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Expand your students' authentic skill base and engage in real-world change through this wide collection of universal, plug-and-play writing project packs to enhance any course from English to History to Current Events to College Writing or Business classes! This is the perfect way to seamlessly turn
This is a NO PREP project! Students gain and apply skills by working on a long project. They complete an in-depth inquiry into a specific topic. Students love the choice option! Students can write a 9 paragraph research report or the graphic organizer can be used in place of the report for differ
These reading questions cover all of Khaled Hosseini's popular work of contemporary fiction, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and concern plot details and thematic development, especially the novel's portrayal of historical changes in 20th century Afghanistan and gender roles. There are 5-7 questions per s
This graphic, detailed PDF printable survey activity provides the step-by-step process by which students will begin to utilize correlational surveying methodologies. I have included some examples as well as detailed guided questions to aid students in developing, conducting, analyzing, and presentin
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This bundle contains all of Mister Harms' resources on the United States Constitution. By choosing the bundle you are saving 20%! You also get the convenience of having all of these high-quality resources for your American History, Civics, and/or Government classes in one place! Scroll up to see t
Customers have asked for this NEW Editable Country Research Project. This is a NO PREP Editable project! Students gain and apply skills by working on a long project. They complete an in-depth inquiry into a specific topic. Students love the choice option! Students can write a 9 paragraph research
Ensure your Civics or US History students are citizen-ready before they leave your classroom by passing the Naturalization (Citizenship) Test, and also researching, writing, and submitting an Op-Ed Essay answering, "Should American high schoolers be required to pass the Naturalization Test to gradua
When teachers tell their students to write a one-paragraph essay, pupils may not know how much to write, how long the sentences should be, how many sentences they should write, or how to begin. Giving students a structure and a formula will help students to know exactly what is expected of them and
This is a detailed step-by-step, newly revised and graphic activity to be used in Psych I , II, or AP Psychology course in a unit on the five senses and biological foundations in Psychology, including the vestibular system. The activity could take 2-3 class periods, depending on the availability of
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
UPDATES: Paperless versions of each package now also provided! UPDATE: Interactive Google Classroom versions of the course units now available here!Description: What is the American Dream? Is it a developing story or an already defined ideal? Is the American Dream real or a utopian philosophy? This
A High Engagement Common Core Writing Lesson one of the more recent cases commonly known as "Bong Hits 4 Jesus". Materials Included: *Full Lesson Plan aligned with Common Core Standards *Writing Task with Rubric *Relevant article and suggested resources Expose students to decisions made by the Su
This research packet is used to guide student research on a Supreme Court Case. Students will research the constitutional question at the center of the case, the arguments on both sides of the case, as well as the Supreme Court's opinion including information on majority, dissenting, and concurring
This is a package deal -- two reading strategies, detailed, step-by-step with examples -- for use not only in any secondary ELA course, but in any subject area to help engage students with what they're reading! With this newly revised, 10-slide MS 2013 PPT presentation, you're purchasing the followi
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Ready to revolutionize the way you teach US History!? Wanting to go deeper than rote memorization? Desiring to spend more time developing an understanding of US History for your students rather than cramming in every detail?Ever since I first learned about teaching history by theme rather than strai
Retelling is an important skill, and many students confuse retelling with summarizing. What is the difference? A summary is a paragraph answering the five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why). A retelling is a paragraph telling what happens first, second, third, etc.; a retelling tells the sequence
Social justice is becoming more and more the hot topic of these days. In a world that fights for equity and equality, it is normal to help our students grasp the basic principles and ideas. One amazing way to do that is to expose them to the minds and words of great personalities that have fought fo
Achieve excellence in the new common core standards by increasing your students' ability to read, research, cite sources, and write efficiently with references using reflective (or argument) writing assignments. In addition to that, help your student's become critical thinkers by having students not
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Common Core: Allows students to put themselves in the shoes of a 19th century journalist gathering evidence in order to create a newspaper article about the most significant event of their age; the Assassination of President Lincoln. Works great as a hook for a unit on Reconstruction.
How often do you think about your various identities? Some of us spend more energy thinking about and protecting our identities, especially if they are of an oppressed or target group. In this lesson, students will explore their various identities and the ways in which they are impacted by power, pr
Teach for Justice: Anti-racist and social justice resource
Students often say they have no idea how to write a five-paragraph essay. They have been told to write a lot and then to divide what they wrote into five parts, or they were told to make the first paragraph general, the next three paragraphs specific, and the last paragraph a summary paragraph. Wha
This product guides students through the creation of a poster of an ecosystem that illustrates all of the key concepts learned in a unit on ecology.  Students begin by drawing abiotic and biotic factors (plants and animals) of an assigned/chosen ecosystem and then add various symbols and labels as t
This lesson includes two primary texts (a speech from RBG to newly naturalized citizens and the Oath of Naturalization that those citizens must take), close read questions for each of those texts, and possible essay questions developed from them (with a rubric included). This lesson could take anywh
Students create a crime board (detective style) to prove Hitler committed crimes.This is a highly engaging lesson plan that be used for 3 or more lessons Students must use Primary and Secondary evidence (and their own research skills) to build a case against Hitler. There are two ways to teach this

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