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Challenge students to think critically with graphing functions and their inverses. While the lesson was written for Trigonometry functions and their inverses, Algebra teachers could incorporate the questioning strategies and activities to develop student understanding. Please let me know if you wou
This IEP goal bank was created to assist special education teachers with the task of writing standards-based IEP goals in math. After spending countless hours developing IEP goals myself and really having to think through how to best individualize goals and objectives for my own students, I wanted t
This package contains 94 daily lesson plans for High school geometry, It also contains 12 combined lesson plans. It is based on the Emathinstruction resource. Each daily lesson plan contains all the exercise one needs for that lesson, the CCStandards, an example of the student/ class profile, all th
About This Resource:We all have the pressure of our students performing well on the SBAC. It can be a very intimidating test! I have spent countless hours researching the SBAC summative assessment blueprint and creating items that meet the rigor of the item specifications. Your students will be full
This activity practices solving basic trigonometric equations. Students must find their primary solutions in the specific interval (0 ; 2π] and give answers in radian form. The process of solving involves only the use of the reciprocal identities and algebraic manipulation (such as collecting like
In this BIG Growing PRECALCULUS ACTIVITIES BUNDLE you will find all my PreCalculus items from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There is a wide variety of activities (partner and group activities, independent activities, task cards, matching games, card sort, maze, cut and paste, answer pass, complete
This bundle contains 89 equations with typed answer keys. It is a zipped folder that contains 5 PDFS and represents over 20% savings off of the items if purchased individually. (THE ITEMS HERE ARE ALL TURNED INTO DIGITAL!)The resource covers the following topics:1. Solving BASIC Trigonometric Equat
Students practice solving trig equations in this no-prep, self-checking worksheet which is ideal for an in-class assignment, homework assignment, assignment to be left with a substitute, or optional practice. This Advanced maze was made for my Honors Precalculus class.You can save 20% by purchasing
This bundle for PreCalculus Unit 5 Analytic Trigonometry consists of the topics listed below and include engaging materials for Applications of Trigonometry: Topics include:Law of Sines Law of CosinesArea of Oblique TrianglesHeron's FormulaTrig ModelingThis unit will help you engage all your stud
This booklet allows student to develop trigonometric definitions using the unit circle. Students proceed through a pattern of angles within the unit circle and determine the sine, cosine and tangent values. Towards the end of the booklet they work through exercises which solve trigonometric equation
Students have to match twelve cosine and sine functions with the proper graph and the proper table of values. This activity could be used as group work, at a center, as homework, or as individual class work. Solution key is included.
This powerpoint review was designed to cover the material in Chapter 13 of the Prentice Hall CA Algebra 2 textbook. It includes: Exploring Periodic Data, Angles and the Unit Circle, Radian Measure, Properties, Graphs, and Translations of the six trig functions. No calculators are needed. All angl
Algebra 2 students love this graffiti activity for Trigonometry for test prep or assessment. Students draw, write, and describe different topics related to rational functions to create their graffiti wall. Included in this resource:- 2 trigonometry focused graffiti templates- EDITABLE checklist for
This worksheet gives practice with word problems that involve angles of elevation and depression and other traditional problems that are solved with sine, cosine, tangent and their inverses.This is ready to print, or to assign as an online TPT Digital Activity through Google Classroom. The digital v
Nine homework/worksheet with KEYS
In this set of two FREE worksheets students will use inverse trig functions to find missing angles in right triangles (worksheet 1) and use inverse trig functions to find values of sine, cosine, and tangent in degrees and radians. This set of two worksheets contains 18 problems (8 on worksheet 1 and
Students will us Desmos Graphing to graph the unit circle. They make a table to sketch the graph of the Cosine Curve. Based on this curve the explore amplitude, and vertical shifts. They make connections to circles as they transform the cosine and sine curve.
These 120 Powerpoint lessons work hand in hand with the Saxon Algebra 1 math textbook. If you do not teach the Saxon program then these Powerpoints can be used to help teach the Secondary 1 Common Core. Each Powerpoint consists of a lesson overview which includes formulas and direct instructions. Af
Using the trigonometric ratios (Sohcahtoa), students will solve right triangles for missing sides and angles. Students cut out the puzzle pieces, solve the problems, then match them, to make the solution shape. A fun, engaging way for kids to get practice with their right triangle trig! This puzzle
This is my complete course package for the Grade 11 Functions (MCR3U) course following the Ontario Secondary Mathematics Curriculum. This package includes:Smart Notebook lessons with Student PDF versions for every lesson of every unit in the course. (I have also included versions with my notes for y
This is my complete course package for the Grade 12 Advanced Functions (MHF4U0) course following the Ontario Secondary Mathematics Curriculum. This package includes:A blend of PPT, Notebook, and Student PDF versions for every lesson of every unit in the course. (I have also included versions with my
Trigonometric Functions BIG Bundle:This is a BIG Bundle of guided notes with VIDEO LESSONS for your distance learning needs, homework, daily content quizzes, mid-unit and end-unit assessments, review assignments, and cooperative activities Pre-Calculus UNIT 4: TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS. #distancelearn
This bundle contains editable Word documents for each lesson taught in my Algebra II Honors course. It has been implemented and refined systematically over the past 3 school years and has proven to be an effective and thorough curriculum at my Charter school in Brooklyn, NY in achieving high scores
Trigonometric Functions Assessments Bundle:This resource is a full unit of assessments for PreCalclus Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions. The product contains an end-unit review assignment, two mid-unit quizzes, and an end-unit test. You will also have one editable version for the quizzes and the tests

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