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Lost Colony of Roanoke CSI Investigation | American History | Distance Learning
In this hands-on and engaging Lost Colony CSI investigation, students work individually or in groups to examine possible theories that explain the fate of the Lost Colony at Roanoke. Students will read through 6 possible scenarios, analyzing a variety of questions from a variety of disciplines in a

Also included in: CSI American History: Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Cuba, JFK, KKK!


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US Constitution Activity
Reading and understanding the US Constitution can be difficult for students. This detective activity is perfect to help your class dig into what the Constitution is really about. Through this resource, students will leave with a deeper understanding of the three branches of government and how our de

Also included in: United States Historical Documents Bundle


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Declaration of Independence American History Scavenger Hunt | Distance Learning
In this fun resource for early US History, students complete a scavenger hunt on the Declaration of Independence to better understand the document, interact with historical text, and turn a boring document into an exciting challenge. Students work in either collaborative teams or individually (I'd

Also included in: Declaration of Independence Bundle: 2 Great Activities, 1 Great Price!


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Hammurabi's Court {a fun and engaging activity to interpret Hammurabi's Code}
In this fun and engaging activity, the Code of Hammurabi (Hammurabi's Code) is used to render the verdict on six fictional court cases that students create. Make it more exciting by dressing up as a judge as you preside over the cases that students act out!Download Includes :*Doodle Notes on Hammura

Also included in: Ancient World Bundle Set #1


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King Tut:  Was he murdered?  A World History CSI Investigation on Ancient Egypt!
In this highly-engaging King Tut CSI investigation, students analyze and investigate the death of ancient Egypt's youngest pharaoh, King Tut. This CSI investigation in included in the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Bundle and the CSI World History Bundle! Purchase a bundle and save a bundle!-----Stu

Also included in: CSI World History Bundle! Tut, Maya, Shakespeare, Caesar, Atlantis, & More!


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Ancient Civilizations Interactive Notebooks | Distance Learning Activities
The Ancient Civilization Interactive Notebook Bundle {Paper & Digital versions included!}Contains the following units: The Stone Age, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. ***Important Update - Now includes additional,


Age of Exploration Mini-Unit |  A 6-Step Scavenger Hunt for 10 Explorers!
In this highly-engaging Age of Exploration Scavenger Hunt activity, students complete 6 tasks as they navigate around the room and learn about the explorers involved in the Age of Exploration! The 6 tasks can be also be completed as a group or individual assignment instead of a scavenger hunt! Or,

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13 Colonies Unit | 15 Lessons for Colonial American History | Distance Learning
This best-selling and complete 13 Colonies and Colonial America unit includes 15 outstanding resources to teach the creation of the 13 Colonies, from the Spanish conquistadors and the Lost Colony to Jamestown, the Pilgrims, Quakers and Puritans, the slave trade, and the Salem With Trials. This unit

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/6: (1590-1788) 4 Units | Distance Learning


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5 Themes of Geography | Explore Five Themes of Geography | Distance Learning
In this highly-engaging Five Themes of Geography lesson, students analyze the five themes of geography (location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region) to understand how geographers study the world!This lesson begins with students doing an introductory reading and activity on t

Also included in: World History Curriculum | Part 1 Standard Curriculum | Distance Learning Ready


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Colonies Scavenger Hunt |  Students navigate the 13 Colonies | Google 1:1 Ready
Students will complete a 13 Colonies "silent scavenger hunt" where they will navigate around the room examining each colony's station. Students will create groups and, before they are turned loose, divide up the responsibilities. This lesson is a great introduction to the 13 colonies, especially i

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Ancient Mesopotamia Interactive Notebook | Google Classroom Distance Learning
Ancient Mesopotamia Unit for Interactive Social Studies Notebook {Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entir

Also included in: Ancient Mesopotamia Activities Resource Bundle | Distance Learning


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Revolutionary War Causes: 16 Lessons for American Revolution | Distance Learning
The Causes of the Revolutionary War Unit features 16 best-selling and highly-engaging American History resources to teach the buildup to the American Revolution. This unit is Google 1:1 ready and is ideal for distance learning!Starting with the Enlightenment thinkers who inspired the revolution, th

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/6: (1590-1788) 4 Units | Distance Learning


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Why Study History? Back to School Activity with GOOGLE SLIDES
Do your students truly understand why they are taking a history class!? Why not teach them in a fun activity? Teach your students to think like an historians as they dig through artifacts, analyze primary sources, and read information about history. This lesson guides your students through an activ

Also included in: Back to School Bundle for World History


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Ancient China World History Unit | Ancient China | Distance Learning Ready
In this best-selling Ancient China Unit, you will receive 9 highly-engaging lessons to teach your students all about Ancient China. This bundle saves you 30% over buying each activity separate!Plus, each resource in this Ancient China Unit bundle includes both a paper in-class version and a 1:1 Goo

Also included in: World History Curriculum | Ancient Civilizations | India, China, Japan, Islam


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13 Colonies Editable Review Game Activity
This social studies resource is a scavenger hunt activity that allows students to review the thirteen colonies in an engaging, collaborative way. Students will rotate through three different stations and use the clues at each station to determine whether the New England, Middle or Southern colony is

Also included in: 13 Colonies Unit of Activities


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Civil War: 14 engaging lessons for American Civil War Unit | Distance Learning
The Civil War Unit from History with Mr E includes 14 student-centered, hands-on activities to teach the entirety of the American Civil War. Instead of paying over $50 for each resource separately, buy this unit and enjoy a savings of over 35%!This unit includes paper in-class versions and 1:1 Goog

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 3/6: (1835-1877) | 4 Units Distance Learning


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Ancient Rome World History Unit | Full Unit for Roman Empire | Distance Learning
In this Ancient Rome & Roman Empire Unit, you receive 14 highly-engaging, Google 1:1 ready, lessons, and activities that will excite your classroom on your study of Ancient Rome. Since traditional and 1:1 digital versions are included, this unit is ideal for distance learning. This bundle save

Also included in: Greco-Roman Bundle | Ancient Greece Ancient Rome | 30+ Resources | Google Drive


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Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle
Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle (Grades 5-12) A YEAR'S WORTH of activities: over 220 Common-Core aligned interactive reading foldable activities for secondary students. You do not have to use the Common Core State Standards to utilize this bundle! This download includ


Constitution Unit: 16 lessons to teach the US Constitution | Distance Learning
Included in the US Constitution Unit are 16 highly-engaging and Common Core focused lessons that introduce the failure of the Articles of Confederation, the creation of the US Constitution, how Laws are Created, the Bill of Rights, how the Electoral College functions, and much, much more. The US Con

Also included in: American History Super Unit Version 1/6: (1590-1788) 4 Units | Distance Learning


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Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Ancient History Curriculum | Distance Learning
Ancient Civilizations Complete CurriculumThis complete curriculum resource has over 950 pages/slide of material covering The Stone Age | Early Humans | Archaeology, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Israel, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. This resource contains 48


Industrial Revolution Child Labor Story with Questions
Industrial Revolution Child Labor Story with Questions This is a true, short, gripping story about a 10-year-old girl who worked in a factory during the Industrial Revolution and how she met a grim fate due to the factory's horrible working conditions. Students can read this primary source and in

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Civil Rights Movement Road Trip Lesson
This fantastic Civil Rights Movement lesson plan is inspired by the "Freedom Riders". Included are 7 one page readings on major events of the Civil Rights Movement (Brown Vs. The Board of Ed., The Little Rock 9, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, etc) that students read as they travel around the room. As y

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Atlantic Slave Trade: A Student Investigation into the Horrors! Middle Passage!
Atlantic Slave Trade: A Student Investigation into the Horrors! Middle Passage! Google 1:1 Compatible!This Atlantic Slave Trade Investigation is included in the 13 Colonies Unit to save you big! The 13 Colonies Unit!Purchase the bundle and save significantly!------------In this lesson, students are

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Reading History & Social Studies Graphic Organizers 6-12
Common Core Reading History and Social Studies Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 *Newly Updated* This IS included in the following bundles: • Common Core Bundle for Grades 6, 7, 8 • Common Core Bundle for Grades 9-12 Do you need to implement the Common Core Standards into your curriculum? These

Also included in: Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12


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