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Get TWO assessments for each of the third grade math Common Core Standards! This includes Common Core math assessments, Common Core math checklists, and graphs for data
2395 ratings
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Interactive notebooks are a great learning tool in the classroom. They serve as a resource for reviewing standards, a reference tool, or even as an assessment. This notebook covers all the 3rd Grade Common Core MATH standards (including Operations
2173 ratings
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This file is an entire year's worth of interactive, foldable, and flippable fun, with hundreds of pages of activities to teach and review each and every 3rd grade math standard. THIS BUNDLED SET OF 3RD GRADE MATH INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK ACTIVITIES IS
2108 ratings
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Homework and Morning Work just got better! This Spiral Math Homework or Morning Work is a daily math review that will keep math concepts fresh all year. These customizable math review sheets are 100% editable, and are a TOP-SELLING homework and
2021 ratings
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**NEWLY REVISED: SAME GREAT CONTENT, NEW DESIGN!!** I created these Common Core Math Worksheets to pair with my Interactive Math Notebooks for 3rd grade. I also created these worksheets for 4th grade to use with my own students. I wanted something
1540 ratings
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FUN Area and Perimeter Activity Your students will absolutely LOVE the Area and Perimeter Robot math project! Not only is it FUN, it encourages critical thinking and problem solving
1215 ratings
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Math Word Wall for the 3rd Grade Common Core Standards. This bright and colorful pack will look terrific in your classroom AND these are kid friendly! Every vocabulary word has a brief definition written in simplified, but mathematically accurate,
1090 ratings
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Math Centers have never been this much fun! This bundle of 3rd Grade Math Games focuses on ALL 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional)
1047 ratings
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These 3rd Grade Math Assessments will save you time, make you a better math teacher and make it VERY easy to collect data on your students’ abilities in the grade level math skills. THE BENEFITS OF THIS 3rd GRADE MATH ASSESSMENT RESOURCE: ✓
941 ratings
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** NEW LOOK, SAME Product ** Are you teaching with the Common Core Standards yet? If you liked my 2nd Grade version of the Quick Assessments, you'll love the 3rd Grade edition. I have dissected the 3rd grade standards and created a resource that
800 ratings
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3rd Grade Math Center BUNDLE {ALL Standards!} : These Common Core aligned math centers will make math fun and engaging for your 3rd grade students! THIS IS A BUNDLE OF 5 LISTINGS. Buy them together here at a discount. I originally designed these
673 ratings
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Product Updated 1-20-14: In this product you will find Third Grade Common Core Math Assessments aligned to 100% of the 3rd Gr. Math CCSS. These worksheets can be used as morning work, homework, practice work, remediation or quick math assessments
598 ratings
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Area & Perimeter Word Problem Task Cards This task card set includes 20 challenging, multi-step area and perimeter word problems. They are perfect for enrichment and differentiation! They are meant to engage students in meaningful and relevant
562 ratings
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3rd Grade Quick Checks: Common Core Math Assessments MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW FILE FOR A DETAILED LOOK AT WHAT IS INCLUDED! I created this resource as a quick and easy way to help keep track of of my students’ progress. I wanted to be
530 ratings
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3rd Grade Math Warm Up / Morning Work This morning work bundle includes 160 pages of math warm up activities that are perfect for morning work, homework, or as a quick warm up to your math instruction. Each page has 5 different skills designed to
497 ratings
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Common Core Math: Outside of the Box (3rd Grade Edition) Included in the Common Core Standards for Math, are the “Standards for Mathematical Practice”. These standards require students to solve problems, reason, explain, model, use tools, look for
445 ratings
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3rd Grade Math Assessments: Common Core Aligned This is a BUNDLED pack of 5 of my assessment packs. Buy them together at a discount! This pack of math assessments aligns with 3rd grade Common Core standards. Included are 2 pages for EACH STANDARD.
432 ratings
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Third Grade Math Word Wall (Common Core) - Mastering math vocabulary is essential! Help your students master the math vocabulary terms from the Common Core Math Standards with this 150+ page printable math word wall.The pack also includes flip books
417 ratings
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Math Word Wall Grade 3: Help your 3rd graders remember these essential math vocabulary terms with this visual math word wall, while brightening up your classroom at the same time! ***THIS PRODUCT HAS RECENTLY BEEN UPDATED TO INCLUDE CANADIAN AND
407 ratings
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Math Word Wall: 3rd Grade Common Core Help your 3rd grade students remember key math vocabulary with this Common Core aligned word wall! Included are 82 math vocabulary cards for your word wall, covering all 5 Common Core domains. The cards are
396 ratings
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3rd Grade Common Core MATH MEGA BUNDLE {Assessments & Task Cards For the Year}: If you teach third grade and follow the Common Core, this product is for you. This product is a year's worth of math assessments and task cards for ALL the Common
339 ratings
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Math Task Cards - 3rd Grade: Help your students master the 3rd grade Common Core Math Standards with this bundled set of task cards. This 375 page resource includes a set of task cards for each of the 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards. This set
328 ratings
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This 60+ page math assessment bundle contains quick, 1 page assessments for EVERY 3rd Grade Common Core Math standard. There are 2 assessments included for each standard. Each assessment has the same 4 question format to ensure consistency in data.
323 ratings
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Need more progress monitoring assessments for math? Check it out! This is the second part of my RTI Progress Monitoring pack and can be used to assess geometry, fractions, elapsed time, perimeter and area, and measurement & data. These
312 ratings
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This 46 page pack gives your students many different opportunities to learn about and practice area and perimeter formulas. You will receive posters, printables, graphic organizers and more! Anchor Charts and Posters for Easy Reference and
297 ratings
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Area and Perimeter Activities Pack has a few fun ideas to enhance your unit. It includes: Build a Room: Students design a room by placing furniture and items in the room. 5 rooms are included to build; bedroom, kitchen, playground, living room, and
286 ratings
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Common Core Math Assessments Grade 3 (ALL STANDARDS PACK) *Common Core *Common Core Math *Common Core Grade 3 Math *Common Core Third Grade Math NEW & IMPROVED GRAPHICS! This packet includes assessment materials for ALL STANDARDS covering the
267 ratings
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3rd Game Common Core Math Review Game: Help your students review the 3rd grade Common Core Standards for math with this bundled set of 5 fun and engaging game show reviews! They are perfect for end of unit reviews, test preparation, or end of the
249 ratings
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Math Journal Prompts for each of the Grade 3 Common Core Standards! Math Journaling is a fabulous way to gain insight into your students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, their problem-solving strategies, and their ability to share their
246 ratings
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3rd Grade Math Exit Slips comes with 125 quick math assessments to use to check your students' understanding of various common core standards. I've provided one page per standard, with each page having 5 different exit slips (questions) related to
235 ratings
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3rd Grade Interactive Notebook: Math Test Prep Edition! I adore interactive notebooks! They are the PERFECT way to make test prep engaging, meaningful, and of course - interactive! The 3rd Grade Interactive Notebook - Test Prep Edition is designed
225 ratings
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Area and Perimeter Finding Area and Perimeter? Students have to figure out which one is being found first! The purpose of this game is to practice basic area and perimeter and understand their meaning. Students will practice finding the area or
210 ratings
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This product is a three week test prep activity that incorporates thirteen vital standards for third grade math. Each day the students will answer 13 questions, one on each of the standards. I am using this in my classroom the three weeks leading
208 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.49 MB)
This product has 3 pages of fun math activities! Students will use cheese crackers to measure squares and rectangles. First, they estimate the number of crackers needed to fill a square or rectangle. Then, they measure each square/rectangle using
197 ratings
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Practice tests prepare your students for PARCC and Smarter Balanced Success Are they ready for standardized testing?! End-of-year standardized testing is a super-stressful time – for both kids and teachers! Do you know how your class will perform?
180 ratings
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Best Seller! Help the Fearless Frogs fight in Area and Perimeter War! Now updated! Includes 2 anchor charts for area and perimeter! In this game students learn to understand area and perimeter.This fun card game we all grew up with now comes in an
179 ratings
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Over 250 3rd Grade Math Spiral Review Daily pages will make it EASY for you to help your students master all grade level math skills. They are great for homework, morning work, RTI, math stations, assessments and more. THE BENEFITS OF THIS MATH
175 ratings
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This packet contains 29 pages in which 27 pages are student worksheets. They are to be used as pre- and post-tests when teaching each standard. This set will cover the whole year of 3rd Grade Common Core Standards. They correlate with my 3rd Grade
173 ratings
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Area and Perimeter Story Problems Task Cards 24 rigorous, multi-step area and perimeter story problems task cards challenge students to recognize area and perimeter in real world settings! Each page has a space for a name so it can be used as
168 ratings
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This set of Interactive Notebook Activities will keep your third grade students engaged and excited about math this year! This set focuses on measurement, area, and perimeter concepts aligned with Common Core standards in the Measurement and Data
147 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (35.15 MB)
Your students will love finding the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles with this Scoot game. Scoot is an active, fast paced whole class game. If you are not familiar with the game Scoot you can download the preview file to see how it is
142 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.53 MB)
*This is a BUNDLED set of 5 of my individual listings. Buy them together here at a discount!* These task cards are designed to help you and your students prepare for state testing that is aligned with ALL Common Core math objectives for 3rd grade.
132 ratings
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You can now buy all of my Interactive Notebooks for the Engage NY Math series for third grade. I have bundled all seven of the individual modules in one place for your convenience. Plus, you will save money! By buying the bundle, you are saving
132 ratings
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Have you ever been told that you need to be implementing RTI for math? Do you know where to start? This is the reason I created the Standards based progress monitoring. Providing evidence of students learning is crucial. Progress monitoring
131 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (58.13 MB)
This bundle is real world application of the standards and is intended to give you a rigorous, multi-step Problem of the Day word problem to work on with your class each day. It gives you a discount off of purchasing the months individually. These
130 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (61.81 MB)
You will receive 88 pages of Valentine's Day-themed math, reading, and writing activities that will keep your students engaged and learning during the holiday season. Practice the Four Operations, Fractions, and More for Deeper Understanding of
129 ratings
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Math Assessments – Third Grade Math assessments for every third grade Common Core math standard are included. You’ll get: -a one page math assessment for each standard. -answer keys for each math assessment page. -student recording sheets:
112 ratings
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3rd Grade Math In this HUGE 500+ page 3rd Grade Math BUNDLE, you will receive a zip file that contains EVERY 3rd Grade Math resource in my store! This includes over 200 Word Problems, Math Assessments, NO PREP Math Packs….and so much
108 ratings
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Interactive Math Vocabulary contains 158 vocabulary words specific to 3rd grade Common Core Math. Each word contains an illustration and definition. Each vocabulary word has its own flap, and each flap has 3 parts. Explain it! - Under the
103 ratings
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This is a set of activities to use in your math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Measurement and Data domain: CCSS.Math.Content.3.MD.C.7 Relate area to the operations of multiplication and
102 ratings
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Area and Perimeter have never been this much fun! This 3rd Grade I Can Math Game focuses on ALL Area and Perimeter Standards, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make
90 ratings
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This area of rectangles set is the perfect tool to teach your students the seventh Measurement standard in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to find the area of rectangles by tiling and
89 ratings
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