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Vocabulary Builder, Print & Teach Vocab Worksheet, Use with ANY Text Grades 6-12
Add a little fun to your current unit with this easy-to-use handout that can be used with ANY reading assignment, including short stories, novels, plays, and even non-fiction/expository articles. Students just choose a word from the reading assignment they don’t know and then follow the simple 11-st

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Poetry Terms Presentation with Song Lyric Examples
Poetry Terms Presentation with Song Lyrics Examples: Song lyrics are one of the easiest ways to teach poetry terms/devices such as alliteration, metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, irony, and rhyme. This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my POETRY RESOURCES GROWING BUND

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Common Core English Exam Reading and Vocabulary Assessment
English reading assessment and vocabulary diagnostic test with answer keys. (Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for reading-literature, reading literary non-fiction, writing, and language skills) Assess your students reading proficiency with this exam, which includes: -Short reading pas

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The Ultimate Literary Analysis Essay Guide: 20 Mini-lessons for Success
This bundle contains 20 mini-lessons in 22 files/ 200+ pages to help guide your high school English students to success on the Literary Analysis Essay.Be sure to click the FOLLOW star at the top of the page to follow Bespoke ELA. I like to send follower exclusive alerts, deals, and FREEBIES-- but y

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Full Year High School English, 180 Days of English 9-10 Curriculum, CCSS
Exhausted by prep? Tired of spending nights and weekends reinventing the curriculum wheel? This HUGE collection of materials (1,500+ slides and 800+ pages) will take the prep load off your back and give you every slide, every handout, and every day’s detailed lesson procedure tagged with targeted Co

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To Kill a Mockingbird Complete Teaching Unit PACKET | DISTANCE LEARNING
To Kill a Mockingbird 159-page Literature Guide contains student coursework, activities, quizzes, tests, and much more, written with time-tested best practices in mind, and aligned with the Common Core State Standards and NCTE/IRA National ELA Standards for grades 9-11.SPECIAL NOTE for DISTANCE LEAR

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Scarlet Letter Teaching Guide, Lesson PACKET | DISTANCE LEARNING
The Scarlet Letter novel unit, 130 pages of activities, quizzes, tests, and more aligned with the Common Core State Standards for ELA in Literature as well as the NCTE/IRA National ELA Content Standards in English for 9th through 12th grade. MORE than enough to choose from in this comprehensive unit

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Midsummer Night's Dream Literature Guide Unit PACKET | DISTANCE LEARNING
A Midsummer Nights Dream Complete Unit - No Prep Handouts, Tests & More; Designed to help even the most reluctant students of the Bard, this Common Core Standards-Based Literature Guide for A Midsummer Night's Dream features 92 pages of student coursework, quizzes, tests, and teacher guides alig

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Farewell to Manzanar, Japanese Internment, Chapter Question Set for Memoir, CCSS
Use this package of chapter-by-chapter questions as you take your class through Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston’s compelling true story, Farewell to Manzanar. As we work to pull more non-fiction materials into our Common Core-aligned classrooms, this autobiographical account of life in a Japanese internmen

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Lizzie Borden:  Infamous Murder Case Nonfiction Unit, Tone, Bias, Persuasion
Lizzie Borden was tried and ultimately acquitted for the MURDER of her PARENTS in the 1890s. The trial was controversial. How could a WOMAN possibly hack her parents to death and why? How could this have happened while she was HOME if she didn't do it? Be sure to click the FOLLOW star at the top

Also included in: The Ultimate Crime Bundle- Criminals, Serial Podcast, Lizzie Borden, & MORE!


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Julius Caesar Literature Guide, Unit Handouts, Tests PACKET | DISTANCE LEARNING
Julius Caesar complete guide for teaching, 88 pages of ready-to-go coursework, quizzes, tests, and teacher resources aligned with 9th-11th grade Common Core standards. Teaching with Simply Novel's Julius Caesar complete unit gives the rigor you are looking for, while helping your students enjoy the

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Social Skills Activities Distance Learning | Teen Social Inferences Problems 1
Teen level topics with language support, now with a link for an editable student Google slide version for distance learning/ teletherapy! Do you have problems finding appropriate materials for solving problems with your older special needs students? If the level is right, the problems may be too you

Also included in: Social Skills Activities | Teen Social Inferences | Problem Solving Bundle


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FREE! Thesaurus Abuse Worksheet, Fun Brain Break, Writing Lesson, Word Choice
I often have students who rely too heavily on the thesaurus as they craft their essays, resulting in overwrought sentences that block, rather than illuminate, the writer’s meaning. Using a little humor, this handout helps students see what happens when one abuses the thesaurus. This handout, which c

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Vocabulary: Practice Using Context Clues Worksheets Distance Learning
Do your students struggle with understanding and using context clues to define vocabulary? This no-prep, printable packet helps your students master using context clues to determine a word's meaning. It shows examples of definition/explanation context clues, synonym/restatement context clues, anton

Also included in: ELA Test Prep Bundle: Writing with the RACE Strategy, Literature Skills, & more!


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Social Skills Activities | Size of the Problem 1 | Speech Therapy| Scenarios
Students put a variety of social and language skills to use in this problem solving set with real photos! Skills include interpreting nonverbal cues, perspective taking, cause-effect, making predictions, explaining problems and justifying solutions, figuring out the size of the problem, understandin

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We Annotate Because We Care - "The Raven"
In this unit, perfect for Halloween or a larger unit on Poe, students will create an annotated version of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and then present or publish their final draft. This Common-Core-aligned assignment gives students an opportunity to practice doing a close reading. Close reading

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Greek Root Feud Powerpoint Game
Just like the classic game show, Family Feud, this classroom powerpoint is sure to bring the fun and competition into your class!! I was thorough and included all the bells and whistles of the original game, including: - theme song - bells for correct answers - buzzers/disappointed audience for inc

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Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Words, Activities and Quizzes
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Vocabulary Unit: This Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Packet includes 50 vocabulary Words, fun and engaging activities. quizzes, and built-in differentiation for ESL students, struggling readers, younger readers, and every student in between.This CCSS aligned voca

Also included in: Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit Bundle


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War Poems and Poets Presentation & Handouts Distance Learning
The War Poems and Poets Presentation and Handouts covers the following poets and poems: Wilfred Owen's "Dulce Et Decorum Est" and "Anthem for a Doomed Youth;" John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields;" Randall Jarrell's "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner;" and the song comparisons "One" by Metallica and

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Bell-Ringers for the ENTIRE Year-40 WEEKS - EDITABLE PROMPTS w/ Mentor Sentences
This bundle of EDITABLE bell-ringers for the entire school year contains 40 weeks worth of prompts (323 SLIDES)!Be sure to click the FOLLOW star at the top of the page to follow Bespoke ELA. I like to send follower exclusive alerts, deals, and FREEBIES-- but you can only access these if you FOLLOW

Also included in: Bell-Ringers & Mentor Sentences: A Bundle for the Beginning of Class


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Vocabulary Activities for ANY word list
Looking for new vocabulary strategies to use with any word list? Hoping to increase your students' word retention and make word work fun? Look no further! This collection of word study activities is all you need to refresh and invigorate your vocabulary instruction. Students will play a word game, s

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25 Essential Handouts for Writing Workshop in Secondary ELA
This bundle contains 25 handouts to supplement writing workshop mini-lessons or to use as part of a writing reference center/ writer's toolbox in the classroom. Students can also keep these handouts in their writing folders or notebooks to reference throughout the year as they work on new writing t

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CLOSE Read Placemat
The CLOSE Read Strategy (11 X 17 placemat) is a metacognitive instructional procedure that uses the word close as an acronym and provides teachers and students with a brain friendly step by step guide to conducting a close read of complex text. The role of vocabulary and the strategies for determin

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Social Skills Activities | Teen Social Inferences | Problem Solving 2
Are you looking for social skills problem-solving materials that are right for your older special needs students? This NO PREP, Print & GO product may be just what you need to engage your students and address multiple language goals: idioms, problem-solving, explaining and summarizing, making so

Also included in: Social Skills Activities | Teen Social Inferences | Problem Solving Bundle


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