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Claim, Evidence, Reasoning - Posters
This is a 6-page poster set which features the titles and explanations of the claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) approach. The CER method is a great way to teach students how to argue from evidence. I use the CER method when I have students write lab conclusions. This visual is an easy way to remind s

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Who was Jack the Ripper? HISTORY MYSTERY
Can your students decide who Jack the Ripper was out of a cast of 12 suspects?In this lesson they will compare and evaluate 12 possible suspects before deciding on the most likely guilty person. They will then justifying their decision both verbally and in writing. The lesson works as a knockout t



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Boy in the Striped Pajamas (COMBINED - BOOK AND FILM)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Bundled) DISCOUNTED by 10% THIS IS A BUNDLED PRODUCT ON THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS - SEE THE LINKS BELOW - IT MAY BE USED WITH THE BOOK AND THE FILM. • Holocaust Studies: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Research Qs; Critical lens Q) • Holocaust studies: The B

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Great Depression | Hoover v FDR Comparison Lecture | Print & Digital
This 45-slide power point presentation reviews the differences between the Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression. This lecture focuses on the strategies used by both presidents to combat the great depression. Students will take notes on the creative CLOZ

Also included in: Great Depression BUNDLE | 3 Day Unit Plan | U.S. History | Print & Digital


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Holocaust Research Unit: Literature & Writing - EDITABLE #DistanceLearningTpT
This exhaustive unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach the Holocaust while integrating reading, research, and writing! Reframe the way you teach the Holocaust in English and/or Social Studies while creating advanced readers, thinkers, speakers, and listeners! The design of the unit could be used

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Rear Window: Study Guide for Hitchcock's Film | Distance Learning
Alfred Hitchcock's “Rear Window” stars Jimmy Stewart as a globetrotting photographer confined to his New York City home. He passes the time by watching his neighbors and suddenly thinks a murder been committed in a nearby apartment. Stewart’s girlfriend (Grace Kelly) is skeptical. Is what he’s seen

Also included in: Bundle: "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" Hitchcock Film Study Guides


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CRITICAL THINKINGINFORMATIONAL TEXTDILEMMA ONE SHEET (#2)Informational text, critical thinking, debate. This unit involves the case of the Siamese Twins (2000): The England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions and asks the question: Is killing one child to save another morally permis



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WWII Propaganda Posters Activities and Project Print & Digital
Make persuaders out of your students with several activities that analyze famous World War II posters, then culminate their learning with a propaganda poster of their own to promote a positive behavior to address a current school problem.This resource also comes in Google Slide format for a paperles

Also included in: 1900s US History Activity and Project Packs Bundle


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Water Garbage Fossil Fuel Sustainability PBL Unit Bundle
Explore the increasingly urgent problem of our world’s biggest environmental dilemmas: how to conserve our water, how to end our addiction to fossil fuel oils, and how to stop generating so much garbage in this three-part bundle sustainability unit. Everything from pollution to conservation, carbon


History Crime Scene Investigation: CSI Hamilton Duel At Dawn
Hamilton was so much more than just an amazing play on Broadway. Want a great way for students to engage in a group activity while they examine eyewitness testimony, artifacts, primary sources, and solve a historical mystery? Download The Hamilton Duel at Dawn CSI! This exciting activity can be

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AP Psychology Full Curriculum Bundle - Google, 90% Pass Rate, Updated 2019
Updated for 2019-2020! The curriculum is a living bundle that includes Google Drive access. Along with inserting the new content, I have also provided a PDF that details all the changes, lists them, and provides definitions and explanations for each :) This complete class curriculum is intended t


Pearl Harbor Webquest / Internet Scavenger Hunt - Distance Learning
December 7, 1941, was a "date which will live in infamy," according to the famous words of President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR). This Pearl Harbor webquest (Internet/digital scavenger hunt) leads students through an exploration of seven websites where they will use informational text and video clips

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Garbage Landfills Recycling Plastic PBL Unit
Explore in this unit the increasingly urgent problem of our world’s biggest growing problem: garbage. Everything from landfills to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to single-use disposable plastics to zero-waste lifestyles is covered!Grab their attention with shocking numbers, make it real with docu

Also included in: Water Garbage Fossil Fuel Sustainability PBL Unit Bundle


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"Salutary Neglect" as a Cause of the American Revolution Lesson Plan
The concept of "salutary or benign neglect" is one of the most interesting topics to explore when studying the causes of the American Revolution. This lesson plan will move your students far beyond "no taxation without representation" to a much more nuanced and historically accurate understanding of

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Elected Representative or Legislator Letter Project PBL Print & Digital
Take your American Government or Civics, U.S History, Business, or English class to the next level with this authentic research and persuasive letter writing project by engaging your students to be real agents of change in engaging their civic voice with their elected officials!This universal projec

Also included in: Real World PBL Writing Projects Bundle Print & Digital


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Population Growth Globalization Natural Resources PBL Unit
Explore everything from our increasingly concerning world’s population growth trends, globalization, and eco footprint consumption of natural resources with this eye-opening Global Issues PBL unit. By the end of this unit, your students will able to: - Articulate exactly how surging and declining po

Also included in: Current Global Issues Course Mega Bundle


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World War 1 Project
Want an engaging project that covers a variety of World War 1 topics? This group project is just the thing! Students create a newspaper showing their knowledge of World War I. Students are required to include a variety of articles in this newspaper including editorials, commentaries, political car

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Montgomery Bus Boycott Activity and Project Kit Print & Digital
Tap into your students’ personal passions, the deciding factors of successful social movements, and an array of critical thinking skills in these 7 activities and project the cover the complete story of Civil Rights Movement's kick-off event, the Montgomery Bus Boycott by learning the contributions

Also included in: 1900s US History Activity and Project Packs Bundle


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Psychology: Split Brain Theory ~ Informational Text Critical Thinking Activity
This is a polished, graphic, new, single page 2013 PDF for critical thinking analysis of a 1998 article in Scientific American on the arguments and science behind left vs. right brain or brain lateralization. The question set could be addressed individually by students, in small collaborative groups

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Op-Ed Essay Research Project PBL Print & Digital
Take your Civics, Current Issues, Environmental Science, or English class to the next level with this authentic research and essay writing project by guiding your students to gain the confidence of engaging their civic voice with their larger community! Cultivating great writing skills isn’t hard. Y

Also included in: Real World PBL Writing Projects Bundle Print & Digital


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Psychology PPT: Theories of Motivation w/Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
This is a newly revised, polished and graphic MS 2013 11-slide presentation for students to further understand how motivation works in psychological terms. Here, you'll present information in detail about human emotions -- cross-culturally, too, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which shifted Psychol

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US Geography PBL 6 Degrees of Separation Selfie Challenge
Jumpstart your school year with this high-interest, yet rigorous authentic project!Empower your students to play scientist and traveler in this 1-week PBL inspired by Stanley Milgram’s theory of 6 Degrees of Separation and everybody’s grade-school favorite “Flat Stanley." The ultimate field trip and

Also included in: US History PBL Course Mega Bundle Distance Learning Homeschool


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WWII Photo Gallery & Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Lesson Pack
Guide your students through a sobering station gallery walk activity of war-torn World War II Europe and Asia and an examination of Roosevelt’s and Rockwell’s Four Freedoms, culminating their learning in an extended writing exercise on the underlying causes for the U.S. joining the Allied forces.I

Also included in: 1900s US History Activity and Project Packs Bundle


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Branches of Government Complete Unit - PPTs, Lessons, Exam, Review Game & more
Fully editable to teach a comprehensive unit on the 3 Branches of Government Less than a $1 a day! Materials include: *Unit Essential Questions *Unit Scope and Sequence *PowerPoint with Lecture Notes and Cloze Note Handouts *Lesson Plans for Unit Enrichment *Common Core Writing Assignment and Rub

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