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Algebra Warm Ups Great for a "Back to School Algebra Review" or "Summer Algebra Review" too! Perfect as a review over the summer. With just 4 questions a day for 76 days, students will be fully prepared for the new school year!!! Products you may also like... You may wish to use my popular Math Foldables with this product found here. Algebra Daily Math Warm Ups with Key I have created daily warm ups with questions from 76 specific Algebra topics. I use these warm ups for my Algebra
7th - 10th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Students match 24 puzzle pieces to create 6 completed puzzles. Each will have:1 piece showing a function1 piece showing the function's inverse1 piece showing the graphs of both functions1 piece showing tables of both functionsThis activity covers linear, quadratic and radical functions.Included in: Algebra Activities Bundle w/ digital updatesNow also included is a digital GOOGLE Slides version for students working online. Students match the same puzzle pieces, just on their screen, then share it
9th - 11th

Also included in: Functions Activity Bundle

It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. If you want to turn your "dead" exponential and logarithm unit into an "undead" one, this might work for you. Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into a forum for United Nations research and development with this 21st Century Math Project. Specifically focusing on exponential and logarithmic functions, students will be given the notes of a renown scientist who herself has b
Inverse Functions: A set of mixed up functions which students must put into pairs of inverses. Requires students to simplify simple expressions and think about the order of operations. Students record answers in a table so it is easy to check if they have completed the task correctly. Answers are included. Common Core: HSF.BF.B.4 Find inverse functions.
9th - 11th
Algebra 2 foldables for Interactive NotebooksThis BUNDLE includes over 120 foldables. Please download the preview to see a list of topics covered. Each of these items can be bought individually through my store for $1.00 to $4.00 a piece. PLEASE NOTE: I currently have the first 10 units complete. At this time, I do not have plans to add additional units. Since some of these foldables are also included in my Pre- Algebra/ Algebra 1 Bundle, I have used a star to mark any foldables that were c
This bundle includes 30 foldables on various topics related to linear equations taught in an algebra 1 course. Topics include:The Coordinate PlaneComparing FunctionsDescribing FunctionsSlopex- and y- interceptsDirect VariationIntro to Graphing Linear EquationsSlope- Intercept FormWriting Linear Equations in Slope- Intercept FormGraphing using Slope- Intercept FormWriting Linear Equations in Slope- Intercept Form from a GraphWriting Linear Equations & Inequalities Form from a GraphPoint- Slo
This HUGE Algebra 1 Practice, Review, or Test includes 500 well chosen representative questions in both multiple choice format and free response formats 2 are free response and 3 are in multiple choice format. The topics are only the algebraic topics of Algebra 1 and do not include Statistics.This resource can be used as a practice test or study guide, a group project, for Math Center, or for a summer study guide for students going into Algebra 2 or College Algebra. This resource makes a

Also included in: Algebra 1 Activity Bundle

Have you tried to find quick assessments for ALGEBRA 1?So have I! After giving up the search, I made my own. This MEGA BUNDLE provides 48 mini-assessments for all the Algebra 1, Common Core standards;Number Quantity: NQ.1-3 (3 assessments)Creating Equations: CED.1-4 (4 assessments)Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities: REI. 1,3-7, 10-12 (9 assessments)The Real Number System: RN.1-3 (3 assessments)Interpreting Functions: FIF.1-9 (9 assessments)Building Functions: FBF.1-4 (4 assessments)Linea
This new, innovative bundle is geared for Algebra 2 and PreCalculus students to use their reasoning skills along with their algebraic skills to find inverse algebraic functions. The cards are designed to reinforce the concepts taught in class. These cards along with the answer sheet can be used for group work, sorting, matching, or just finding the inverse functions. There is no mention of domains or ranges in this activity, nor graphs. Included: 12 cards with functions and 15 cards for
Bring to life the traditional practice class or homework assignment with some global competency and diversity! While your students practice inverse functions, then they can learn about melodious life of Alicia Keys.Person Puzzles are designed to highlight individuals with diverse backgrounds who have made significant contributions to our world. I typically use Person Puzzles as timed warm-ups which allows me to share a little about the person's background before my daily lesson. I can also drop
Can your students solve the case? Students become math detectives that need to solve inverse functions, written and visual, if they are to complete the mystery. This is a good activity for students who have learned inverse functions for the first time. Included in this resource:Detective ScenarioClues (inverse functions problems)Map for cluesThief descriptionTeacher's guideGreat to use after: - Functions: Inverse Functions Notes and Practice SAVE by purchasing as part of a All About Function
Graphing Radical Functions Task Cards Activity:This resource is a cooperative activity to reinforce Graphing Radical Functions and Their Inverses that will help students to graph radical functions, cubic functions, and find the inverse functions. There are 40 task cards, four cards to each set. Each set contains a function graph, its inverse graph, and the matching equations for each graph card. The activity also has a recording sheet to keep your Algebra 2 and PreCalculus students accountab
interactive notes include: *warmup, prerequisite review, exit ticket *1 day lesson *diverse set of functions to find inverse - including exponents, fractions and x&y on same side of equation **5 student pages** **answer key included** College Readiness Standard: 8.5 - Recognize, analyze and interpret inverse functions. This is a great addition to the Function Composition Unit: This work is licensed under
8th - 12th
This flexible resource on Polynomial and Rational Functions allows students to either build interactive math notebooks with guided notes (keys included) and foldable activities OR use the included presentation handouts (keys included) with the PowerPoint presentation for focused instruction. Quick checks for understanding (keys included) help to determine how well your students understand the material as you go. Choose what works best for your class and modify to make the content fit your needs.
Take your class on a trip with functions. In this 21st Century Math Project, international travel and currency conversion provide the hook to teach defining basic functions and finding inverses. Using exchange rates, students will practice converting into currencies they may never have heard of before. While the assignments is mathematically driven, it gives students the opportunity to learn a little about other countries of the world. In this 15 page PDF, you will be given a mapping to the Cont
In this NO-PREP activity, students will move around the room to practice reading and writing inverses of functions. This is READY TO PRINT and will KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED while working on their math skills!Students will solve problems related to inverse functions. Students will find the inverse of a function, determine if two functions are inverses, find the value of the inverse at a point, and find the graph of an inverse function.11 stationsStudent Answer SheetColor and Black & WhiteGoogle
10th - 11th
This maze is part of : Maze - BUNDLE Operations on Functions This activity is a good review of understanding how to "Find the inverse of Linear Functions" . This activity requires students to find the rule of the inverse function.There are 15 questions provided in this maze. From start to end, the student will be able to answer 13 questions out of the 15 provided to get to the end of the maze.A SUGGESTED STEP-BY-STEP ANSWER KEY IS INCLUDEDThis maze could be used as: a way to check for understa
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Students match graphs, scatter plots and tables to their inverses. This activity works well as an extended warm up the day after inverses are introduced and/or as review for an assessment, depending on whether you give students just the matching activity or the added domain and range analysis. In the printable PDF version, students match inverses and then analyze their pairs for domain and range. There is an answer sheet set up for students to organize their matching answers and their domain and
9th - 11th

Also included in: Functions Activity Bundle

The algebra 2 homework in this bundle help students think deeply about their work and are meant to spark conversation during review. Students are asked to think critically about algebra 2 through reflecting on student work that is shown on the sheets, finding errors in student work, justifying steps taken and explaining answers using words from word banks. Students are also asked to give themselves tips to remember how to solve problems they'd expect to see on tests and writing about where they
This bundle includes a total of 7 mazes. Each of these mazes is sold separately at my store. Please visit the links below for more details about each individual product. The mazes are:• Maze - Functions - Adding and Subtracting Functions (Find the Rule)• Maze - Functions - Multiplying Functions (Find the Rule)• Maze - Functions - Dividing Functions (Find the Rule)• Maze - Functions - Composition of Functions (Find the Rule)• Maze - Functions - Inverse of Functions (Find the Rule) - Linear Mo
7th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a MEGA Bundle of foldables, guided notes, homework, daily content quizzes, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, review assignments, and cooperative activities Algebra 2 Honors UNIT 7: EXPONENTIAL & LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS. The unit includes 6 lessons which are presented to students using two different note-taking techniques.What is included in each lesson?The unit is organized into SIX lessons, that will take approximately 20 instructional days.⭐Guided Student Notes⭐ 8-Page-Bound-Book-St
Radical Functions & Rational Exponents MEGA Bundle:This is a MEGA Bundle of GUIDED NOTES WITH VIDEO LESSONS for distance learning, homework, daily warm-up, content quizzes, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, review assignments, and cooperative activities for Algebra 2 Honors UNIT 6: RADICAL FUNCTIONS. #distancelearningtptWhat is included in each lesson?The unit is organized into EIGHT lessons, that will take approximately 20 instructional days.⭐Guided Student Notes⭐ 8-Page-Bound-Book-Style F
This Radical Functions Stations Activity for Algebra 2 is a great end-unit review on Radical Functions and Rational Exponents. Students work through 8 stations in groups of 3 or 4 on timed intervals to review the unit in preparation for a test. It's great fun and gives teachers a chance to circulate and assist.Be sure to download the preview to check out each station card.You can use this activity as an end-of-the-unit review activity prior to a test. Topics include:1) Roots and Radical Expressi
There are six essons in UNIT 7: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions for your Algebra 2 Honors students. A set of finished notes and directions for creating the Foldables are also included.⭐ Bonus: A set of Google Slides for presenting the lesson and video lesson links are now included for distance learning and flipped classroom methods.☆FOLDABLESThree options of an 8-page Bound-Book Foldable® will help with differentiation.Option #1: All vocabulary, formulas, and theorems are included. Stude

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