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This geometry word wall shows vocabulary and concepts in action and in the context of related words. With references for transformations, triangles, quadrilaterals, parallel and perpendicular, polygons, similar and congruent, parts of a circle, angles, special right triangles, similar triangles, triangle congruencies (SSS, ASA, AAS, SAS, HL), logic and conditional statements, geometric mean, Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, midpoint formula, segment bisector, segment addition, simplifying
This geometry foldable bundle currently includes over 140+ foldables, perfect for use in a high school geometry course. Ideal for use in interactive notebooks! The current focus is on vocabulary, theorems/ postulates, and the use of algebra to solve geometry problems. It will provide a fun and interactive way to supplement your current geometry curriculum with built in scaffolding and differentiated instruction. Please download the "preview" to see a list of topics covered. Each foldable ca
This High School GEOMETRY spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HERE✪ CLICK HERE to see more SUBJECTS & GRADE LEVELS!★★SAVE $$ with these BUNDLES★★Geometry Bundle: Spir
Congruent Triangles by SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, and HL - practice/ review activity set for triangle congruence with shortcutsThis activity includes three parts that can be done all in one lesson or spread out across a unit on congruent triangles. You can print the two sets of “Triangle Cards” for worksheets A and C on colored cardstock if desired. These pieces can also be laminated and re-used in learning stations if you wish.In Worksheet A, students match up the attached “Triangle Cards” to practi
This fully editable 21 page resource includes the 122 Theorems, Postulates, & Corollaries that are used in a High School Geometry classroom. Most Theorems/Postulates/Corollaries have a diagram that goes with to help students better understand the concept.Now Fully Editable! After many requests an editable version is now included. To edit the list all you need is Microsoft PowerPoint. A non-editable PDF version is also included.Important InformationThis list was compiled from 5 different T
Similar Triangles Snap! A Matching Activity. In this activity there are 14 triangles and students must match them into pairs that are similar. Once they have matched them into pairs of similar triangles, they must then use the fact they are similar to work out the missing sides and angles. As an extension students could cut out the cards and make a poster of them, explaining for each pair how they know they are similar. They could also make their own pair of matching similar triangles. ** U
This enormous discounted bundle is packed with activities for angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, transversals, deductive reasoning, proof, circles, conditional statements, similarity, parallel and perpendicular lines, critical thinking, and more! The wide variety of activities, note sheets, games, puzzles, and lessons will offer your students unique and creative options to make math class engaging all throughout their Geometry coursework.Resources Included:Geometry Diagrams: Pass-It-On ActivityM
9th - 11th
Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up similarity and proportion! In this project, students will work in teams to investigate the culprit of six fictional thefts. The criminal has left six messages, layered with geometry practice. Teams will work to build a case and present their findings to the court. Hopefully they are convincing enough to win the verdict.I like to use these puzzles as review before the unit test. The puzzle solving hook causes many different students to engage
Printable PDF, Google Slides & Easel by TPT Versions are included in this distance learning ready activity which consists of 11 right triangles in which students must use the Geometric Mean to solve for leg, altitude, and hypotenuse segment lengths. Students will use both Geometric Mean Theorems in this exercise:• The altitude drawn to the hypotenuse of a right triangle separates the hypotenuse into two segments. The length of this altitude is the geometric mean between the lengths of thes
This bundle includes 79 self-grading digital assignment for use with Google Forms. Perfect for a high school geometry course. I use Google Forms as class work and homework assignments for the ease of grading and providing immediate feedback. Colleagues have used these forms as additional practice leading up to a quiz or test, for intervention & tutoring sessions.Not 1:1? Not using Google Classroom, yet? ALL of these assignments also come with a PDF "worksheet" that may be used with, or in
This foldable provides a nice overview of triangle proofs. There are 5 tabs: SSS, SAS, HL, ASA, AAS. Under each tab, I have written the postualte or theorem. There is another option which is left blank to allow students to take notes on the postulates or theorems. Within the foldable, there are also 10 examples, where students will be asked to provide the theorem or postulate necessary to prove that the given triangles are congruent.This foldable is included in the following bundles:★★ Cong
8th - 11th
With this bundle you get my 5 Cut & Paste Proof Activities. Save money by buying the bundle and be prepared for an entire unit of engaging activities!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------©Copyright Amazing Mathematics LLCThis product is to be used by the original purchaser only.This product can NOT be uploaded to the internet by the purchaser. Doing so is a violation of the copyright of this product.Copying for more than one t
Students practice using the Triangle Angle Sum & Exterior Angle Theorems to find missing angles in triangles. 100% Ready to Go! Just PRINT & PRACTICE! Included:- 6 Practice Problems- Answer KeyConnect with The BlakenatorBe sure to follow my TpT store by clicking on the green ‘Follow Me’ next to my Seller picture to receive notifications of new products and upcoming sales.Click here to visit my teaching blog, The BlakenatorClick here to follow me on Facebook for updates and special give a
8th - 11th
Triangle Theorems & Properties, Congruent Triangles, Centers of Triangles, Triangle Proofs, & more! Save money by getting thirteen sets of resources in one bundle! These activities will offer a variety of options help your students with triangles (from Triangle Sum Theorem all the way through to CPCTC proofs!)(For an even bigger bundle that includes logic, proof, quadrilaterals, and more, try High School Geometry Super Bundle)The zip file contains the following resources (all in PDF for
This is an interactive way of teaching students to classify quadrilaterals. Includes the following:QuadrilateralKiteTrapezoidIsosceles TrapezoidParallelogramRectangleRhombusSquareThe original flow chart is still included! This option includes the definition and a picture of the following types of quadrilaterals:ParallelogramTrapezoidRectangleRhombusSquareI have included the "answer key" with suggested definitions for each type of quadrilateral. GREAT for interactive notebooks!This product is a
4th - 10th
Geometry Interactive Math Notebook - 301 pages - answer keys included! Great for distance learning! This huge bundle has everything you need for a full year of teaching geometry:A 221-page hands-on interactive math notebook including answer keys80 pages of scaffolded notes including answer keysInteractive Math NotebookThis math notebook features all-original graphics and is completely hands-on and interactive. Each chapter includes:A divider for the standard that is covered in the chapterA hands
Follow along with Jacob and his family on their summer road trip! This project is a great end-of-the-year activity for your high school geometry students, as it reviews many topics that are taught throughout the year. It can also be broken up into the individuals tasks, to give as an end of unit assessment activity for each topic. This project is a great follow-up to many topics of geometry, including:Volume: Cones, pyramids, and cylindersCircles: Central arcs, inscribed angles, and segment len
Printable PDF, Google Slides & Easel by TPT Versions are included in this distance learning ready activity which consists of 11 area of Parallelograms & Triangles problems. It is a self-checking worksheet that allows students to strengthen their skills at solving for area in parallelograms and triangles.This maze is intended for use in a High School Geometry classroom.This maze requires the use of Pythagorean Theorem and 30-60-90 Triangles. Please view the preview to ensure this produ
Notes to introduce/review the Triangle Angle Sum and Exterior Angle Theorems. There is space at the end for students to summarize what they learned about each theorem. In the riddle activity, student practice using the theorems to find missing angle measures.100% Ready to Go! Just PRINT& TEACH!Included:- Congruent Triangles Notes: Triangle Angle Sum & Exterior Angle Sum (PLUS: 12 practice problems) - Extra space for students to create detailed summaries for each theorem. - Congruent Tria
This is a set of 12 task cards in which students must use the Geometric Mean to solve for leg, altitude, and hypotenuse segment lengths in right triangles. Students will use both Geometric Mean Theorems in this exercise: • The altitude drawn to the hypotenuse of a right triangle separates the hypotenuse into two segments. The length of this altitude is the geometric mean between the lengths of these two segments. • The altitude drawn to the hypotenuse of a right triangle separates the hypote
This Trigonometry PreCalculus Final Exam or Practice Test includes 4 different versions of a Final Exam for Trigonometry or for the Trig Part of PreCalculus. Each test includes 40 well chosen representative questions both in multiple choice and free response format. The assessment should take about 2 hours and is meant to be used with a graphing calculator. This test has been given and is quite successful with generally a B to B+ average. The test can also be used as a practice test or stud
10th - 12th, Higher Education
This bundle has 10 different foldables. *Naming Angle Pairs forms by 2 parallel lines cut by a transversal*Writing equations for congruent and supplementary angles*Proving Triangles are Congruent*Proving Triangles are Similar*Using Pythagorean's Inequalities to determine if 3 lengths will form a right, acute, or obtuse triangle* Using the Laws of Sines and Cosines* Proving a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram using coordinate plane.* Perimeter of Similar Figures* Area of Similar Figures* Volume o
Looking for a fun, self-checking activity to help your geometry students determine if triangles are congruent? This is a digital congruent triangles activity designed in Google Forms™. The activity includes 24 problems and will be graded automatically! Students are given two triangles and must determine if they are congruent by SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL, or if there is not enough information given to prove congruence. Students must be able to identify shared sides and vertical angles for some pr
In this NO-PREP activity, students will move around the room to practice similar right triangles. This is READY TO PRINT and will KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED while working on their geometry skills!In this activity, students will solve problems with special right triangles. In each problem, students will find a missing side length. Problems include radicals and/or decimals. There are two word problems.9 stationsStudent Answer SheetColor and Black and WhiteGoogle Form Link IncludedMake sure these prob
8th - 10th

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