Our dream is to make the expertise and wisdom of all the teachers in the world available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Who We Are and What We Do

Teachers Pay Teachers (or TpT, as we call it) is a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. That means immediate access to a world of expertise and more time to focus on students and teaching.

Because of TpT I feel like I have a thousand teachers in my classroom every day. I know my students are getting a much better education because of TpT!
Cyndie D.

Our Story

TpT was founded by Paul Edelman, a New York City public school teacher who saw incredible, untapped potential in the work that teachers create for every lesson, every day. When he arrived at his Brooklyn middle school classroom after graduate school, he quickly realized that his students did the best when he incorporated ideas from other educators. At the time, he only had access to the teachers in his school. He created Teachers Pay Teachers to provide a solution. Now, TpT has become an enormous and global staff room: a place where any educator can find essential resources, collaboration, and inspiration.

Teachers Pay Teachers has created bridges between cities, states, and countries ... This movement has improved the quality of life for countless educators like me whose lifelong dream is to be an excellent teacher.
Tanesha B.
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Responding to a Changing Classroom

Today, the demands on teachers are as high as they’ve ever been. Many teach multiple subjects to a wide array of learners. Meanwhile, the standards — and even the educational environment — are changing rapidly. Our Teacher-Authors understand that change because most are active classroom teachers who live it every single day.

Through TpT, our Teacher-Authors are able to respond to the changing landscape immediately. Teachers provide feedback along the way, so our content is continually evolving and improving with every use. We believe that when teachers work together, great things happen.

After 20 years in the public school system, I felt beat down, undervalued, unimportant, and frankly, burnt out... TpT has changed this...I am no longer burnt out, as I have gotten so many great ideas, resources, and tons of encouragement here that I can take right back to my classroom.
Shelly R.
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Examples of What You'll Find on TpT
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