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Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle
Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle (Grades 5-12) A YEAR'S WORTH of activities: over 220 Common-Core aligned interactive reading foldable activities for secondary students. You do not have to use the Common Core State Standards to utilize this bundle! This download includ


Science Sub Plans - 52 Articles MEGA BUNDLE (Google Slides & PDFs)
Updated to Include Distance Learning Options. Each article sub plan comes in two versions with full answer keys: 1) Easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides for paperless classrooms / distance learning. Don't fear, get


Scientific Method Independent & Dependent Variables &Questions Distance Learning
Need an activity to illustrate experimental design? This one is AWESOME!Explore the fundamentals of setting up a scientific study: independent variable, dependent variable, control variables, and articulating the question that will guide your study.Students arrange variables on their “shuffleboard”

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Science Reading Task Cards
You can use this set of 75 common core science task cards with ANY Science Informational Text Readings. Simply choose the cards you want to use with any article, reading, or passage from the text. These task cards are aligned with the common core science and technical standards, and will help you

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Interactive Reading Notebook Nonfiction Activities Common Core Aligned
105 Common Core-aligned interactive nonfiction reading notebook foldable activities for secondary students (grades 6-12). These can be used with ANY nonfiction text (passages not included). This IS included in my Interactive Reading Notebook Mega Bundle. Students will practice numerous skills, inclu

Also included in: Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle


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The Diary of Anne Frank Novel Study and Project Menu
No-Prep novel study for the bestselling "Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl", a standards based interactive notebook literature guide with follow-up reading response questions for every entry as well as vocabulary, writing projects, activities and enrichment projects. Teacher friendly engaging le

Also included in: World War II Novel Study Bundle, Seven Complete WWII Literature Units!


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Common Core Bundle Grades 6 to 8 Science and Technical Subjects
The Common Core Bundle for Grades 6-8Science and Technical SubjectsAlmost all states have adopted the Common Core Standards, and we teachers are expected to implement these standards into our classrooms. For science teachers, this means that we must provide instruction in the reading of information

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Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers 6-12
Common Core Reading Science & Technical Subjects Graphic Organizers for Grades 6-12 This IS included in the following bundles: • Common Core Bundle for Grades 6, 7, 8 • Common Core Bundle for Grades 9-12 Do you need to implement the Common Core Standards into your curriculum? These graphic o

Also included in: Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 9-12


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Reading Organizers & Activities BUNDLE Grades 6, 7, 8
Common Core Organizers & Activities BUNDLE for Grades 6, 7, 8 This bundle contains the following individual products (in their entirety): READING: Common Core Reading (Literature and Informational Texts) Activities and Graphic Organizers for Any Text Grades 6, 7, 8 *Newly Updated with 50 add


High-Interest Informational Texts & Tasks II - Print OR Google Distance Learning
MORE HIGH-INTEREST passages middle school kids love! How can they possibly love them, you ask? Easy! Just like in Volume I, these passages are far more interesting and relevant to their everyday lives than most other passages are. Kids keep reporting they LOVE the texts! And they get the chance to p

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DNA Informational Text | Printable and Digital Distance Learning
This free DNA Informational Text reading is based on Watson and Crick's famous one-page article published in 1953 in Nature magazine, announcing their discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule. It comes with graphic organizers to help your students read and understand this classic scientific p

Also included in: DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis Bundle: PowerPoint, Labs, Review Games, Study Guide


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Atoms atomic structure PWPT foldable Interactive Notebook 4 5 6 7 8th jr high
This lesson includes a 35 slide PowerPoint covering atomic structure, atoms, protons, electrons, neutrons, subatomic particles, (basic chemistry), two student foldables, foldable instructions, links to many additional resources (including a free app), downloadable fonts, embedded video, and video wr

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Interactive Notebook Bundle with Science Class Learning Tools
A great pack to get your Science Classroom going! Helpful ideas and printables for setting up your classroom and fun activities to engage your students in learning!! Aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

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Distance Learning Periodic table webquest metal metalloid nonmetal TX TEKS
This webquest covers the periodic table and its development by Dimitri Mendeleev, elements, how to read individual listings of elements on the table, periods, groups, metals and their physical properties, nonmetals and their physical properties, metalloids, and chemical families. This engaging less

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NGSS Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Growing Bundle Distance Learning Google
Save 50% by buying this bundle! Students learn about a variety of science topics through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizers. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understandi


Middle School Science - Posters, Printables, Back to School Ideas
The perfect package for someone setting up their science room or someone looking to add some new activities and posters to their classroom. Science safety contract Science room scavenger hunt The Science of Summer Draw a Scientist Science Exit Slips Science Vocabulary (I use these for Win, Lose

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Physical Properties of Matter Words to Describe Them Card Sort & Who Am I Lab
An excellent science literacy and mystery matter lab activity for identifying physical properties of matter! Once both parts are assembled, you may use this activity for years to come. Only four student answer worksheets need printing after that. Crosscutting concepts: structure & function.Two

Also included in: Physical and Chemical Properties & Writing Word Equations for Chemical Reactions


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Distance Learning NGSS Common Core Claim Evidence Reasoning Graphic Organizers
Students learn about a variety of science topics through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizers. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understanding of concepts. The students fig

Also included in: Integrated NGSS Middle School Science MEGA Bundle Full Year Distance Learning


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Science Article Response Worksheets
Build science literacy in your classroom by reading science articles and responding to them in a variety of ways! This pack contains 9 different response types, which each come in 3 formats: ★ Interactive Notebook - Students can paste these instructions in their notebook to use again and again ★ Bi

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Complete Essential Facts for VA SOL Civics & Economics
This product includes EVERYTHING students must know for the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) Test. Essential Facts are the most EFFECTIVE study tool for students preparing for their standardized testing. I know this from experience and in the past 5 years I have personally improved my schools Ci

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Solar Oven Project! Critical Thinking Project Using Design Cycle!
This is a science project that I created for my 7th grade IB Science class and students absolutely LOVE it! It is typically one of their favorite memories of the year and it allows to them to use their creative and innovative skills to solve a real-world problem with peers. This item comes with a po

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Integrated Unit on Africa: The Land, the People, the Animals
This unit introduces students to three unique peoples of Africa: the Gabbra people of the Chalbi Desert in Kenya, the Masai people of the savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, and the Mbuti people from the rain forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Students will learn how geography and ecosystems b

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Emergency Sub Plan: Biodiversity
This sub plan includes everything you need for your sub.  You can print and go that morning. This plan relies on YouTube videos to teach the lesson, if you do not have access to YouTube these lessons will not work. There are information pages: note to the teacher (overview of the lesson) standards

Also included in: Biology Sub Plans


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Earth/Space Complete Unit VI "Climate"
This unit on "Climate" aligns with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS):"STANDARD 7 - The EarthThe competent science teacher understands the dynamic nature of the Earth and recognizes that its features and structures result from natural processes.Knowledge Indicators - The competent science teache

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