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Journalism Yearbook Curriculum, BUNDLE for Student Publications
Journalism Yearbook Curriculum: Plan, prepare, market, design, and create your student publication with this one-stop resource for your yearbook program. This BUNDLE includes all of my best-selling tools for creating a yearbook and conducting a yearbook and/or journalism class, plus some NEW tools (
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Credible or "Fake News"? Cultivating News Literacy in a "Post-Truth" Era
These lessons cover the basics of discerning between credible and false journalism (and the gradient between the two), using contemporary (but non-controversial) examples. There is also a slideshow (in PDF format) with links to examples of terms, as well as examples of credible journalism. Arguably
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Psychology Unit: Drugs & Addiction Overview w/Critical Thinking PPT
This is a highly informative Powerpoint introduction for a Psychology course unit/mini-unit on drugs and addiction; this would work well within a Consciousness unit -- also a PPT available in my store (including sleep/dreams). Here, you are purchasing a highly informative, detailed, graphically-st
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Pathos, Ethos & Logos: Mastering Rhetorical Analysis to Create Advertisements
Almost everywhere we look, there are everyday people, businesses, and politicians who are attempting to manipulate others with various arguments and advertisements. The only way to truly defend oneself from these persuasive attempts is to understand the use of emotional, character, and logical appea
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Psychology: Personality Theory PPT ~ Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Humanism
Introductory PowerPoint for a Personality unit in Psychology course. Highly detailed, graphic and accurate 49-slide 2013 presentation and introduction to the following seven theories on personality development: Freudian Psychoanalytic theory; Behaviorism; Humanism; Trait Theory; BioPsychological the
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Freud's Ego Defense Mechanisms: Guided Notes ~ Psychoanalysis
This is a detailed, graphic, brand new 2013 PDF document to be utilized in any Psychology course in which you present a unit on Psychoanalytic theory, and wish to hone in on Freudian ego defense mechanisms (Psych I, II, or AP Psychology). The activity could take a full class period, depending on how
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Ancient Greece: The Persian Wars PowerPoint Presentation Bundle
How did a rag tag group of Greek city-states stop the mighty Persian Empire from invading and conquering Europe? Teach your students about the Persian Wars by comparing the battle strategies used by the Persians and the Greeks. This lesson enables your students to use critical thinking skills as th
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Creative Writing Basics: Emulating Ernest Hemingway  CCSS Aligned
These lessons cover basics of creative writing over two days, using the short stories of Ernest Hemingway for inspiration. While I love teaching this unit, I’ve found it difficult to concisely title these plans—they include different elements of both reading and writing (and a little bit of literary
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Psychology: Infancy/Child Development ~ Piaget, Kohlberg +Much More
Here we have a near-100 slide, detailed MS 2013 Powerpoint slideshow to introduce a Psychology unit (in Psych I or II -- AP Psych, too) on Child Development: Infancy and Childhood, including: a.) theories on nature/nurture b.) parenting styles c.) attachment styles d.) maturation processes e.) twin
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Good Presentation Skills PPT
This PowerPoint can be used to introduce students to good presentation skills when delivering a speech in front of class.
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First Lesson of an Engineering Unit called STRUCTURES. My students each have an STEM INTERACTIVE JOURNAL in a composition notebook so most of my lessons have templates that are designed to glue into that journal. ** Includes journal template, common core standards, engineering standards, and lesson
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Public Speaking Unit
This a public speaking unit. It includes handouts explaining what public speaking is, why it is needed, the keys to becoming successful at public speaking, a handout for students to fill out about over-used/informal words, and overviews of oral interpretation of literature, impromptu speaking, and
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