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Updated to Include Distance Learning Options. Each article sub plan comes in two versions with full answer keys: 1) Easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides for paperless classrooms / distance learning. Don't fear, get
7th - 12th
Get your students moving, building, thinking and collaborating with this fun and intuitive activity. While they are racing against the clock to build the tallest cup tower, you are evaluating their strengths and interpersonal skills. Finish this engaging activity with a feedback session where studen
You can use this set of 75 common core science task cards with ANY Science Informational Text Readings. Simply choose the cards you want to use with any article, reading, or passage from the text. These task cards are aligned with the common core science and technical standards, and will help you
Updated for distance learning. This science article / sub plan comes in two versions (with answer key): 1) easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides for paperless online learning. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides. When we teach science, the important scienti
This complete teaching unit on Cell Division includes everything you need to teach this unit to your life science or biology students. Resources include an 83-slide PowerPoint presentation packed with colorful and interesting photographs and images, teacher notes, printable and digital student note
This complete teaching unit on "Biochemistry: The Chemistry of Life" includes everything you need to teach this unit to your life science or biology students. Many of the resources are available in BOTH printable and digital formats. Resources include an 88-Slide Powerpoint presentation packed wit
This "Introduction to Ecology Complete Unit Plan Bundle" Includes everything you need to teach an introductory unit on ecology to your life science or biology students. The bundle contains an 80-slide PowerPoint presentation with notes, labs, task cards, homework, quizzes, test prep review questions
This guided inquiry activity (printable or digital) involves the student in a study of the growth rate of a rabbit population. The student assumes the role of scientist to determine the birth rate, mortality rate, growth rate, and total population size of the rabbit population over a 20 year period
Use this set of 23 printable or digital graphic organizers with any type of science informational text. These tools provide the student with a clear and concise reading goal. By first reading the questions on the document, the student is provided with a guide or map as they read the informational te
It's all here ... Everything you need to teach a complete unit on photosynthesis to your biology students. Resources are available in BOTH printable and digital formats. This photosynthesis bundle covers topics related to chloroplasts, pigments, leaf anatomy, the light dependent reaction, the light
Save time and energy with this print and digital FORENSIC SCIENCE CURRICULUM bundle! It includes all of the lessons, notes, labs, activities, mock crime scenes, case studies, practices, worksheets, projects, quizzes, review games and exams you need to teach an entire year of FORENSICS. Need a digita
Five of my best-selling complete teaching bundles are included in this one Super-Mega-Bundle! This bundle includes all of the PowerPoints, notes, labs, task cards, homework assignments, review games, quizzes, activities, and unit tests that you need to teach complete and comprehensive units on cell
This activity is a Mitosis and Meiosis Pop Bead Lab Simulation. In this guided activity, students will use chromosome simulation (pop bead) kits to assemble and manipulate chromosomes during both types of cell division. The student handout is 10 pages long. It contains instructions, guided hints
Common Core Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 *UPDATED* Now includes a DIGITAL Google Slides copy for distance or remote learning!This IS included in the following bundles: • Common Core Bundle for Grades 6, 7, 8• Common Core Bundle for Grades 9-12Do you n
This complete teaching unit on "Community Ecology" includes everything you need to teach a unit on community ecology to your life science or biology students. Resources include a Powerpoint presentation packed with colorful and interesting photographs, homework/study guide, 2 labs, a set of task ca
This is a laboratory activity that covers the proper use of 5 basic pieces of lab equipment: The Celsius thermometer, the graduated cylinder, the quadruple (or triple) beam balance, the metric ruler, and the Bunsen burner. Set up in a lab station-style setting, this activity will teach, review, r
Bring the Solar System down to Earth with this activity that scales down the size of the sun and planets as well as the distances between them. An excellent group activity!Easy to follow instructions guide students through a series of mathematical calculations fusing both math and science together
Free Graphing Practice Problem Worksheet. Our science students can never get enough practice on graphing skills and data analysis! I'm talking about the old-fashioned type of "pen and paper" graphing practice that students need in order to understand the relationship between independent and depend
Students use living organisms (yeasts) to explore and learn about the characteristics that are shared by all living things. This lab can be used to introduce the topic of living things and their characteristics, or can be used as review and reinforcement after the topic has been taught. What will
Lab for Physical Science or Chemistry Students in Grades 9-12Lab: How Big is a Mole?Give your students the extra practice they need to master the mole concept and conversion problems that involve moles and molecules.Matter can be measured in several ways. You might count how many of something you
Scientific Writing Activity - Great for Common Core Writing LessonsCan your students write a clear and concise laboratory procedure?A key component of the scientific method is the recording and publishing of results. In his/her publication, a scientist must give the procedural steps used to perform
Why are cells so small? Why don't cells grow to larger sizes? What determines how big a cell can get? These questions are asked and answered in this activity. These practice problems and critical thinking questions emphasis the importance of the surface area to volume ratio in cells. Choose to
An Aquatic Apocalypse: A Problem-based "Solutions Chemistry" Unit (PBL) for High School ChemistrySummary:Millions of fish are dead along a stretch of the White River that passes through Indiana. So what happened? This problem-based unit asks students to complete a series of experiments to determine
Do your students need hands on practice with blood types, blood spatter analysis, and using evidence to draw conclusions? Bring CSI to life with this best selling activity that connects literacy and science in a fun, engaging way!!!These forensics activities will take 1-5 class periods, depending o

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