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Geometry Spiral Review | Distance Learning Packet | Geometry Homework
This High School GEOMETRY spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit yo

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Pi Day is March 14 - You know 3.14! It's also my favorite day of the year! Geometry is an important math concept for middle school students. Pi Day is a fun and memorable way to kick off your geometry unit. I have designed this project to include activities that address many of Gardner’s Learni

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High School Geometry Super Bundle
All my High School Geometry Items - Discounted BundleOnce you purchase, you will get any updates or additions by re-downloading from your "My Purchases" tab.Here's what is included so far:Geometry Diagrams: Pass-It-On ActivityMidpoint & Distance Formula Doodle NotesTriangle Sum Theorem Inquiry A

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Circle Theorems - Angle Puzzles
Circle Theorems & Properties of Angles in Circles - Practice / Review: These 4 half-page challenges include circle theorems for inscribed angles and other angles within circles. The puzzles cover a range of difficulty levels. Please review the preview file to see a full list of theorems incl

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Discovering Circle Theorems - Guided Inquiry & Reference Pack
Circle Theorems & Properties - Discovery:This lesson covers 10 circle theorems for high school Geometry. Students discover 4 theorems using guided half-sheet activities that require a protractor and straightedge.Here's what's included:- 4 half-page discoveries for the first four theorems- Refer

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Circumcenter & Incenter Maze
This is a maze of 11 circumcenters & incenters of triangles. Students must use their knowledge of Circumcenter, Incenter, and Pythagorean Theorem to work their way through this geometry maze.This self-checking activity helps students strengthen their skills in solving for parts of triangles in B

Also included in: Geometry Bundle ~ All My Geometry Products at 1 Low Price


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CSI: Geometry -- Circles -- Distance Learning Compatible
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up geometry! In this project, students will work in teams to investigate the culprit of six fictional thefts. The criminal has l

Also included in: CSI: Geometry Curriculum BUNDLE - 9 Crime Scenes - Distance Learning Compatible


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Geometry Interactive Notebook with Scaffolded Notes Distance Learning
Geometry Interactive Notebook - 301 pages! ANSWER KEYS ARE INCLUDED! This huge bundle has everything you need for a full year of teaching Geometry. Scaffolded notes are going to be added which will be an additional 100+ pages! Also to be included will be 40 interactive printables with answer keys

Also included in: Interactive Math Notebook - Upper Grade Bundle


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Circle Theorems Code Breaker Puzzle
Circle Theorems Code Breaker Puzzle Students practise using the main circle theorems with this code breaker puzzle. Each problem they solve spells out a word in a secret message!. Uses the following circle theorems: 1. Angle inscribed on a diameter is a right angle; 2. Opposite angles in quadrila

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Circle Formulas Review - Graphic Organizer G-C.A.2
Circle Formulas include finding segment lengths and arc measures all summarized nicely on one page. An equation bank is located at the bottom of the page to help students find the formula for each figure. Differentiation includes a worksheet with an equation bank and another worksheet without th

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Centroid Maze
This is a maze of 11 centroids (created by medians) of triangles. Students must use their knowledge of Medians & Centroids to work their way through this geometry maze. This self-checking activity helps students strengthen their skills in solving for parts of triangles in Centroid problems. I

Also included in: Geometry Bundle ~ All My Geometry Products at 1 Low Price


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Circle Theorems Task Cards
This circle theorem activity covers: arc lengthmeasures of angles/arcs involving central, inscribed, vertex inside, and vertex outside anglestangent segments and a radius (Pythagorean Theorem)segment lengths (two chords, two secants, secant & tangent)All equations are linear or quadratic where y

Also included in: Geometry Activities Bundle


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Arc Length Maze ~ Degrees & Radians
This arc length maze is composed of 11 circles with arc measures in either degrees or radians. It is a self-checking worksheet that allows students to strengthen their skills at calculating arc length. Important Information • Arc measures in this maze are in both degrees and radians. • This maze

Also included in: Circles Bundle - High School Geometry


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Circles Unit Bundle
This is Unit 10 in my Geometry curriculum. This NO PREP unit bundle will help your students understand the properties of circles.Lessons Included - 10.1 Tangents in Circles10.2 Arcs in Circles10.3 Properties of Chords10.4 Inscribed Angles10.5 Angle Relationships in Circles10.6 Segments in Circles10


Circles Guided Notes and Worksheets
These circle notes and worksheets include:parts of a circlecircle anglescircle lines and segmentsarc length and sector area I separate these notes into two packets for my students:Packet 1: *all circles are similar (1 pg. notes)*parts of a circle (center, radius, chord, diameter, secant, tangent, po

Also included in: Geometry Notes & Worksheets Bundle


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Angle & Arc Measures Created by Intersecting Secants, Tangents, & Chords Maze
This is a maze composed of 11 circles with secants, tangents, or chords that intersect on, inside, or outside the circle. It is a self-checking worksheet that allows students to strengthen their skills at solving for angle and arc measures in circle problems involving intersecting segments. Impor

Also included in: Circles Bundle - High School Geometry


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Circles -  Guided Notes and INB Activities
These math journal and/or note-taking activities introduce geometry students to circles. Guided/scaffolded notes and interactive/foldable activities are perfect for Geometry students. Focused notes help students to take clear and effective notes during math lessons, can be used for introducing new t

Also included in: Geometry Interactive Notebook Activities and Scaffolded Notes Bundle


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Geometry "Stained Glass" Circle Properties Project
Students collaborate to turn their individual circles projects into a masterpiece! Each student creates their own piece of a stained glass window inside of a circle adding their choosing of inscribed and central angles, chords, radii, diameters, tangents, perpendiculars, or cyclic quadrilaterals.

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Circles Vocabulary Crossword
This crossword puzzle will strengthen students’ skills in working with vocabulary related to the circles unit in Geometry. Students are given the definition of a vocabulary word and must fill in the corresponding word in the crossword puzzle. 24 vocabulary words are included in this puzzle. Imp

Also included in: Circles Bundle - High School Geometry


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TinkerCAD Controls Cheat Sheet Distance Learning
This has all the common commands for TinkerCAD, as well as pictures of how to use the common features of TinkerCAD!This new version includes instructions for the new scribble (Freehand drawing) feature. Advanced sections of TinkerCAD include code block programing, electronic breadboard sims, and si

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Monster Circle Puzzle 2 - Segments Formed by Secants, Tangents, and Chords
This is a fun puzzle to review segments formed by chords, secants, and tangents. There are 20 problems stuffed into one complex circle problem. The kids really enjoy the challenge. You might also be interested in this FREE product: Monster Circle Puzzle - Angles Formed By Secants and Tangents.

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Circles Guided Notes for Geometry (Complete Unit)
Included in this package is a complete set of guided notes and answer key for a Circles Unit in Geometry. Lessons include parts of circles (identifying and naming), tangent-radius theorem, two-tangent theorem, radius-chord theorem, angle-arc relationships (including central, inscribed, tangent-chor

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Arcs and Angles in Circles Task Card Sort
This card sort is a great way to practice calculating missing angles and arcs using relationships of central angles, inscribed angles, tangent lines, and secant lines. Before the activity, be sure students are familiar with the circle theorems and formulas used to calculate missing arcs and angles.

Also included in: End of Year: Geometry Activities Bundle


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Circles Bundle
This set of six activities is perfect for High School Geometry students.The blend of puzzles, activities, and proofs offers a mix of fun and rigor that can be spread throughout the circles unit as supplemental activities!Check out the preview file for more detail.Here's what's included:Parts of a Ci

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