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This exhaustive unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach the Holocaust while integrating reading, research, and writing! Reframe the way you teach the Holocaust in English and/or Social Studies while creating advanced readers, thinkers, speakers, and listeners! The design of the unit could be used
CRITICAL THINKINGINFORMATIONAL TEXTDILEMMA ONE SHEET (#2)Informational text, critical thinking, debate. This unit involves the case of the Siamese Twins (2000): The England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions and asks the question: Is killing one child to save another morally permis
This HIV unit is an essential part to any Sex Ed. (Human Sexuality) area of your class. After this unit, your students will be experts in EXACTLY how HIV transmits from person to person and how it doesn’t. See all unit topics below!Included here is:*2 class notes activities (includes basic info on
CRITICAL THINKING ACTIVITY | ANALYTICAL REASONING | DILEMMA ONE SHEET (#3) (Ethics, Justice)My DAILY DILEMMAS are an excellent supplement to any class focusing on ethics, law, justice, argumentative writing, and debate, and they also work well as last-minute sub plans or stand-alone lessons.Should i
Teaching the branches of government is easy when using these two-sided worksheets. Students learn the necessary information about the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. In total, there are 23 literal and 15 inferential questions. This activity can be used prior to teaching the branches,
This Simulation Is Online Learning Ready!Civil War Simulation Activity for middle and high school students. This interactive Civil War Lesson plan is easy to set up and customize. This simulation lesson plan starts with the election of 1860 and takes students through the Civil War as states secede f
This Gatsby unit is a Common Core aligned unit developed for 11th grade students that I used in my classroom. The materials are basic, but provide a great structure to anyone looking to develop a unit. The following is included: - Chapter Reading Guides - Found Poetry Activity - Jigsaw Activity -
In a bid to help our students think more like historians we set them various styles of question based on the sources in DBQs. These helpful little cards can be used with any document or piece of evidence in history. They work for any time period and help our students to address real issues of prov
The Sixties CNN Ep. 3 The Assassination of JFK FEEDBACK IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD CONSIDER LEAVING POSITIVE FEEDBACK IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE! Email: socialstudiesmegastore@gmail.com Please make sure to download my FREE paragraph sheet. FREE PARAGRAP
Are you wondering where to start when teaching your middle and high school students about current events? This choice-based project and presentation will provide you and your students with step by step directions. There are checkpoints so that you can assign mini due dates throughout the assignment.
Hello TpT Community! This is the unit for GET OUT. Compact and Concise. Warning: Contains infrequent language and R rated content along with suggestive opinionated themes about the HORROR Genre. A recent documentary entitled Horror Noire was released that explores this "Black Horror" in Cinema fu
This lesson plan addresses professionalism in the workplace. The topics discussed include: ethical behavior at work, potential areas where theft may occur at work, relationships between bosses and employees, and appearance. In addition a KWL chart will be conducted and also a passage will be read th
This comprehensive composition unit on argument is aligned with the common core learning outcomes and includes intensive instruction, critical thinking, problem solving, research and writing activities on the components of argument which include: logos, ethos, pathos, inductive and deductive logic,
Through this project students become modern day progressive reformers. Students conduct extensive research on social problems that our country faces today and develop a well-planned solution. The project has a chart that outlines the steps to take to successfully complete this project. This is an
Use this left vs. right survey to assist students in discovering their political ideology. By the end of this assignment, students will be able to explain their stance on hot button issues in politics. They'll explain why they identify with being more left, liberal, and Democratic, moderate, or righ
EXPLORE PRIMARY SOURCES AND CREATE POETRY! Part of the "Examining History Through Poetry" Bundle. Are you looking for new ways to revamp close reading? After reading a primary source, students will be guided through isolating key ideas and rearranging key concepts to demonstrate comprehension. Th
I hope you are all staying well during the Covid crisis. The price of the course has been decreased to help everyone out. I am currently using this course for distance learning and it is going well. The paperless packages are a great option for students. In addition, I am allowing kids to complete a
PDF & ONLINE READING & WRITING TEST PREP ................................................................... FOCUS: FACT & OPINIONTEXT"MAGNIFICENT OR MONSTROUS" is a nonfiction ARTICLE ABOUT goblin sharks. These are a rare deep-sea shark also called living fossils. Goblin sharks have a p
Your middle and high school students will be engaged with this activity as they think critically about the principles that help create the U.S. Constitution and how these principles influence the structure of our government. These scaffolded cards have four different levels of DOK (depth of knowledg
Struggling with the weight of the AP History Test? At Mano Koa Enterprises, AP History is no "pilikia" (Hawaiian for "problem").It's all here! All the tasks your valiant AP History students need to conquer in one product! This product contains a complete set of strategies and blueprints (sentence fo
Using this scaffolded writing assignment, students will learn about the disagreements the Founders had over the Articles of Confederation and the compromises they created to make the U.S. Constitution. Use the notes as an optional resource to help explain what happened at the Constitutional Conventi
Culminate your Global Issues or Environmental Science course with this highly scaffolded research paper and one-pager project that lets you or your students choose the environmental issue of the 21st century! It's two projects in one!Everything is included, from brainstorm to final edit, for your st
WWII - Homefront Stations Activity - Completely Student-ledGet your students moving and engaged by taking your students through the major topics of the Homefront!The activity consists of 10 different stations that can be either combined or broken up into smaller/larger stations to suit your needs. T

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