it ironic that the Commander has his Bible locked up?

9. What is the relationship between Offred and Nick in the novel? Do you think things between these characters would have been different if Offred knew Luke was dead?

10. Why did Atwood choose to end the novel the way she did? Do you think the men coming for Offred were involved with Mayday? Be sure to support your answer.

Essay Question: Fully explicate the following passage and connect it to the larger work. Be sure to analyze literary features of the novel in order to support your answer.
"Maybe none of this is about control. Maybe it isn't really about who can own whom, who can do what to whom and get away with it, even as far as death. Maybe it isn't about who can sit can who has to kneel or stand or lie down, legs spread open. Maybe it's about who can do what to whom and be forgiven for it. Never tell me it amounts to the same thing."
Chapter 23, pg. 135
October 25, 2010 Report inappropriate comment

I need a more detailed description of your House of the Scorpion assignment. Could you email a sample?
October 15, 2010 Report inappropriate comment

is there an answer key for the 1000 splendid sun test?
March 5, 2010 Report inappropriate comment

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