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This Algebra 1 spiral review & quiz resource can easily be used as HOMEWORK, WARM-UPS, or a DAILY MATH REVIEW! This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students
#distancelearningThis bundle includes all SEMESTER 2 algebra 1 digital google forms/ quizzes that I have created. Every assignment also includes a "worksheet" that corresponds with the questions on each form. Additional assignments will be added throughout this school year. The price will increa
Are you looking for a resource to help prepare your students for Algebra 1 standardized testing? Then the Algebra 1 EOC Review is for you! A review sheet is provided for every standard grouping (21 total) that is on the Algebra 1 FSA and EOC. Everything is provided for the Florida Math Standards
Utilize the last twenty years of Oscar winners as a data set to guide your students through creating box and whisker plots, histograms, and exploring mean, median, and mode -- in one 21st Century Math Project!Does the age of the award winning star in a film relate to the overall gross of the movie?
Have you tried to find quick assessments for ALGEBRA 1?So have I! After giving up the search, I made my own. This MEGA BUNDLE provides 48 mini-assessments for all the Algebra 1, Common Core standards;Number Quantity: NQ.1-3 (3 assessments)Creating Equations: CED.1-4 (4 assessments)Reasoning with Eq
Complete Lesson! This lesson features a 40 CARD SORT, Differentiated Cornell Notes, Distribution Shapes Graphic Organizer, and Power Point to go with the notes! Perfect for the inclusive classroom! Within the Card Sort Activity there are 5 categories of cards to match: 1) Histogram2) Frequency Displ
There are 20 total task cards, a student recording sheet and answer key. These tasks meet HSS.ID.A.1, HSS.ID.A.3, HSS.ID.B.6 There are 4 questions for each of the following types of data displays: dot plots stem and leaf plots histograms box plots scatter plots Students will be asked to read and i
Engage your students in their study of statistics as they compete in self-created Olympic style events. This project will help them discover meaning and apply concepts including measures of central tendency, quartiles, outliers, variance, standard deviation, z-scores, box plots, histograms, normal a
Are you looking for everything you need to review for the Algebra 1 EOC? This is a bundle of all my EOC/FSA products! It includes the flashcards, standard by standard review, 3 complete practice tests (60 EOC/FSA type questions each), and the EOC challenge (additional 60 EOC/FSA type questions).
This 20-question, auto-grading digital assignment provides students with practice constructing and analyzing data displayed in a dot plot or a histogram.Please note:Questions include a variety of types: "multiple-choice", "short response", "drop down", "select all that apply".Background knowledge in
I have heard that Americans like Football. I have also heard about an important game that happens in February. I have heard that it's a day that nachos dread. In this 21st Century Math Project, students will complete a variety Football-based assignments related to the Statistics strands of the Commo
This AP Statistics curriculum bundle will contain the following:Guided Notes and Graphic OrganizersExhibition stations (powerpoint) with guided notesActivitiesProjects (EDITABLE)Exams (EDITABLE)Teacher's pacing guide and suggested order for each unit Review in AP style for preparation for the APCOMI
Harness the excitement of NCAA March Madness with this huge project for secondary math teachers that follows all stages of the tournament! This Common Core aligned bundle comes with bonus parts not sold individually in my store so you can create a rich immersion in the tournament, practice probabil
These math journal and/or note-taking activities cover an entire unit on descriptive statistics. Guided/scaffolded notes and interactive/foldable activities are perfect for Statistics students. Focused notes help students to take clear and effective notes during math lessons, can be used for introd
Extensive ALL digital guided lesson for constructing and interpreting scatter plots.The slides are scaffolded to build understanding. Students will progress from identification of terms to making predictions involving bivariate data. The guided slides will begin with identification, move towards ass
Practice creating dot plots and box & whiskers plots with this statistics activity.Students are given scores for 2 basketball teams. They use the data to create a dot plot (or line plot) for each team and then a box and whiskers diagram for each team.Then, they compare the data of the teams.A b
Practice creating and analyzing scatter plots with these six differentiated real world projects. Students are provided statistics for a sport and must graph the data. Then, they write an analysis describing correlation, whether or not the data is linear, any outliers, and how the scatter plot migh
This 8- question (26- part), auto-grading digital assignment provides students with practice calculating and analyzing measures of central tendency. Questions are organized in the following way:#1-5: Calculate/ Find the mean, median, mode, & range.#6-7: Solve for a missing data value, when the
These guided notes and "cheat sheets" help students understand statistics standards from Algebra I. Included Topics: Statistics Basics (mean, median, mode, range, dot plots, histograms, stem and leaf plots) Box and Whiskers Mean Absolute Deviation Standard Deviation Shape and Spread (Skewed Left a
The Algebra I Common Core Unit Test will assess your students’ understanding of STATISTICS Included topics: Graphical Displays Quartiles Box Plots Measures of Central Tendency Variation Two Way Frequency Tables BiVariate Data Linear Regression Quantifying Predictability Residuals This assessment
This unit bundle is 25% less than buying these products individually! It contains 3 teaching lessons, a test review, and test. Answer keys included for everything. Day 1: Guided notes and worksheet on Mean, Median, and Mode and Box and Whisker Plots. Day 2: Guided notes, activity, and workshe
Statistics Box Plots This set of task cards provides practice analyzing box plots after students have been introduced to the concept. Included are 10 task cards with questions about box plots. There are three options for recording answers. OPTION 1: One page includes three sheets (to save pape
8th - 10th
30 Posters! Each 8.5" x 11" in size. Posters are aligned with Common Core's Algebra - Statistics: Describing Data Unit. Posters Included:MeanMedianModeRangeInterquartile RangeOutlierMean Absolute DeviationMeasures of CenterMeasures of SpreadDot PlotHistogramBox PlotNormal/ Bell Shaped DistributionSk
About This Resource:A four page packet containing an investigation into comparing and interpreting dot plots, box-and-whisker plots, and histograms. In addition, you will receive the answer key to help with the implementation of this activity in your classroom. The worksheet flows perfectly and coul

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