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These close reading comprehension passages are the perfect no-prep, standards-based, and high interest way to strengthen your students' close reading skills!This resource includes 100 passages professionally written by a published children's author with more than 100 books in print!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:60 printable passages with comprehension questions (Each with 2 levels! 120 passages total.)Teacher answer keysStudent annotation guide3 graphic organizers to use with the 5 included paired pa
This resource includes all standards including reading comprehension (literature and informational), writing, language/grammar, fluency, speaking and listening.These are COMPLETE 400+ pages of Assessments and Teaching Notes for ALL English Language Arts Standards for 5th Grade. These will cover your entire year! Use them for more than just assessments. They are a perfect supplement to your English Language Arts Curriculum.·These will work with ANY reading program and allow teachers to conduct a
This prefixes and suffixes resource contains colorful eye-catching posters, recording sheets, Google work slides, and Affix of the Week header. You can now use these prefix and suffix activities in boot camp style or as an Affix of the Week resource.THREE different styles of recording sheets are included to meet your students needs:recording sheet to include word, meaning, mini illustration and examples Great for boot style teaching & learningone page template to use one per week that includ
A Bingo game to review your prefixes and suffixes! The calling cards contain the complete word (example: misbehave) and the Bingo cards contain the meaning of the prefix/suffix and base word (example: behave wrong or bad). Prefixes on the Bingo card are: mis-, re-, pre-, un-, dis-, il-, in-, over-, under-, non-Suffixes on the Bingo card are: -able, -y, -ly, -er (as a person), -er (as more), -est, -ful, -less, This set includes 20 Bingo cards and 40 word cards.If you like this Bingo game, you m
Do you need concise, scaffolded instruction for small groups, English learners, and struggling students? This resource integrates all 37 5th Grade ELA Common Core Reading Standards for Literature, Informational Text, and Language Standards into ANY text. No need to reinvent the wheel for your daily lesson planning! Kid-Friendly • Scaffolds for each standard include prerequisite vocabulary, graphic organizers, and consistent visuals cues. • Concise mini-lessons maximize learning. • In-context
Looking for strategies that work for your older readers still struggling to decode multisyllabic words? Help is here! Close that success gap quickly!This best-selling INTERVENTION BINDER BUNDLE is a NO-PREP! GOOGLE SLIDES ® activityor choose the ONE-TIME PREP intervention binder notebook version (100 WORDS IN EACH SET - 300 WORDS TOTAL!) Choose the B&W or COLOR version!In this effective and engaging resource, readers practice decoding multisyllabic words by looking for word parts inside giga
Recently updated!!!! Now includes a digital version using Google Slides!Students will interact and become experts with 35 of the most common prefixes, 36 most common suffixes, and 16 roots.What you will find:Full page colorful examples of each prefix and suffix are included in the notebook.Each page contains a “My Word List”. This provides students with a place to write words that they already know or come across in their daily reading. Dividers that explain what a root word, prefix, and suf
Parts of Speech posters with a morphology connection!These unique, eye-catching posters will help your students make key morphological connections to understand and remember academic language. (Looking for savings? This resource is part of the Academic Morphology: ELA Bundle)Resources Included:• parts of speech posters (in vibrant colors or an ink-saving, blackline option)• coordinating notebook templates (for student notes)• teacher example pages (to save you valuable time in preparing student
3rd - 5th
Teach Greek and Latin roots the fun and easy way with this complete mnemonic unit. By the time your students have finished the program, they will have memorized 84 of the most common Greek and Latin roots, along with hundreds of words that contain them. Program guide, lesson plans, flash cards, crossword puzzles, and assessments are included. The heart of the unit, two 180-slide PowerPoints, work in a way similar to Flash cards: students memorize the meaning of roots by looking at photos, illust
Introducing the 6 syllable types to your learners is made EASY with this comprehensive and hands-on resource pack. You’ll love the teaching tips, interactive activities, NO prep games, digital links for Seesaw and Google Drive, editable cards, and syllable chunk cards included for each syllable type. Don’t forget there’s also answer keys for every activity.Closed Syllables (both VC/CV and VC/V*)Open Syllables (V/CV)Silent e Syllables (CVCe found in the second syllable only)R-Controlled Syllables
Seek & Spell Challenge is an engaging word work activity that's so fun your kids won't even know they're learning! But while they are working, they're improving both spelling and foundational reading skills. Includes both printable activities and digital Google Classroom resources! #DistanceLearningTpTThis Seek & Spell Challenge Word Work Bundle includes a teacher's guide with directions, two mini-lessons, and 4 sets of ready-to-use mystery word printables (48 mystery words), Google Clas
This classroom tested Memory game has the students actively engaged in learning Greek and Latin Roots. They talk the roots out while trying to find matches between the root itself and the definition. There are three levels, with 24 roots each (for a total of 72 roots), including one blank sheet to include your own root words! This game comes in an easier, pictured self-check version and a more difficult (no picture) version, for your advanced learners. There are also 5 different Progress Mon
Reading Interventions for Upper Elementary Students.•Digital and Printable options: Works well with In-Person Instruction, Remote/Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning Models. •Helping students become fluent readers for LIFE by teaching Word Attack Skills in 10-15 minutes a day by teaching Upper Elementary students decoding activities. •SYSTEMATIC AND EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION (Systematic Phonics is an evidence-based method for teaching individuals with disabilities and other reading challenges.)•Exc
This colorful set of prefixes posters is perfect for helping students to understand word study and develop reading comprehension. These eye-catching posters make it easy to reinforce the concept year-round. Each poster identifies a prefix, its meaning, and an example. Click HERE to SAVE with the Reading/ELA Poster Bundle!The set has 12 bright, colorful prefix posters and also a B/W version for your ink-saving needs. (You will also get the original chevron version of the posters.)This helpful re
Looking for reading intervention decoding strategies to help your older readers decode multisyllabic words? This best-selling NO-PREP PowerPoint Presentation takes you and your students step-by-step through this proven method for decoding multisyllabic words. Use this SET OF 10 MINI-LESSONS with your whole class, small groups or one-to-one tutoring. LOOKING FOR MORE? This activity is part of an innovative decoding program that builds confidence and skill in struggling older readers. The COMPLE
Help is here for older readers struggling to decode multisyllabic words! This best-selling intervention binder is a ONE-TIME PREP PRINTED notebook of one-a-day WORD WORK PAGES plus an interactive NO-PREP digital Google Slides® version.This guided practice helps you work with your struggling readers in small groups or one-to-one. Also includes ASSESSMENT, STUDENT FLASHCARDS, and 12 teacher guide pages to help you understand and use this effective method to help your struggling readers. Organizati
Greek and Latin roots are made much easier with this helpful word wall! By learning the meanings of Greek and Latin roots, students are more able to easily recognize and decode unfamiliar words in the English language. This printable poster set makes it easy to reinforce this concept year-round. Click HERE to SAVE with the Reading/ELA Poster Bundle!Each word wall poster identifies a Greek or Latin root, its meaning, and 3 examples. Each root is 1/2 page when printed. Just make one cut on each sh
While these Text Time Triple passages can be used independently, they were written to be used to compare and contrast in pairs or all three together. There are 30 passages, each presented at two reading levels (grades 3-4 and 4-5) for a total of 60 passages - all written by an experienced and published nonfiction children's author. You also get a variety of graphic organizers to help students compare the passages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Google Slides added Septemb
This Greek and Latin roots lesson combines the enjoyment of art and creativity with the rigor of vocabulary development. It is basically a mnemonic activity, designed to help students commit the meanings of the Greek and Latin stems to memory.I made this lesson for a summer school English class made up of students with reading levels ranging from 4th to 9th grades. Classes were two hours per day. I gave them five class periods to finish. I gave extra credit for coloring. The more time they spend
This pack contains 10 different word puzzles to help your students practice those ever important Greek and Latin Roots. This is Level One of a three part series designed to get your students proficient in the meaning of the roots and help them to translate words with the roots in them.The 24 roots contained in this level are:anti auto bi biocircum ex graph intermulti nym ology phoneport pre re solsub syn tele terratrans tract un u
✏️Set up your classroom focus wall or bulletin board with these McGraw Hill Wonders Reading Series posters. There are posters for everything you will be teaching each week to display for student reference including vocabulary words, genres, comprehension strategies, grammar skills and much much more! This aligns to the older editions of Wonders as well as the new 2023 edition! There are folders for each edition. So no matter what edition your school uses this product will work for you!⭐Students
All of the reading anchor charts you need for 5th grade! Addresses the fifth grade reading common core standards for both fiction and nonfiction! 1. Fluency 2. Context Clues (word detective) 3. Evidence based statements 4. Inferences 5. Text Connections (text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world) 6. Stop & Jot 7. Theme 8. Summarizing a fictional text 9. Character analysis 10. Getting to know fictional characters 11. Compare & Contrast 12. Figurative Language 13. Point of view (fiction)
Teach 6 syllable types & syllabication in 6 weeks or less(open & closed, vowel team, silent e, consonant le, R controlled)! Aligned to Science of Reading, students master multisyllabic words by learning syllable rules. Suitable with the Orton Gillingham Approach and/or programs based on similar Science of Reading principles. These reading strategies are used for chunking, segmenting, & decoding larger words. The initial pre-test includes 2 and 3 syllable words that are challenging f
This colorful set of suffixes posters is perfect for helping students to understand word study and develop reading comprehension. These eye-catching posters make it easy to reinforce the concept year-round. Each poster identifies a suffix, its meaning, and an example.Click HERE to save with my Reading/ELA Poster Bundle!The set has 13 bright, colorful prefix posters and also a B/W version for your ink-saving needs. (You will also get the original chevron version of the posters.)This helpful resou

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