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MLA Style & Format 8th Edition: Citations, Instructions, Practice, Examples
Teach your students how to cite their sources! Newly updated to include MLA 8th edition (7th edition is also included). MLA style and format for citations includes teaching instructions, practice exercises, interactive notebook flip book, and many examples. The citations are those your students use

Also included in: Writing Resources Bundle Argument Expository Narrative Journalism


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Science Sub Plans - 52 Articles MEGA BUNDLE (Google Slides & PDFs)
Updated to Include Distance Learning Options. Each article sub plan comes in two versions with full answer keys: 1) Easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides for paperless classrooms / distance learning. Don't fear, get


Science Reading Task Cards
You can use this set of 75 common core science task cards with ANY Science Informational Text Readings. Simply choose the cards you want to use with any article, reading, or passage from the text. These task cards are aligned with the common core science and technical standards, and will help you

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Great Minds in Science - 19 Science Sub Plans BUNDLE (Google Slides & PDFs)
Updated for distance learning. This science article / sub plan comes in two versions (with answer key): 1) easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides for paperless online learning. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides. When we teach science, the important scienti


Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers 6-12
Common Core Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 This IS included in the following bundles: • Common Core Bundle for Grades 6, 7, 8 • Common Core Bundle for Grades 9-12 Do you need to implement the Common Core Standards into your curriculum? These graphic o

Also included in: Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12


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Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12
Common Core Aligned Organizers and Activities BUNDLE for Grades 9-12: Essential graphic organizers, forms, rubrics, and checklists to use with any high school text. This bundle contains the following individual products (in their entirety): READING: Common Core Standards Graphic Organizers for Re


President Kennedy's Civil Rights Speech Worksheet
Civil Rights Speech Worksheet for John F. Kennedy This primary source worksheet features President Kennedy's amazing June 11, 1963 speech on civil rights. The crisis in Alabama over desegregation led Kennedy to issue an appeal to the consciences of Americans to support a bold civil rights bill that

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Vaping Lessons: NEW laws, bans & associated deaths- Juuls, Pods and E-Cigarettes
Vaping using E-Cigarettes or Juuls has become the latest smoking craze among teens. The dangers and side effects are becoming more obvious to experts and users as more health issues are uncovered and deaths occur. Here you will find NEW information on Vaping, associated health risks, marketing ploy

Also included in: VAPING LESSONS- Full Bundle for Distance Learning: E-Cigarettes + JUULs


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HIV & AIDS Lesson: Class Activities, Notes, & Assessments- Health Sex Ed.
This HIV unit is an essential part to any Sex Ed. (Human Sexuality) area of your class. After this unit, your students will be experts in EXACTLY how HIV transmits from person to person and how it doesn’t. See all unit topics below!Included here is:*2 class notes activities (includes basic info on

Also included in: Sex Ed. Lessons BUNDLE: 4 WEEKS! STDs, HIV, Reproduction, Pregnancy, Abstinence


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Arson or Accident: "Thermochemistry and Stoichiometry" Unit (PBL) with Distance
Arson or Accident? A Problem-based "Thermochemistry and Stoichiometry" Unit (PBL) for High School ChemistryStory: Cameron Todd Willingham was put on trial for a 1991 house fire that killed his three children. He was found guilty and executed in 2004. While the evidence and testimony presented at his

Also included in: High School Chemistry: Case Files (PBL) BUNDLE


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Evolution Lesson Activities
This zip file contains 9 different documents/materials which can be used to compose a unit for biology students introducing them to evolution. Evidences for evolution, natural selection, examples of evolution in modern times, introduction to cladograms and the heterotroph hypothesis are among the

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Psychology: Split Brain Theory ~ Informational Text Critical Thinking Activity
This is a polished, graphic, new, single page 2013 PDF for critical thinking analysis of a 1998 article in Scientific American on the arguments and science behind left vs. right brain or brain lateralization. The question set could be addressed individually by students, in small collaborative groups

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Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Water Filter Lab set Distance Learning
With shows like "The Walking Dead" and others, students are interested in how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. One thing they will need is a easy to make water filter to clean dirty water. This type of water filter was seen in a recent episode of "The Walking Dead". You will need plastic water bott

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Psychology Today Critical Thinking ~ Happiness Common Core Info. Text Analysis
This is a polished, newly updated 2013 PDF of a 5-page article originally published in the March 2006 edition of Psychology Today, followed by original, critical-thinking and text-based informational reading questions for students: you may use the questions to stimulate dialogue and further problem-

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Psychology: Personality Theory PPT ~ Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, Humanism
Introductory PowerPoint for a Personality unit in Psychology course. Highly detailed, graphic and accurate 49-slide 2013 presentation and introduction to the following seven theories on personality development: Freudian Psychoanalytic theory; Behaviorism; Humanism; Trait Theory; BioPsychological the

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Freud's Ego Defense Mechanisms: Guided Notes ~ Psychoanalysis
This is a detailed, graphic, brand new 2013 PDF document to be utilized in any Psychology course in which you present a unit on Psychoanalytic theory, and wish to hone in on Freudian ego defense mechanisms (Psych I, II, or AP Psychology). The activity could take a full class period, depending on how

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Circulatory System and Blood Typing lab (no blood required!) Distance Learning
If you are teaching your students about the circulatory system, this is a great unit for you. This blood type lab is safe to use in all schools, because it uses colored water instead of blood. This way you do not have to deal with blood and lances like traditional medical lessons.This also includes

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Nature of Science: Tunguska Explosion of 1908 {Common Core Close Reading}
Objective: Students will form hypotheses and create an experiment based on the evidence provided relating to the Tunguska Explosion in 1908. The students will submit their background information, theory about what occurred in Tunguska, examples to support their theory, and outlined experiment to be

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David Gallo Shows Underwater Astonishments: Viewing Guide
This short TED Talk video of only five minutes shows the amazing and beautiful array of sea animals living in the deep sea. Dr. David Gallo's engaging talk features the incredible camouflage techniques of cephalopods, like the octopus and the squid. This viewing guide contains ten questions, an ans

Also included in: STEM Topics Viewing Guide Bundle


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Close & Critical Common Core Reading Strategy~All Subjects Informational Text
This is an incredibly effective, polished and research-driven method of assessing your students' understanding and higher level application + analysis of their reading -- particularly with informational texts. This reading rubric can be utilized in any secondary classroom regardless of subject matte

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Career Research Activity
This activity is to get the ideas flowing for your students towards choosing a career. I have used this with my vocational students to help them look at other careers too. I have found when students truly research a career they find out they might not want to pursue that career or find its what th

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Earthquake building Lab Distance Learning
This is a lab that uses small USPS flat rate boxes to model buildings in a earthquake zone. Your students then modify their building to withstand a greater magnitude earthquake. You can expand this into a building project like the toothpick bridge, or add force meters or a seismograph to measure the

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Distance Learning, 8-12th Grade "Earth’s Climate Change" for Traditional Student
This educational resource pack includes:• A reader called “Earth’s Climate Change.” • Fill in the Blanks Tests with Answers Key; • Handy Links about Climate Change (Articles, Books, Videos); • Climate Change Word Searches (5 of them); • Common Core: ELAS.R.IT.1-10 Re: Climate Change! Etc.; • Clip A

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Tragedy of the Commons: Goldfish Crackers
This is a lab for Advance Placement Environmental Science or an elective Environmental Science or College Environmental Science. This lab explores the concept of Tragedy of the Commons using Goldfish Crackers. The game is played twice: once with no fishing restrictions, and once with a treaty that

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