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Relations and Functions (Algebra 1 Curriculum - Unit 3) | All Things Algebra®DISTANCE LEARNING UPDATE: This unit now contains a Google document with: (1) Links to instructional videos. Videos are created by fellow teachers for their students using the guided notes from the unit.  Please watch through first before sharing with your students. They might not always be perfect but we are trying our best to help out where we can in a very limited time. (2) A link to a Google Slides version of
Algebra 1 foldables for interactive notebooks!!! This MEGA BUNDLE includes over 250 foldables (and counting) for various middle school and high school math concepts. Most foldables align to Pre-Algebra (8th Grade Math) and Algebra 1 curriculum. Download the preview to see a list of topics covered. Each of these items can be bought individually through my store for $1.00 to $4.00 a piece. This is the perfect item for an 8th or 9th grade math teacher that currently uses (or is about to START
This Algebra 1 spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.✪ CLICK HERE to see more SUBJECTS & GRADE LEVELS!✪ CLICK HERE to see the DIGITAL VERSION!★★SAVE $$ with these BUNDLES★★Algebra 1 Bundle: Spiral Review, Quizzes & Games!Digital & Pr
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up math class! Based off my popular CSI projects, I have created Whodunnits? The Whodunnits plan to focus on single content topics as opposed to units and will focus more on skill building than application. Every day can't be a project day, so Whodunnits can be an engaging out of their seat activity to practice important skill
This bundle includes all SEMESTER 1 algebra 1 digital google forms/ quizzes that I have created. Every assignment also includes a "worksheet" that corresponds with the questions on each form. Additional assignments will be added throughout this school year. The price will increase as new assignments are added! It's current price is the LOWEST it will be. I have it set to be approximately 50% off the sum of its contents. Not 1:1? Not using Google Classroom, yet? 99% of these assignments
Are you looking for a resource to help prepare your students for Algebra 1 standardized testing? Then the Algebra 1 EOC Review is for you! A review sheet is provided for every standard grouping (21 total) that is on the Algebra 1 FSA and EOC. Everything is provided for the Florida Math Standards (MAFS) and Common Core Standards. The standards that are included are shown in the preview file. The topics covered include: Solving EquationsInequalitiesFunctionsGraphing Linear EquationsWriting Li
Algebra 2 foldables for Interactive NotebooksThis BUNDLE includes over 120 foldables (and counting). Please download the preview to see a list of topics covered. Each of these items can be bought individually through my store for $1.00 to $4.00 a piece. PLEASE NOTE: I currently have the first 10 units complete. At this time, I do not have plans to add additional units. Since some of these foldables are also included in my Pre- Algebra/ Algebra 1 Bundle, I have used a star to mark any foldab
This is a great bundle that covers concepts for a full year Algebra 1 course! 76 lessons are included! Documents are EDITABLE!Included:- Overview of the common core alignment tandards (Two 18-week guides) (PDF and Word) - Overview of the common core alignment (PDF)- Guided notes for 76 lessons (PDF and Word)- PowerPoint presentations (aligned with guided notes) (PPTX)-10 Mid-unit quizzes (PDF and Word)-10 Unit tests (PDF and Word)-2 Semester exams (PDF and Word)Each lesson contains a learning
Have you tried to find quick assessments for ALGEBRA 1?So have I! After giving up the search, I made my own. This MEGA BUNDLE provides 48 mini-assessments for all the Algebra 1, Common Core standards;Number Quantity: NQ.1-3 (3 assessments)Creating Equations: CED.1-4 (4 assessments)Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities: REI. 1,3-7, 10-12 (9 assessments)The Real Number System: RN.1-3 (3 assessments)Interpreting Functions: FIF.1-9 (9 assessments)Building Functions: FBF.1-4 (4 assessments)Linea
Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up relations, patterns, and functions! In this project, students will work in teams to investigate the culprit of six fictional thefts. The criminal has left six messages, layered with algebra. Teams will work to build a case and present their findings to the court. Hopefully they are convincing enough to win the verdict. I like to use these puzzles as review before the unit test. The puzzle solving hook causes many different students to engage
This activity will get your students out of their seats and working cooperatively in small groups. They will use their knowledge of arithmetic and geometric sequences in order to solve problems. This is one of my favorite activities to do as a review & as a way to deepen students’ understanding of concepts that they learned in a unit. This activity is one that the students actually enjoy. If I put the same questions on a worksheet, I would hear groans. Instead, they see this as a game, and
9th - 12th

Also included in: Maze Review Game Bundle

Teach students to identify arithmetic sequences, vocabulary terms, subscript and function notation, and how to write an explicit formula for an arithmetic sequence with these interactive notes. The notes cover what an arithmetic sequence is, how to write equations for them, and practice problems involving evaluating, matching formulas to sequences, and graphing.You will receive the 2 pages of student handouts along with answer keys in PDF format. The notes are meant to be filled out as a class
Has senioritis already begun? Do you need an extra boost of motivation? Do you want to kick your seniors out the door with some momentum! Mapped specifically for a senior level math class (arithmetic and geometric series), High School Diploma vs. College Degree is a debate many students are fighting.In this 21st Century Math Project, you will be given a mapping to the Content Standards, an outline for how to implement the project, handout resources for students to use, and an answer key. ***THIS
Are you looking for everything you need to review for the Algebra 1 EOC? This is a bundle of all my EOC/FSA products! It includes the flashcards, standard by standard review, 3 complete practice tests (60 EOC/FSA type questions each), and the EOC challenge (additional 60 EOC/FSA type questions). All these products have been created based on Florida Math Standards (MAFS) and Common Core Standards. The standards that are included are shown in the preview file. The questions are based on the F
This bundle currently includes 58 sets of BOOM™ Cards. To preview each of the products in this bundle, click on the links below. I plan to create several more decks to add to this bundle throughout this school year. It will not be as comprehensive as my Algebra 1 Google Forms Bundles , but will serve as a fantastic supplement to that resource or another curriculum to provide instant, continuous feedback to students in a super engaging way. The purpose of these digital task cards is to provide
7th - 9th
This Algebra 1 spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.☝☝ Check out the Preview for more details and 3 FREE Weeks! ☝☝Get the ENTIRE YEAR BUNDLE! {CLICK HERE}★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Go 100% Paperless with my GOO
This reference sheet covers vocabulary, recursive and explicit formulas written in function notation and subscript notation, and example problems. Two formats are included:Complete cheat sheet with all information filled in Guided notes format for students to fill in Using the formula reference chart, student identify sequences as arithmetic or geometric, identify the common difference or common ratio, identify the first term, write the recursive formula, write the explicit formula, and calc
Sequences and Series Unit for Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 HonorsYou can cut sections out if needed. Everything is editable.Topics included are: Mathematical Patterns Arithmetic Sequences Geometric Sequences Arithmetic Series Geometric SeriesThis unit includes PowerPoint presentations, coordinated guided notes with answers, a mid-unit quiz, and a unit test covering Sequences and Series. The PowerPoint includes warm ups (do-now or bell ringer), key concepts, and examples for students to follow. 5 les
This Properties of Logarithms Flip Book is a great addition to your resources for this unit. Students love the organization of flip books and this easy to assemble foldable flip book will help your students review and understand the properties of logarithms. The flip book can be incorporated into an interactive notebook or used as a stand alone. I have included an envelope for notebook storage.The foldable flip book includes:Multiplication RuleQuotient RulePower Rule Special Rules plus prac
Help students learn arithmetic and geometric sequences with this pack of guided notes, practice activities, and test. Everything is ready to go for your unit! Included:Arithmetic Sequences Guided NotesArithmetic Sequences and Formulas Matching ActivityGeometric Sequence Guided NotesGeometric Sequences Matching ActivitySequence Reference Cheat Sheet for Explicit and Recursive FormulasSequences Doctor Mixed Practice Activity10-Question Assessment (Bonus File) These are great resources for a tr
Bring to life the traditional practice class or homework assignment with some global competency and diversity! While your students practice the geometric sequences they can learn about a humanitarian with a gigantic heart -- Mother Hale!Person Puzzles are designed to highlight individuals with diverse backgrounds who have made significant contributions to our world. I typically use Person Puzzles as timed warm-ups which allows me to share a little about the person's background before my daily le
This bundle currently includes the scavenger hunt/ rotations activities aligned to Pre-Algebra and/ or Algebra 1 standards. They are the perfect way to review before a quiz or a test!Algebra 1:Solving Multi-Step Equations involving Rational NumbersSolving Multi-Step InequalitiesAbsolute Value Equations + Inequalities - added 10/26/21Domain + RangeIntercepts + Standard FormSlope- and Slope-Intercept FormWriting Equations in Slope-Intercept FormArithmetic Sequences - added 12/7/21Graphing Absolut
7th - 10th
This 49- question, self-grading exam assesses students on the first half of algebra 1. This may be used as the actual mid-term exam, review for a mid-term exam, refresher after winter break, end-of-course review, or part of an algebra 1 refresh for geometry or algebra 2 students.Questions are organized as follows:Section 1: Enter emailSection 2: The Real Number System & Expressions (Order of Operations, Evaluating Algebraic Expressions, Classify Real Numbers, Interpret Algebraic Expressions
The Arithmetic Sequence Bundle provides a variety of activities to engage students. Arithmetic Sequences has been a tough subject in the past to teach but with these resources it's now a topic I look forward to teach! These products require the explicit formula for arithmetic sequences.The bundle includes the following:Arithmetic Sequence Task CardsArithmetic Sequence Scavenger Hunt Arithmetic Sequence Relay Race Arithmetic Sequence Puzzle Arithmetic Sequence Packet Arithmetic Sequence Assessme
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education

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