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Algebra Warm Ups Great for a "Back to School Algebra Review" or "Summer Algebra Review" too! Perfect as a review over the summer. With just 4 questions a day for 76 days, students will be fully prepared for the new school year!!! Products you may also like... You may wish to use my popular Math Foldables with this product found here. Algebra Daily Math Warm Ups with Key I have created daily warm ups with questions from 76 specific Algebra topics. I use these warm ups for my Algebra
7th - 10th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This ALGEBRA 2 spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HERE✪ CLICK HERE to see more SUBJECTS & GRADE LEVELS!Create Your Own BUNDLE: YOU pick what's included and SAVE!!Wha
It's inevitable. One day Zombies will take over Earth. If you are not preparing your students, you are being irresponsible. If you want to turn your "dead" exponential and logarithm unit into an "undead" one, this might work for you. Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into a forum for United Nations research and development with this 21st Century Math Project. Specifically focusing on exponential and logarithmic functions, students will be given the notes of a renown scientist who herself has b
It's never too early to think about options for financing college! In this ready-to-use mini project, students apply compound interest skills to calculate the long-term cost of loans for college. This student-tested and approved project includes problem solving and analysis skills for evaluating different college loan types (all from the real-world). This project can be completed using compound interest formula or using exponential equations and logarithms. Good for exponential growth!Digit
In this ready-to-use logarithms puzzle activity, students practice condensing and expanding logarithms and converting between logarithmic and exponential forms. Students find the matching forms to create a puzzle. There are 30+ practice problems included. Logarithms are part of common core standard: HSF.LE.A.4. Great for subs!Included in this resource:- Logarithm puzzle pieces with 30+ problems total- Answer key- Suggested usesGreat to use after Logarithms: Notes and Practice to Introduc
Your students will love these new FUN Notes Graphic Organizers with a fun theme. This engaging format encourages your students to practice their skills with 16 Parent Functions. Use them one at a time, or all at once as a recap. No Prep! Just Print & Go or send off to Distance Learning Students with Easel. It has been shown that doodling and working with fun themed activities help students engage with the material, and be more at ease in the learning environment. This is especially tru
Students have a chance to be creative and do math at the same time! This is one activity that students really enjoy. GREAT engagement even from reluctant students. Students create an imaginary creature then chart its population growth in the first activity and the decline in the second activity. Can be completed in one 90 minute class period or it can be split over 2 days. Great end of unit project or formative assessment. This activity is aligned with common core standards for math 1 and alge
8th - 12th
MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5
Bundled Logarithms Unit--discounted 40%--contains:• Logarithms Lessons 1-6• Cut-and-Paste Activity, Two Levels• Quizzes and Answer Keys• Four Match-and-Color Activities• Logarithm BINGO• Word Problems and Detailed Solutions• Two Application Projects with Rubrics• Two Levels of Practice Tests• Two Levels of Unit TestsSix lessons provide 120 pages of direct instruction, with large-print examples, notes, and practice problems, in addition to step-by-step solutions, and TI-84+ calculator keystrokes
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Invented in the 1940s by Willard Libby, carbon dating is a process by which archaeologists measure the carbon-14 content in a fossil to determine its approximate age. People and animals acquire carbon-14 by eating plants and animals. Once an organism dies, the amount of carbon-14 in the organism begins to decay.Turn your Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus into an Archaeological Research Lab with this 21st Century Math Project. Students will use exponential and logarithmic functions to determine dates of
This Applications of Logarithmic and Exponential Equations Word Problems activity is designed for Algebra 2, PreCalculus, or College Algebra students and is engaging and challenging for your students.There are 10 unique Task Cards with real world applications, some with multiple parts, all with full solutions, so NO PREP FOR YOU! Included: 10 Task CardsMatching Worksheet with lots of room for students to show their work from the task Cards. Full solutions You can use this activity in-class,
This Algebra 2 Review, Final Exam, or Warm Ups with 250 Questions in 5 Versionsis designed for Algebra 2 or College Algebra if you teach dual enrollment. It can also be used as a Back to School Pretest for PreCalculus. Each version of the test includes 50 well chosen representative questions. The bundle includes 5 versions; three in multiple choice format and two free response. The test / review should take about 2 hours and is meant to be used with a graphing calculator. This test has been
Students will solve logarithmic and exponential equations. This is an excellent quick check review activity or homework assignment. If they get the wrong answer, they will draw their lumberjack incorrectly. This worksheet is a review of all types of logarithmic and exponential solving methods (15 questions total). Reviews the following topics: 1. Solving Exponential Equations with the Same Base. 2. Using Logarithms to Solve Exponential Equations. 3. Using the Definition of a Logarithm to Solve
This flexible resource on Exponential and Logarithmic Functions allows students to either build interactive math notebooks with guided notes (keys included) and foldable activities OR use the included presentation handouts (keys included) with the PowerPoint presentation for focused instruction. Quick checks for understanding (keys included) help to determine how well your students understand the material as you go. Choose what works best for your class and modify to make the content fit your ne
The algebra 2 homework in this bundle help students think deeply about their work and are meant to spark conversation during review. Students are asked to think critically about algebra 2 through reflecting on student work that is shown on the sheets, finding errors in student work, justifying steps taken and explaining answers using words from word banks. Students are also asked to give themselves tips to remember how to solve problems they'd expect to see on tests and writing about where they
This is a MEGA Bundle of foldables, guided notes, homework, daily content quizzes, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, review assignments, and cooperative activities Algebra 2 Honors UNIT 7: EXPONENTIAL & LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS. The unit includes 6 lessons which are presented to students using two different note-taking techniques.What is included in each lesson?The unit is organized into SIX lessons, that will take approximately 20 instructional days.⭐Guided Student Notes⭐ 8-Page-Bound-Book-St
This Properties of Logarithms Flip Book is a great addition to your resources for this unit. Students love the organization of flip books and this easy to assemble foldable flip book will help your students review and understand the properties of logarithms. The flip book can be incorporated into an interactive notebook or used as a stand alone. I have included an envelope for notebook storage.The foldable flip book includes:Multiplication RuleQuotient RulePower Rule Special Rules plus prac
This Exponential Functions and Graphs Key features and properties activity is an engaging and rigorous way for your students to practice graphing and determining the characteristics of Exponential functions. In the first part of the activity, students analyze 18 graphs, all transformations of a basic function, and identify which transformations were used to graph the 18 functions. None of the functions contain "e".Then students work on 8 different exponential functions. They enter values into
This bundle of exponential functions resources is filled with activities, group work, worksheets, discoveries and assessments! Seven of my popular resources are included. No more searching for exponential resources because everything you need is here. Save 30% by buying this bundle! Possible lesson plan:(6-7 Days on Block Schedule/12-14 days on Regular Schedule)I take several days on a block schedule to go through the Exponential Function Unit. I let them work at their own pace and some students
There are six essons in UNIT 7: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions for your Algebra 2 Honors students. A set of finished notes and directions for creating the Foldables are also included.⭐ Bonus: A set of Google Slides for presenting the lesson and video lesson links are now included for distance learning and flipped classroom methods.☆FOLDABLESThree options of an 8-page Bound-Book Foldable® will help with differentiation.Option #1: All vocabulary, formulas, and theorems are included. Stude
This bundle of Lessons and Activities on the Properties of Logarithms and Exponential is designed for PreCalculus Unit 3, Algebra 2, and College Algebra students. Included are twelve resources with over 230 Task Cards, Interactive Notebook Pages, Stations, Flip Books, Worksheets, Games, Quizzes and HW assignments..My many years of teaching experience has shown that students are engaged and succeed with varied lessons and activities. This unit will help you engage all your students with rig
This Algebra 2 Digital Mega Bundle of over 70 Interactive Activities with Google® Slides, is Paperless and No Prep for you and will be engaging, fun learning for your students. This supplements almost every Algebra 2 Curriculum and many activities and resources have Printable Versions included.Included are fun, engaging, yet challenging interactive Algebra 2 activities for your classroom. A large variety of activities includes Concept Maps, Mazes, Digital Task Cards, Drag & Drop, Matching,
Fun calculator activity--includes 16 Bingo Cards and 36 Logarithm Questions. (Make two sets to accommodate up to 32 students.) Logarithm BINGO coordinates with Logarithms, Lesson Two, a FREE download:Logarithms Lesson 2: Calculating Logs to Solve EquationsLogarithms BINGO is also included in this Bundled Unit—40% SavingsLogarithms: The Complete Unit, Bundled for SavingsYou may also like:Algebra Bingo: Slopes and Intercepts, Linear EquationsLogarithms Lesson 3: Graphing Logs and Inverse Funct
10th - 12th
Stations are a way for students to independently practice what they have learned. These stations were written with guiding information to help students along the way. Cover PageStation #1: Graphing exponential growth and decay functionsStation #2: Graphing transformed exponential functionsStation #3: Graphing logarithmic functionsStation #4: Graphing transformed logarithmic functionsStation #5: Rewriting and evaluating exponentials and logarithmsStation #6: Expanding, condensing and properties
10th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Follow your accountant's advise or invest in your friend's restaurant?Fun project requires students to compare two types of compound interest and calculate how long it would take to save four specified amounts. Includes formula sheet, directions, rubric, simple answer key, and detailed solutions to display to your class. ***Click the preview to see a sample.***------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This project is ALSO included in:Logarithms L
10th - 12th, Higher Education

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