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Algebra Warm Ups Great for a "Back to School Algebra Review" or "Summer Algebra Review" too! Perfect as a review over the summer. With just 4 questions a day for 76 days, students will be fully prepared for the new school year!!! Products you may also like... You may wish to use my popular
7th - 10th, Higher Education, Adult Education
*Includes both printable and digital in Google Slides.Students match 24 puzzle pieces to create 6 completed puzzles. Each will have:1 piece showing a function1 piece showing the function's inverse1 piece showing the graphs of both functions1 piece showing tables of both functionsThis activity covers
9th - 11th

Also included in: Functions Activity Bundle

It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. If you want to turn your "dead" exponential and logarithm unit into an "undead" one, this might work for you. Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into a forum for United Nation
Inverse Functions: A set of mixed up functions which students must put into pairs of inverses. Requires students to simplify simple expressions and think about the order of operations. Students record answers in a table so it is easy to check if they have completed the task correctly. Answers are
9th - 11th
This HUGE Algebra 1 Practice,This Review, or Test includes 500 well chosen representative questions in both multiple choice format and free response. The pdf file includes 5 versions of the test in pdf format; two are free response and three are in multiple choice format. These work well in cl
Have you tried to find quick assessments for ALGEBRA 1?So have I! After giving up the search, I made my own. This MEGA BUNDLE provides 48 mini-assessments for all the Algebra 1, Common Core standards;Number Quantity: NQ.1-3 (3 assessments)Creating Equations: CED.1-4 (4 assessments)Reasoning with Eq
This new, innovative bundle is geared for Algebra 2 and PreCalculus students to use their reasoning skills along with their algebraic skills to find inverse algebraic functions. The cards are designed to reinforce the concepts taught in class. These cards along with the answer sheet can be used
Algebra 2 foldables for Interactive NotebooksThis BUNDLE includes over 100 foldables (and counting). Please download the preview to see a list of topics covered. Each of these items can be bought individually through my store for $1.00 to $4.00 a piece. PLEASE NOTE: The price reflects the curren
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Bring to life the traditional practice class or homework assignment with some global competency and diversity! While your students practice inverse functions, then they can learn a
Can your students solve the case? Students become math detectives that need to solve inverse functions, written and visual, if they are to complete the mystery. This is a good activity for students who have learned inverse functions for the first time. Included in this resource:Detective Scenari
interactive notes include: *warmup, prerequisite review, exit ticket *1 day lesson *diverse set of functions to find inverse - including exponents, fractions and x&y on same side of equation **5 student pages** **answer key included** College Readiness Standard: 8.5 - Recognize, analyze and int
In this NO-PREP activity, students will move around the room to practice reading and writing inverses of functions. This is READY TO PRINT and will KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED while working on their math skills!Students will solve problems related to inverse functions. Students will find the inverse of a
This flexible resource on Polynomial and Rational Functions allows students to either build interactive math notebooks with guided notes (keys included) and foldable activities OR use the included presentation handouts (keys included) with the PowerPoint presentation for focused instruction. Quick c
Take your class on a trip with functions. In this 21st Century Math Project, international travel and currency conversion provide the hook to teach defining basic functions and finding inverses. Using exchange rates, students will practice converting into currencies they may never have heard of befo
*Includes both printable and digital in Google Slides. Students match graphs, scatter plots and tables to their inverses. This activity works well as an extended warm up the day after inverses are introduced and/or as review for an assessment, depending on whether you give students just the matching
9th - 11th

Also included in: Functions Activity Bundle

The homework sheets in this bundle get students thinking critically while reflecting on student work that is shown on the sheets (find errors, justify steps taken, explain work given banks of terms to use) and on their own work (giving themselves tips to remember, stating questions they'd expect to
This bundle includes a total of 7 mazes. Each of these mazes is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The mazes are:• Maze - Functions - Adding and Subtracting Functions (Find the Rule)• Maze - Functions - Multiplying Functions
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This maze is part of : Maze - BUNDLE Operations on Functions This activity is a good review of understanding how to "Find the inverse of Linear Functions" . This activity requires students to find the rule of the inverse function.There are 15 questions provided in this maze. From start to end, the
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
SO, your students get the idea of equations. And they know how to find a table of values. And they even know how to make a graph given an equation or a table. BUT do they really see the connection between all these representations for a linear relationship? NOW, you and your students can create a
7th - 10th
Student love Scavenger Hunts! They are a great way to review topics. This one deals with Inverse Functions. Students have fun with Scavenger Hunts. They try hard to find the correct answer so their team can finish first! It includes instructions of how to use the Scavenger Hunt, a worksheet tha
This poster is a quick reference for the rules of logarithms in algebra. You may also like:Solving Logarithm Equations Digital Math Escape RoomSketching Polynomials Task CardsGraphing Logarithmic Functions Cheat Sheet
Inverse Functions Foldable for Study and Practice | High School AlgebraIf you're looking for a way to help your students learn and understand inverse functions, look no further. This easy-to-use foldable is perfect for students both learning about inverse functions for the first time or starting to
7th - 11th
In this online investigation, students use Desmos.com as a substitute for the traditional graphing calculator to investigate properties of inverse functions. This is a great introductory activity into inverse functions as it gives students a visual understanding of what a function and its inverse c
8th - 9th
This document is 184 pages long and has over 300 questions that can be used as review for the New York State Algebra Regents Exam. The questions are modeled after questions that have been asked on previous Common Core Regents Exams. Included in the file is an answer key, with detailed solutions to t

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