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Reading Comprehension Bookmarks with Questions and Sentence Frames
Need a simple-to-use tool to help your students remember the reading comprehension skills and strategies they need to succeed? These 24 reading bookmarks will help students practice reading strategies and skills with questions and sentence frames. Use the reading bookmarks as strategy references or

Also included in: Reading Comprehension Bookmarks - English & Spanish BUNDLE


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Discussion Starters for Class Meetings | Journals | Writing
Use these discussion starters as part of morning meeting, a writing center, work on writing, partner work, morning work, or as writing prompts.Included are 108 discussion starters, as well as 9 blank cards that you can use to create your own. There are 9 prompts per page in black and white which mak

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3rd Grade Assessments - Reading Comprehension Google Classroom Distance Learning
These are COMPLETE 400+ pages of Assessments and Teaching Notes for ALL English Language Arts Standards for 3rd Grade. These will cover your entire year! Reading comprehension (literature and informational), writing, language/grammar, fluency, speaking and listening are all included.Use them for mor

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Quadrilateral City - Third Grade Geometry Math Project for Google Classroom
Bring your geometry unit to life with this project based learning (PBL) experience. This project is designed to help your third grade students apply their knowledge about the properties of quadrilaterals through a simulation project. ******************************************************************

Also included in: Math Project Based Learning (PBL) Bundle for 2nd & 3rd Grade


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Articulation Cards Bundle | Speech Therapy Distance Learning
The ONLY articulation cards you will ever need! Over 1,000 in color AND black/white. Move through picture, word, phrase, sentence and sound loaded sentences all on one articulation card! Data tracking included for progress monitoring. Options to use as a full sheet printable.**Can be used in Speech


Place Value In The Wild - Math Project | Google Classroom & Distance Learning
Bring your place value unit to life with this project based learning (PBL) experience. This project is designed to help your students apply their knowledge about standard form, expanded form, word form, comparing numbers, and ordering numbers through a simulation project that incorporates informatio

Also included in: Math Project Based Learning (PBL) Bundle for 2nd & 3rd Grade


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Think Talk Teach Daily Discussion and Oral Language for Little Learners
Oral language is the foundation to which students learn! Speaking and listening skills and standards are often not given enough priority within the classroom, and yet your students’ communication abilities are a vitally important component of their success in this world. This pack helps you intentio

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R Articulation For Speech Therapy
Comprehensive and systematic Vocalic R teaching & elicitation activities using the coarticulation method has been extremely beneficial in my speech therapy room. Coarticulation is especially effective with motor-based speech disorders like Apraxia. This resource offers multiple opportunities to

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Literature Circle Binder for ANY Grade!
This literature circle binder is the perfect way to engage your students in deeper level thinking about a text! This binder can be used with ANY GRADE LEVEL! WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW I USE THIS BINDER IN MY CLASSROOM * PLEASE SEE THE PREVIEW FOR A CLOSER LOOK AT THIS PRODUCT! * This binder inc

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Figurative Language
Figurative Language: 62 pages - this Common Core aligned pack is filled with fun activities that your students will enjoy. This will help your students learn the 8 common types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, oxymoron, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, hyperbole and idioms throu

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Shiloh Novel Unit | Google Classroom Compatible | Distance Learning
Overview: This novel unit for Shiloh comes complete with a detailed teacher guide, anchor slides, student activities (printable and digital), a bulletin board set, and response activities.***NEED TO USE THIS UNIT FOR DISTANCE LEARNING? Check out this video tutorial to see how!-----------------------

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Monthly Discussion Starters {The Bundle}
Using discussion starters is a great way to incorporate speaking and listening standards while helping building a community of learners in your classroom.What are discussion starters?Discussion starters cards that contain a question, thought, or task for students to think about, and respond to. Ther


PERSONAL SPACE BEHAVIORS | Differentiated Activities and Stories |  For K-5th
Personal Space is a very important Social Skill for children in elementary school to learn, practice and grow. A good understanding of Personal Space will help your students have better social relationships, make and maintain friendships.Understanding and keeping good personal space helps children t

Also included in: Friendship Behaviors MEGA BUNDLE || Differentiated Activities For K-5th Grade


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Student-Led Conferences for BIG KIDS Bundle: Grades 4-8
Are you worn out of the same old parent-teacher conference format? Are you looking for a way to make your students more accountable learners in your classroom? Are you looking for positive ways to bring parents into your classroom? This Student-Led Conference Bundle for the Middle Grades is the con

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PERSPECTIVE TAKING || Understanding Social Scenarios || Differentiated For K-5th
PERSPECTIVE TAKING is a very important and complex social skill for children to learn. These 4 differentiated SOCIAL SCENARIO activities will help children who struggle to understand the importance of considering other's perspectives. With these activities, children will practice perspective taking



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Figurative Language Task Cards
Figurative Language - 17 pages - Help your students learn the 8 common types of figurative language: simile, metaphor, oxymoron, personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, hyperbole and idioms through these engaging task cards. Includes: 36 Task Cards Recording Sheets Answer Key Common Core Stand

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Literature Circles BUNDLE
This Literature Circle Bundle includes all of our individual literature circle materials at a discounted price. These work well with novel studies, read aloud, or other books that you're reading too. You'll get fun activities or mini-projects, an engaging game that incorporates reading strategies an


Upper Elementary Morning Meeting Slides | Google Slides | Distance Learning
Do you enjoy the benefits of morning meeting but dread the prep and planning that go into it? Is your morning meeting routine getting stale? This electronic morning meeting product is pre-planned so you have 40 weeks of morning meeting right at your fingertips! Almost ZERO prep, and the messages are

Also included in: Morning Meeting + Afternoon Meeting Bundle for Upper Elementary


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Make Smart Choices Game... Perfect for management , rules & social skills
I'd highly recommend this resource to every K-3 teacher looking for an interactive, super engaging way to get their kids thinking about making SMART choices! My students always LOVE this game and beg for more questions. **************************** ALL THE INTERESTING DETAILS This game presents

Also included in: The Ultimate Back to School Bundle... The Get Set for Kindergarten Kit!


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Multisyllabic Words Speech Therapy Articulation Game
Multisyllabic Words (speech therapy, special education, ESL, etc.) - teach and practice! These Articulation Multisyllabic Words Task Cards target 2, 3, and 4- syllable words in both words and sentences in a fun and engaging way! Multi-syllabic words can be challenging for children with articulation

Also included in: 17 Articulation Speech Therapy Games - R, S, L, TH, Multisyllabic Words & more!


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LISP Speech Therapy | S Articulation
Initial S elicitation and remediation using the co-articulation method has been extremely beneficial in my speech therapy room. This resource offers multiple opportunities to shape initial S from a well established final T sound. The slide-and-say strategy is engaging in a variety of formats from si

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Social Skills Game/Activity- Frog Themed
Do you need a fun and engaging game to target social skills that includes target cards for feelings, social situations and manners? Your students will enjoy playing this frog themed game while they sharpen their skills of vital social skills needed to be successful in school.Game Contents/How to pla

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Biography Research Writing and Wax Museum Project
Bring history to life in your classroom! This product will walk your students step by step through the research and writing process to help them write a biography. It also has resources for a Biography Wax Museum culminating activity. In this resource you will find:• Writing Process Checklist: A che

Also included in: Biography Research Writing Bundle


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Tongue Thrust:Exercises & Activities
Revised 2019. Tongue Thrust Exercises and Activities contains effective exercises to do with your student who tongue thrusts in speech therapy (myofunctional therapy). Resource of 46 engaging and useful activities to improve dissociation of tongue, lips, cheeks and jaw, and help your student keep h

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