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Teach your students how to cite their sources! Newly updated to include MLA 9th edition. This has also been updated for distance learning! Everything is included in an easy-to-use Google Slides document that can be shared digitally with students on a platform such as Google Classroom.MLA style and format for citations includes teaching instructions, practice exercises, interactive notebook flipbook, and many examples. The citations are those your students use the most. I wrote guidelines and exa
Updated to Include Distance Learning Options. Each article sub plan comes in two versions with full answer keys: 1) Easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides for paperless classrooms / distance learning. Don't fear, get your emergency secondary science sub plans right here! This bundle contains 52 SCIENCE ARTICLES with questions and full answer keys at 44% OFF the price of them separately. A whole year's worth of s
7th - 12th
You can use this set of 75 common core science task cards with ANY Science Informational Text Readings. Simply choose the cards you want to use with any article, reading, or passage from the text. These task cards are aligned with the common core science and technical standards, and will help your students learn how to read scientific reading passages.This set of 75 informational science task cards is suitable for all science students in grades 6-12.Task cards are a fantastic way to reinforce
Updated for distance learning. This science article / sub plan comes in two versions (with answer key): 1) easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides for paperless online learning. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides. When we teach science, the important scientific figures behind the science are only mentioned in a cursory way. My Great Minds in Science Series of 19 ARTICLES functions to enliven and deepen the understanding of the people behind the discoveri
Use this set of 23 printable or digital graphic organizers with any type of science informational text. These tools provide the student with a clear and concise reading goal. By first reading the questions on the document, the student is provided with a guide or map as they read the informational text passage. These graphic organizers help the student to know what to look for as they are reading. These reading guides provide a fantastic way to reinforce lessons, review difficult concepts, or pro
Updated in 2020 as a distance learning WebQuest in Google Slides (and still in PDF) while the debate continues (killer whales continue to be sold worldwide in worse-than-ever conditions, plus think about the other marine mammals). Authentic, relevant, in-depth argument examination! Truly delves into both sides of this hotly debated issue by examining and analyzing multiple primary sources.Step-by-Step guided activity leads students to read and analyze claims, counterclaims, and evidence presente
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Common Core Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 *UPDATED* Now includes a DIGITAL Google Slides copy for distance or remote learning!This IS included in the following bundles: • Common Core Bundle for Grades 6, 7, 8• Common Core Bundle for Grades 9-12Do you need to implement the Common Core Standards into your curriculum? These graphic organizers are written for each individual standard for Reading in Science and Technical Subjects (RST) grades 6-8, 9-10,
Save time and valuable energy with this HUGE bundle of Introduction to Forensics resources. This resource is just what you need to teach an engaging and student-led Forensics course to your high school or middle school students. This no-prep resource is complete with everything that you'll need to teach a 10 week Introduction to Forensics unit, whether it's in the classroom or online! Because it's all-inclusive, this resource is especially useful to teachers that are just starting a Forensics co
Common Core Aligned Organizers and Activities BUNDLE for Grades 9-12: Essential graphic organizers, forms, rubrics, and checklists to use with any high school text. This bundle contains the following individual products (in their entirety): READING: Common Core Standards Graphic Organizers for Reading Grades 11-12 (Updated!) Common Core Standards Graphic Organizers for ELA Reading Grades 9-10 *Newly Updated Jan. 2014 - 50 organizers added!* Common Core Standards Reading Graphic Organizers f
Arson or Accident? A Problem-based "Thermochemistry and Stoichiometry" Unit (PBL) for High School ChemistryStory: Cameron Todd Willingham was put on trial for a 1991 house fire that killed his three children. He was found guilty and executed in 2004. While the evidence and testimony presented at his trial seemed to point toward his guilt, as the date of his execution grew near, it became clear that the evidence his conviction was based on was not scientifically sound. Students will use principle
A man has been found dead outside a cabin in the woods. Students will analyze the emission spectra of chemical elements to help identify unknown substances found at the cabin. They will then use their results to infer whether a crime took place. (Fictional case)Objective: - Describe the mathematical relationships between energy, frequency, and wavelength of light using the electromagnetic spectrum.Note: This product is also part of a BUNDLE found here.Copyright © E. Stubbe (The Wasp Whisperer
This HIV / AIDS mini unit is an essential part to any Sex Ed. (Human Sexuality) area of your class. After this unit, your students will know HIV transmits from person to person and how it doesn’t- so they can ditch all myths and fears while also learning about prevention!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Included here is:*Slideshow on HIV (20+ slides) *Slideshow notes for students to follow-along*4 ACTIVITIES (*digital options i
Civil Rights Speech Worksheet for John F. Kennedy This primary source worksheet features President Kennedy's amazing June 11, 1963 speech on civil rights. The crisis in Alabama over desegregation led Kennedy to issue an appeal to the consciences of Americans to support a bold civil rights bill that addressed injustices facing African Americans. Following the 2 page speech, a set of questions has students analyze President Kennedy's words in context of the Civil Rights Movement. An answer key f
Vaping lesson for Health Class:Vaping using E-Cigarettes or Juuls has become the latest smoking craze among teens. The dangers and side effects are becoming more obvious to experts and users as more health issues are uncovered and deaths occur. Here you will find NEW information on Vaping, associated health risks, marketing ploys, and overall negative impacts on students and adults today. Your students will have so much fun with this activity- and best of all, it requires NOTHING on your part.
This is a polished, graphic, new, single page 2013 PDF for critical thinking analysis of a 2009 Psychology Today article on the function(s) of daydreaming in our lives, its benefits, and much more! These questions could be addressed individually by students, in small collaborative groups, or as a whole group Q and A discussion to inspire problem-solving and critical thinking on a timely, hot topic in contemporary Psych/consciousness studies. I have found this to be a highly thought-provoking an
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Save time and valuable energy with this HUGE bundle of FORENSIC EVIDENCE resources. This bundle is the 2nd unit of my full year Forensics Curriculum and is designed to be followed by my Unit 1 Bundle: Intro to Forensics, but is the perfect supplement to any Forensics curriculum.This resource is just what you need to teach an engaging and student-led Forensics course to your students. It includes everything that you'll need to teach a 10 week Forensic Evidence unit. Because it's all-inclusive, t
Are you ready to take your forensic science classroom to the next level? If you are looking for an amazing, hands-on arson project and you are brave enough to let out the inner arsonist in your students, this Forensic Arson PBL experience is for you.This is the project that my students look forward to all year long. They have the opportunity to become the arsonist to create a crime scene and then put their CSI knowledge to the test as they analyze another crime scene created by their peers. T
This zip file contains 9 different documents/materials which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to evolution. Evidences for evolution, natural selection, examples of evolution in modern times, introduction to cladograms and the heterotroph hypothesis are among the major topics in the materials in this zip file. A specific listing of the learning goals addressed by the components of this zip file appears later in this description. Documents have been provided
This is a polished, graphic, new, single page 2013 PDF for critical thinking analysis of a 1998 article in Scientific American on the arguments and science behind left vs. right brain or brain lateralization. The question set could be addressed individually by students, in small collaborative groups, or as a whole group Q and A discussion to inspire problem-solving and critical thinking on a timely, hot topic in contemporary Psych/brain studies. I have found this to be a highly thought-provokin
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Polished, graphic, 2-page 2014 PDF! Focuses on student reading and critical analysis of a hot Child Development / Psychology topic: genetics testing -- especially pre-natal genetics testing. From the preview, you may note details on the Human Genome Project as well as relevant dates in the last twenty+ years indicating advancements and legal determinations in regard to such genetic testing. The PDF invites students to work as a whole class as well as an invvitation to partner work, diagramming t
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
With shows like "The Walking Dead" and others, students are interested in how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. One thing they will need is an improvised water filter to clean dirty water. This type of water filter was seen in a episode of "The Walking Dead". It's also featured in survival shows. You will need plastic water bottles, sand, gravel, coffee filters, marbles, and any other medium you think can be used to filter water. I do NOT recommend using charcoal or ash, because when wet they ar
This is a great webquest activity for introducing the law of conservation of is a great source of simulations for all fields of math and science. For this sim you will go to Energy Skate Park BASIC.You should spend some time playing around with the site before using it. You must also make sure your school's firewall will allow you to use HTML5 or Java applets. PHET.EDU MAY NOT WORK ON iPad!!! Please check with your IT department or run BEFORE purchasing this file!!! You
This zip file contains 22 different activities (72 different pages of student handouts) which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to basic concepts in ecology. The word documents and PowerPoint included may be easily modified to fit the needs of your course. These documents are well suited for use in distance learning environments.Specifically the zip file contains the following items:Marzano self assessment scale for students specific to this unit Cloze comp
This zip file contains many different activities (55 pages of student handouts and 1 PowerPoint with a total of 42 slides) which can be used to compose a unit for AP Biology or advanced Biology students involving aspects of population ecology. Topics in this unit include population density, patterns of dispersion, r V k-selection, factors influencing population growth, age structure, survivorship curves, carrying capacity, limiting factors, density dependent and density independent factors, expo
11th - 12th, Higher Education

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