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Writing a Research Paper Unit Project & Portfolio: Grades 8-12 EDITABLE

This research writing unit and portfolio has everything you need to teach the research process in an organized and engaging way! Your students will strengthen their reading, writing, and researching skills throughout the research project.This comprehensive portfolio will help your students master the research writing process in 6 steps-- indicated by organized tabs (topic selection, research, annotated bibliography, research outline, the writing process, and reflection).This resource was updated

THE GREAT GATSBY Unit Plan: Quizzes, Discussion Questions, Worksheets, & Writing

UPDATED FOR 2022-2023: Rigorous! Thought-provoking! Discussion-based! This 240-page MEGA-UNIT on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby promises to elicit dynamic engagement from all students without compromising on intellectual rigor. The pre-reading slideshow, daily quizzes, discussion questions, close-reading exercises, creative writing assignment, and analytical writing assignment will challenge your students to dig beneath the surface of the text and generate profound interpretive insights.

FRANKENSTEIN Unit Plan: Quizzes, Discussion Questions, Worksheets, & Writing

NEW IN 2020: Rigorous! Thought-provoking! Discussion-based! This 100-page EDITABLE curriculum has everything you'll need for profoundly stimulating lessons on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! Invite your class to engage in student-driven discussions without compromising on intellectual rigor. The pre-reading handouts, discussion questions, daily quizzes, and analytical writing assignments will challenge your students to dig beneath the surface of the text and generate profound interpretive insights!

How to Write Email, Email Etiquette, PDF & Google Drive, Distance Learning, CCSS

Created by
Laura Randazzo
Teach your students proper email etiquette – or "email netiquette" – with this 45-minute "How to Email" lesson that includes a high-interest introductory lecture and two fun real-world writing activities.First, present the right and wrong way to build an email message with a dynamic 15-slide lecture (Prezi, PDF, and Google Slides versions included). Then, assign students to evaluate four sample emails sent by high school students seeking a summer internship. Finally, have students work individua

The Ultimate Literary Analysis Essay Guide: 20 Mini-lessons for Success

Created by
Bespoke ELA
In this book, I have compiled 20 mini-lessons that take students through the entire writing process, step-by-step, from reading samples, to brainstorming, to drafting, to editing and revising, and to reflecting. This book bundle of lesson reflects lessons that I've developed throughout my teaching career. I have worked hard to construct a bundle that is practical and easy to follow for both teachers and students. In fact, these lessons are built so that they are reproducible for teachers. Yo

CATCHER IN THE RYE Unit Plan: Discussion Prompts, Worksheets, Quizzes, & Writing

NEW IN 2021: Rigorous! Thought-provoking! Discussion-based! This 200-page EDITABLE curriculum has everything you'll need to deliver profoundly stimulating lessons on J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye!! Invite your class to engage in student-driven discussions without compromising on intellectual rigor. The discussion questions, daily quizzes, literary device exercises, creative writing assignment, and analytical writing assignment will challenge your students to dig beneath the surface of

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Activity: Primary Source Analysis and Questions

Created by
Mister Harms
The Declaration of Independence can be a daunting document for teachers to explain to students, but this primary source lesson will help students understand the major themes and concepts within the document itself. Though Thomas Jefferson's Declaration was written in the 18th century, this worksheet has proven to be a fantastic, big-picture way for today's students to study such an important writing without becoming overwhelmed. The Declaration is really just a big "break-up letter" from the co

Book Trailer Project - End of Year Movie Trailer Assignment for Any Novel Study

This book trailer project is a memorable end of the year assessment.  Included with this end of the year project is a book trailer rubric and movie trailer instructions and examples to outline expectations for your students. Included with this Book Trailer Project:✏️  Book Trailer Project Outline - Digital & Print✏️  Reflective Writing Assignment Prompt - Digital & Print✏️  Movie Trailer Task Checklist & Student Planner - Digital & Print✏️  Peer- and Self-Evaluation Rubric - Digi

Trevor Noah's Born A Crime Engaging Novel Study Unit Bundle - Distance Learning

300+ pages of print and digital resources to make teaching Born A Crime meaningful, engaging, and low prep. This unit is the one-stop shop for teaching Born A Crime. It has everything you need and more! This novel study unit is based on the original version of Born A Crime. If you are looking for an engaging and discounted novel study unit for the Adapted for Young Readers version of Born A Crime, ★ Check out this resource here! ★Engage your students in Trevor Noah's popular novel Born A Crime t

Argument and Rhetorical Analysis Games for Secondary ELA

Created by
Bespoke ELA
This bundle of argument and rhetoric games for secondary ELA contains SEVEN unique games that target the skills of argumentation in a fun and high-interest format.The games included in this bundle are:Rhetorical Devices BINGO GameIn this game, students fill out BINGO cards with rhetorical devices, and they have to identify devices used in quotations read by the teacher. Five in row WINS the round! This game tests students' ability to identify rhetorical devices in texts.Would You Rather? Card

Legislative Branch Activity: Classroom Simulation on How a Bill Becomes a Law

Created by
Mister Harms
Make civics practical and exciting for students using this Social Studies simulation that allows students to experience the Legislative Branch! Students will participate in writing bills for their school, community, or state while learning the various stages within the lawmaking process. All voices are heard as students become members of Congress, participate in committees, debate on the floor, and watch their President sign the bills that survive the entire process. Not only do students love

COLLEGE ESSAY Writing Unit: Personal Narrative Advice, Examples, & Assignment

Updated for the 2022-2023 Common App: This 30-page EDITABLE curriculum has everything you'll need to help your students write phenomenal college application essays. Here are some highlights from the 30-page curriculum: • How to Get Started (Handout #1): Tips for how to get started on one's college essay and overcome writer's block. (1 page)• Strategies for Crafting Vivid & Lively Prose (Handout #2): While the question of what students choose to write about will be important, the question of

WHY STUDY HISTORY | Back to School Activity | First Day of Class Discussion

Created by
Mister Harms
Why do we study history anyway? This back to school activity is a must have for any history or social studies class! Start the first day of school (or the first lesson of any history class) with “WHY” because students always want to know why? Why am I learning about history? Why do we have to study this stuff anyway? When am I ever going to use this in life? Isn’t history about a "bunch of old dead people" and things that have already happened? **Major necessary upgrades have been made to ma

Compare Contrast Essay Writing Unit - Digital & Print!

Created by
The Cheat Sheet
This resource contains everything you need in order to teach the compare contrast essay! Tailored towards a literary analysis of two (or more!) texts, this resource is perfect for high school teachers, particularly grades 9-11, or advanced grade 8 classes.The resources in this product are designed to walk students through the process of writing a compare contrast essay for two literary texts (poem, short story, novel, article, film, etc.). It also contains general templates for the purpose of co

Intro to Poetry Complete Unit - AP Lit Unit 2 Poetry I

Created by
Lit and More
This bundle has been overhauled to represent the 2019 changes to the AP English Literature course description and meets the AP Lit ® Skills for Unit 2 (Poetry 1). This bundle includes all of the materials you would need to introduce poetry analysis to AP® Lit students or other advanced literature students, as well as supplementary material to expand it as you need. It includes a unit plan and student objectives, which are not sold separately. This bundle includes the following resources, also so

The Glass Castle Lesson Plans & Resources Novel Study Unit - Distance Learning

350+ pages of print and digital resources! This product includes everything you will need to teach the popular, inspiring memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls including ready-to-go digital materials for Google Classroom/distance learning! Everything in this bundle has been tested out in my own classroom and deemed successful for engagement, challenge, and accuracy. It is guaranteed to save you A TON of time. This resource just had a HUGE update! If you have purchased this unit previously,

CNN 10 Worksheets: Current Events News Summary, Graphic Organizer, Video Project

Created by
Mister Harms
CNN 10 (CNN Student News) is the perfect avenue for students to stay informed on current events. This PDF and GOOGLE DRIVE set of graphic organizer worksheets are an excellent way to analyze and summarize the current events of the day using CNN10. These various templates will help students of all ages stay engaged while watching CNN 10. A simple writing format helps students recognize, summarize, and write opinions about the major headlines of the day. I find this resource to be extremely prac

Main Idea Writing a Summary: Common Core Informative/Explanatory Writing

Created by
Tracee Orman
Writing a Summary: Common Core Informative/Explanatory Writing Activities - NO PREP - Just print and go! This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my WRITING RESOURCES GROWING BUNDLE. Summarizing is a life-long skill. Our students will enter the real world soon and will find themselves having to summarize many different types of work for employers, employees, and even clients. It's essential that we teach them this valuable skill. This pack focuses on summarizing nonfiction pieces. Students

Zendoodle Hand Self Portraits Art Lesson Back to School Middle School Art Lesson

DescriptionStudents discover who they are through art in this hand-self portrait lesson! Get to know your students as they write about their beliefs and who they are as a person. Students will use the creative process to design and apply elements using repetition and variety in their handprint piece.  Students create their own self-portrait using their handprint, Zentangle designs, and a narrative describing who they are. The art lesson centers around creating a piece of artwork based on a core

"The Kite Runner" EDITABLE COMPLETE UNIT Activities,Tests,Analysis,AP Style,Keys

A 127 page COMPLETE unit on the novel! NO "FLUFF": This unit focuses on LITERARY DEVICES, SKILLS APPLICATION, and LITERARY ANALYSIS. Unit includes reading guide questions and quizzes, literary analysis activities, and AP style tests and essays. Original photographs of Afghanistan included on handouts.EXAMPLE PACING GUIDES: 3 sample pacing guides for 3 different levels (Honors/AP, Grade Level, Below Grade Level) for a 3 weeks unit. * over 135 READING/ANALYSIS SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (based on Bloo

Research-Based Writing for Teens, Use Blog Approach to Practice Research, CCSS

Created by
Laura Randazzo
Tired of reading page after page of uninspired research papers? Let’s face it – our kids hate writing research essays, causing us to be exhausted when reading their half-hearted efforts. A far better approach to teach the Common Core informative/explanatory writing skills our students need is to use a blog-style treatment as students practice their research skills on high-interest topics.Begin by introducing the elements of a strong blog post and discussing the unique style of this type of writi

The ULTIMATE Macbeth MEGA Bundle-- 45 UNIQUE Lessons & Activities

Created by
Bespoke ELA
This unit contains 45 separate lessons and activities to supplement any Macbeth unit... and many of them are editable and useful for distance learning or in the classroom! In this bundle, you will find:Pre-Reading ActivitiesIntroduction to Shakespeare Activity Pack— IncludedShakespeare’s World Virtual Field Trip— IncludedAristotle’s Poetics & Shakespeare— IncludedMacbeth Introduction NotesMacbeth Introduction Notes Sheet— To accompany the Intro PowerPointMacbeth Scavenger Hunt Activity— Incl

Lizzie Borden: Infamous Murder Case Nonfiction Unit, Tone, Bias, Persuasion

Created by
Bespoke ELA
Lizzie Borden was tried and ultimately acquitted for the MURDER of her PARENTS in the 1890s. The trial was controversial. How could a WOMAN possibly hack her parents to death and why? How could this have happened while she was HOME if she didn't do it? In this nonfiction unit, students will read articles about the case and then decide for themselves if they think Lizzie Borden is INNOCENT or GUILTY. If your students like this nonfiction unit, be sure to check out the Bespoke ELA activity on

The Things They Carried Complete Unit BUNDLE | Tim O'Brien | Vietnam War

Created by
Angie Kratzer
This 190-page bundle of ten resources is everything you will ever need to dive in to Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. It includes 17 detailed lesson plans and accompanying assessments, writing exercises, and handouts.It is designed for students in AP English Language & Composition, dual enrollment, college freshman composition, or a Common Core-aligned American literature class. The unit addresses skills needed for AP English Literature & Composition and is tightly aligned with Com
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