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Need Spiral MATH HOMEWORK or MORNING WORK that will keep math concepts fresh all year? This 100% editable daily math review resource will do just that and more! SAVE over 20% with this BUNDLE!!! This Math Homework Includes… ✔34 weeks of Common
1080 ratings
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Interactive notebooks are a great learning tool in the classroom. They serve as a resource for reviewing standards, a reference tool, or even as an assessment. This notebook covers all the 1st Grade Common Core MATH standards (including Operations
1026 ratings
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** NEW LOOK, SAME Product ** Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? If you liked my 2nd Grade version of the Quick Assessments, you'll love the 1st Grade edition. I have dissected the 1st grade standards and created a resource that
1008 ratings
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Common Core Math First Grade Printables is a collection of 57 activity sheets that cover EVERY First Grade Math CCSS. They can be used ANYTIME! All activities are cut and paste or “use a crayon or manipulative” to give your students fine motor
962 ratings
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Fluency and Fitness® brain breaks are a great way to get the wiggles out while practicing their addition math facts. Students BEG to do this and teachers love that they don't have to lose any instructional time. This bundle includes 6 slideshows to
929 ratings
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THIS IS A BUNDLED SET OF ALL MY 1ST GRADE MATH INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK ACTIVITIES! Buy them together here at a huge discount! This mega-bundle is priced at 25% off the cost of all 4 bundles combined, and 35% off the cost of all 21 individual standards.
873 ratings
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Quick, Common Core assessments for 1st grade! Included in this unit are short, half page assessments for all the phonics and math standards in 1st grade. The full list is below. These are great to have in your classroom from the beginning of the
847 ratings
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Early Finishers can continue learning! First grade can be tricky - kids are finishing projects & assignments at all different times. What are early finishers to do while they wait? Pull out their B.A.T. Book! B.A.T. stands for Brain's Always
698 ratings
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Review and Assess with Exit Tickets! Are you looking for a quick snapshot of your students’ understanding of math concepts? Try this Common Core Exit Ticket Bundle for First Grade Math Standards! This pack includes quick and easy exit tickets for
690 ratings
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Math Word Wall for the Common Core Standards. This bright and colorful pack will look terrific in your classroom AND these are kid friendly! Every vocabulary word has a brief definition written in kid-friendly language and colorful illustrations
594 ratings
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Common Core Math Assessments Grade 1 (ALL STANDARDS PACK) *Common Core *Common Core Math *Common Core Grade 1 Math *Common Core First Grade Math NEW & IMPROVED GRAPHICS! This packet includes assessment materials for ALL STANDARDS covering the
584 ratings
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Math Journal Prompts for each of the Grade 1 Common Core Standards! Math Journaling is a fabulous way to gain insight into your students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, their problem-solving strategies, and their ability to share their
568 ratings
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This bundle includes 1 math station for each of the first grade common core math standards! There are 24 stations in all... priced at less than $1 a station! ~These stations can be used anytime of the year regardless of season or your
530 ratings
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Math Centers have never been this much fun! This bundle of 1st Grade Math Games focuses on ALL 1st Grade Common Core Math Standards, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional)
486 ratings
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170 page bundle! Includes 3 tests for every first grade Common Core standard including an assessment to see if a student is exceeding the standard. Also includes a grading rubric for each standard as well as an answer key. This product comes with a
479 ratings
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40 pages of math warm up activities that are perfect for morning work or as a quick beginning to your math workshop. Each page has 5 different skills. It is aligned to the Kindergarten and First Grade Common Core math standards, but also includes
430 ratings
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Do you want to do number talks in your first grade classroom but feel overwhelmed with the thought of planning a lesson each day? If so, this is the product for you. This year-long (180 lessons), common core aligned Number Talks Program is
395 ratings
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This assessment file includes 2 questions for each of the First Grade Common Core Math Standards. Also included are teacher recording sheets for assessing counting to 120 verbally, identifying numbers 1-120, and timed tests for standard 1.OA.6. I
343 ratings
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Common Core Math Assessments - 1st Grade This 50+ page assessment bundle contains quick math assessments for EVERY 1st Grade Common Core Math Standard. There are 2 assessments included for each standard. I LOVE using these as quick quiz grades
317 ratings
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Tens and Ones! 55 pages of Common Core aligned games, activities, posters and work pages to teach tens and ones to your students. Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is a fundamental concept, forming the basis for work with
299 ratings
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Place Value Bundle: 55 pages of Common Core aligned Place Value games, activities, posters and work pages to teach hundreds, tens and ones to your students. Place value, or understanding that numbers are composed of hundreds, tens and ones, is a
283 ratings
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30 Math Timed Test designed specifically to meet the 1st grade Common Core Standards. Use daily for the entire school year. Designed to progress through the Common Core Standards. Quick daily timed tests are also great for homework. Build student
239 ratings
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Guided Math is one of my favorite times of the day. In this BUNDLE you will get differentiated lesson plans for every single day for the ENTIRE YEAR. In an easy to follow sequence, I provide you with hands-on lessons that I have used very
238 ratings
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If you LOVE Fluency and Fitness®, grab this bundle for HUGE savings! Students are begging to do these activities and they don't even realize how much they are learning! Fluency and Fitness® is a great way to get your students moving, while still
222 ratings
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Common Core Math Assessments: 95 pages - this pack includes assessments for the Math standards. The assessments were carefully made to help you identify if the student mastered the standards or not. "I Can" and "We are Learning" posters were also
215 ratings
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This bundled packet includes 86 worksheets targeting every Common Core Math standard for first grade. It contains every worksheet from my separate “It’s (Almost) Summer” review packets. Click here for my first grade back to school starter kit,
211 ratings
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Number Line Practice Sheets for Common Core math instruction! Practice number sequence, skip counting, and counting up/back for addition and subtraction using these number line practice sheets. Teach students to make "jumps" up on the number line
206 ratings
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Math Word Wall Grade 1: Help your 1st graders remember these essential math vocabulary terms with this visual math word wall, while brightening up your classroom at the same time! ***THIS PRODUCT HAS RECENTLY BEEN UPDATED TO INCLUDE CANADIAN AND
187 ratings
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First Grade Common Core Math Assessments I have put all the first grade math assessments in a huge bundle! You can save $4 if you purchase the bundle instead of buying all the packets separately :) For OA, NBT, and MD, there are 2 assessments for
166 ratings
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You will receive 76 pages of Christmas themed math, reading, and writing activities that will keep your students engaged and learning during the holiday season. Inside this pack you will find Christmas-themed reading passages, grammar practice,
156 ratings
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In this HUGE 650+ page bundle, you will receive a zip file that contains EVERY 1st Grade Math resource in my store! This includes my Word Problems Bundle (Best Seller!), NO PREP Printable Math Packs, Place Value Match….. and so much more! To view
155 ratings
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Assessment is a crucial part of teaching. Take the guessing out of the Common Core! Assessment allows us to better differentiate and meet the individual needs of each of our students. Each of these Common Core Math Assessments can help to drive
155 ratings
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This pack of place value centers includes 13 different games and activities that focus on two- and three-digit numbers. Includes: • Rainbow Race - Build and compare 3-digit numbers. 2-player game. • Place Value Graphic Organizer • Place Value
145 ratings
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Common Core Crunch Math packs are so versatile! Use them for intervention, morning work, assessment, progress monitoring, homework, math workshop, centers and more. Also available in these Bundles March ELA and Math Bundle Math Bundle 2 - January
143 ratings
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This winter holiday place value unit gives your students a lot of practice working with numbers, representation and relationships. All students need daily practice working with numbers to effectively develop their number sense. This unit reviews
142 ratings
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Included in this packet are 20 black and white place value printables. They are perfect for review, homework, morning work, sub plans, early finishers and more! These are great to have on hand in any classroom! There is a variety of different
139 ratings
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Addition and Subtraction with Multiples of Ten Practice Sheets Teach students to solve addition and subtraction involving multiples of ten with this set of practice sheets! The practice sheets (11 pages plus 11 answer keys) are based on place value
138 ratings
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Need more spiral review in your math curriculum? This packet consists of 18 worksheets that are designed to review the standards taught in chapters 3 - 8 of Harcourt’s Go Math for first grade; however, they can be used with any CCSS first grade
130 ratings
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These 14 games have everything you need for teaching CCSS-aligned first grade place value and addition/subtraction for only $1 each! The games reinforce each Number and Operations in Base Ten Common Core standard (1.NBT.A.1, 1.NBT.A.2, 1.NBT.B.3,
127 ratings
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Common Core ELA and Math Assessments Grade 1 (DOUBLE PACK) *Common Core *Common Core ELA *Common Core Math *Common Core ELA Grade 1 *Common Core Math Grade 1 *Common Core ELA First Grade *Common Core Math First Grade BY REQUEST: This double pack
126 ratings
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THIS IS A BUNDLED SET OF 6 OF MY INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS. Buy them together here at a 20% discount! This set of Interactive Notebook Activities will keep your first grade students engaged and excited about math this year! This set focuses on counting,
121 ratings
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Math Stations Common Core Bundle!!! This packet contains 275+ pages of signs, labels, station place mats, posters, response forms, discussion/partner talk forms, Math Journal prompts, printables, and center activities aligned with Common Core. I
119 ratings
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This Bundle contains lessons for an Interactive Notebook for First Grade Math for each of the Common Core Standards. Included are 57 activities to keep your young mathematical minds engaged and interacting with each standard for years to
114 ratings
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A Great End of Year resource! Are you looking for a great comprehensive end of year review of the First grade Common Core State Standards for math? Look no further! This end of year review is just what you need. ***End of Year Review BUNDLE
113 ratings
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Do your students need a quick warm-up before starting their guided math group math lesson each day? This packet contains templates for 1st grade Common Core math skills. They are meant to be teacher directed or collaborative sheets and can be used
105 ratings
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***Excellent numeracy practice! Great for number sense! Nice foundation work for for future math.*** Back to School Kindergarten Math First Grade Math Beginning of the Year **Aligned with the Kindergarten & First Grade Common Core Math
104 ratings
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This first grade QR Code Math Centers includes 15 QR Code Math Centers and Printables in one zip file. By purchasing this QR Code bundle you are receiving this product at a discounted price of over 40% off than if you bought each pack individually!
103 ratings
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You will receive 310 pages of number sense, place value, addition, and subtraction math centers for first grade. You will find 26 games and center activities with many different variations inside this pack for easy differentiation. Each print and go
103 ratings
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First Grade Math Mega Bundle! This bundle of first grade math products, totaling 230+ original practice sheets, has your first grade Common Core math needs covered! Bundle includes 21 of my Common Core math practice sheet sets. Save 40% by
97 ratings
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Do you ever wonder how we can take our math instruction to the next level? Interactive notebooking is an awesome way to build meaningful and hands-on instruction into your math block. Students can build their very own math interactive notebook
97 ratings
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Math Interactive Notebook - Math Interactive Notebook Grade 2 - Math Interactive Notebook Have your students mastered the math concepts you have taught? Can they tell you KEY VOCABULARY WORDS related to the skill? Can they SHOW what they have
94 ratings
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Number of the Day, Calendar, Weather {Daily Math Practice} If you are trying to find ways to help your students develop a strong number sense, then look no further. This pack provides daily math activities that are meaningful and follow the Common
89 ratings
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