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These are lessons on the following topics: Circle Formula, Ellipses and Conics, Inverse Variation, Arcs and Angles, Segment Measure, Circle Proofs, Unit Circle, Special Reference Co-terminal Angles, Reciprocal Trig Functions, Law Of Cosines, Forces and Vectors, Pythagorean Identities, Half and Doubl
I used these when I was tutoring a student during the Summer. I made these based on the Teacher's Addition of "Algebra 2" by Holt McDougal. This file includes worksheets for all six sections of Chapter 13 on Trigonometry, tables/charts/images from the textbook, examples from the Teachers Addition,
Use this board game as review of Trigonometric Formulas, definitions as well as practice problems. To play the game, each player is to roll the die to determine the number of spaces to move the game piece. If the player lands on a word( or formula) they are to define the word(or formula). If the pla
We will apply our knowledge of trig. functions to represent real-world problems involving oscillation and periodicity.
Students gain practice using special triangles or the unit circle to determine the exact trig ratio for a given angle, or the possible angles given an exact ratio. This product is also available in a radian angle version When the work is done, they use their answers to colour-by-answer, discoveri
Solving trig equationsAll answers are included. There are 12 quadratic trigonometric equations to be solved. Each question involves solving an equation in sin, cos or tan by factoring and then solving the trigonometric answers to find all the correct angles in the given interval.There are 2 sets of
In Unit 7 we will revisit our foundations in trigonometry before building periodic functions. We will begin by applying special right triangles to evaluating trigonometric functions by hand and will eventually expand those skills to include reciprocal functions. After proving the Pythagorean trig.
Included are 3 versions of an Algebra 2 unit test on Trigonometric Functions.Topics include:Converting between Radian and Degree measureFinding Trig ratios from points on the unit circleInterpreting characteristics of a trig graph use to model a situationWriting a trig function given a situationUsin
Students will practice solving trigonometric equations by factoring with this quiz game. This includes multiple - choice questions with nine equations that require the use of Pythagorean, reciprocal, quotient and double angle identities. The focus is on finding both the general and specific solution
This resource includes multiple-angle trigonometric equations for your students to solve on the interval [0, 2π). There are four sections, each containing three different equations. The equations included in each section involve respectively double, triple, half and quadruple angle. No identities ar
All items included! Powerpoint slides with questions (and answers), AND scoring sheet! Note that you will still want to cut up slips of scrap paper so that students can write their answer, team name, and points.
Revision sheet of the complete topic, made for a class using the Alan Sadler Mathematical Methods unit 1 textbookAligned to the Western Australian Methods course ***Comes as a fully editable document
Topic List:Circle Formula, Ellipses and Conics, Inverse Variation, Arcs and Angles, Segment Measure, Circle Proofs, Unit Circle, Special Reference Co-terminal Angles, Reciprocal Trig Functions, Law Of Cosines, Forces and Vectors, Pythagorean Identities, Half and Double Angle Formula, Compound Intere
One of my professional goals for the last two years has been to make all of my materials more IB-friendly. (IN OTHER WORDS: more multi-step problem-solving, more "show that" types of questions, and requiring students to write their answers "in terms of c", etc.) These warm-ups are just one result
Students will practice solving trigonometric equations by the square root method with this activity. This includes 12 cards and 12 problems that require students to be skillful at solving basic trigonometric equations. The focus is on finding the primary solutions of a trigonometric equation on the
Use sine, cosine, tangent, and their inverses to solve solve right triangles. Angles are in degrees. If you want to avoid inverses, skip multiples of 3.This is ready to print, or for distance learning you can assign as an online TPT Digital Activity through Google Classroom. The digital version is r
This bundle contains 247 problems as near 150 of them come with full typed solutions. It is a zipped folder that contains 12 PDFS ( 10 activities plus 1 GIFT Product plus 1 Freebie ) and represents over 25% savings off of the items if purchased individually. (THE ITEMS HERE ARE ALL TURNED INTO DIGI
A fun, interactive review game that reviews Precalculus trigonometric concepts such as radians, the unit circle, trig functions, and vectors. Designed to take 2 45-min class periods or one 80-90 minute time block. Trivia scoring sheet sold separately (or available in bundle for just a dollar more).
This document contains everything a grade 11 mathematics teacher needs to help students prepare for the Grade 11 Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment for Mathematics. Included is summarized information about: 1) the SBA Blueprints for the Assessment, 2) each of the Claims, and 3) their associated
These are 12 cards for partners – a total of 48 trigonometric equations. Students will practice solving basic trig equations, equations with multiple angles and equations of quadratic type. They will need to use factoring method and the quadratic formula, the fundamental and double-angle identities.
This activity practices solving trigonometric equations of quadratic type. It includes multiple - choice with twelve equations and a brief story about the history of trigonometry to be completed. The equations require the use of Pythagorean, reciprocal, quotient, double angle identities and the quad
This activity is a great review of all things radians, from arc length, to finding exact values of trig functions, to properties of cofunctions! Each exercise is assigned a color, and when the students find an answer, they will use that color to color in every section of their mandala that is label
Print off stations 1 – 10 and put them in random locations around your classroom. The stranger the location, the more fun students will have. Students start at any location in the classroom. After answering the problem, the station will prompt them to progress another station. Their answer at that
This 22 question review covers angles in standard position, converting from degree to radian and vic versa, arc length, exact values of trig functions, cofunctions, application problems, reference angles, and curve sketching. Each question comes with a unique QR Code which can be scanned with any s

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