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8th Grade Math Spiral Review | 8th Grade Math Homework or Warm Ups
This 8th Grade math spiral review resource can easily be used as spiral math HOMEWORK, spiral math WARM UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This spiral math review was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to simplify your homework or warm up routines. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to di

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Geometry Town Project: Using Geometric Vocabulary to Design a Map
This has been my students' favorite project this year. The whole point is to have students use the geometric terms that they've learned in a creative way. You can use it as a way for students to learn and practice new vocabulary, or as a review project, or even as a culminating project after a unit
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8th Grade Math Warm Ups - Common Core
120 daily warm ups, bell ringers, bell work - Use them to spiral review throughout the year or for test prep. Both a printable pdf and presentation slides are included. These warm ups/bell ringers allow you to reinforce each of the 8th Grade Common Core Math Standards throughout the year, as a
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8th Grade Math Common Core Mini Assessments
About this resource : This resource contains a one page assessment for each 8th grade math common core standard.. A total of 28 assessments are included, each containing 4 to 8 questions. Great to use as homework, a quiz or review before testing! ►What if I don't teach Common Core?◄ These assess
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Angle Relationships Maze - Finding Angle Measures
This is a maze of 23 vertical, supplementary, or complementary angles in which students are given 1 angle measure and have to solve for the unknown angle measure. This self-checking activity helps students strengthen their skills in working with the different types of angle relationships (vertica
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8th Grade Daily / Weekly Spiral Math Review {Common Core} - 100% Editable
Need a SPIRAL REVIEW of the 8th Grade Common Core standards? This resource contains 20 WEEKS of review specifically written for the common core math standards for 8th grade. Being a middle school math teacher myself, I created this resource to give my students daily and weekly review of the cur

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8th Grade Math Angle Relationships Unit: 8.G.5
A 7 day CCSS-Aligned Angle Relationships Unit - including parallel lines and transversals, angle sum of triangles, exterior angles of triangles, and angle-angle criterion with your students. Standards: 8.G.5 Texas Teacher? Grab the TEKS-Aligned Angle Relationships Unit. Please don’t purchase bo
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8th Grade Math Curriculum Resources : A Full Year of Supplemental Activities
This growing bundle includes all future 8th Grade Activities! Purchase the full curriculum and this supplemental activities bundle together for a complete 8th Grade Math Curriculum by CLICKING HERE! ►What is included?◄ This bundle includes ALL of the supplemental resources in my store that align

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6th, 7th, 8th Grade Daily/Weekly Spiral Math Review - Common Core {BUNDLE}
Need a SPIRAL REVIEW of the 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Common Core standards? This BUNDLE contains 300 QUESTIONS of review specifically written for the common core math standards for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The review sheets are organized by grade level into 5 boxes. Each box contains problems from
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Parallel Lines Roll an Angle Pair Game
Leave a couple of these vocabulary cubes on your desk and your students will be begging to play this game! This geometry activity focuses on identifying special angle pairs formed when parallel lines are cut by a transversal (includes alternate interior, alternate exterior, complementary, correspon
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Interior & Exterior Angles of Triangles Matching Activity
This matching activity is a great way to have students practice finding unknown measures of interior and exterior angles of triangles. There are 12 problems students will solve and match up the answers to on the mat. Students need to apply the triangle sum theorem and also use supplementary and co
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8th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments BUNDLE * All Standards * Common Core
8th Grade Math Standards Based Assessments * All Standards * {Common Core} What is included: ► 1-page quick assessment for every common core math standard for 6th grade ► a student checklist for each domain to track your students' mastery of these standards ► a class tracking sheet to look at all o
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8th Grade Math Common Core Bundle
8th Grade Math Common Core Bundle A perfect solution for the busy 8th grade math teacher or the school with limited resources! This bundle is standards-based and designed specifically for the Common Core State Standards. It includes student-friendly notes, homework, quizzes, tests, warm-ups, spir
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8th Grade Math Games | 8th Grade Math Review
I CAN Math Games are the perfect way to make math fun! This bundle of 8th Grade Math Games focuses on ALL 8th Grade Math Standards, and provides students with practice in the form of multiple choice or short answer questions. QR codes (optional) make these games even more interactive as students ge

Get this as part of a bundle: 8th Grade Math BUNDLE | Spiral Review, Games & Assessments for the ENTIRE YEAR

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Triangle Sum Theorem & Exterior Angle Theorem (Foldable)
This foldable is organized into the following three tabs: 1. Vocabulary (interior angles, exterior angles, remote interior angles) 2. Triangle Sum Theorem 3. Exterior Angle Theorem It serves as a great introduction to the lesson, a class work assignment, homework assignment, or centers activity.
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If you need to prepare your students for a standardized test based on the Common Core, this “crash course” is exactly what you need! This download consists of 10 “crash course” reviews with explanations and examples. Every "crash course" is followed by a practice assessment comprised of items alig
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