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My students are hooked on CNN 10, formerly CNN Student News! It is a great, free online resource that is perfect to get students thinking about current events with a Common Core lens. This activity set has FIFTEEN templates to choose from and is aligned with Common Core Literacy and Writing standards for ELA, history, and science (NGSS). In addition to receiving printable copies provided in PDF, this lesson was recently converted to GOOGLE 1:1 compatible templates for a completely GOOGLE Classro
This 13 Colonies Activities Unit includes 15 best-selling 13 Colonies resources and activities to teach Colonial Amerca, including the Spanish conquistadors, the Lost Colony, the horrific Middle Passage, Jamestown, the Puritan faith, Quakers and Puritans, and the Salem With Trials. This unit is Google 1:1 ready and is ideal for distance learning. The 13 Colonies Unit includes the following resources: ✔ Where were the Spanish conquistadors able to easily defeat the natives? A DBQ!✔ The Lost C
In this Articles of Confederation Stations or Gallery Walk Activity activity students analyze the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation by viewing visuals. The lesson includes:▶️1. 9 stations of visuals▶️2. A PowerPoint weaknesses presentation with answers▶️3. A graphic organizer and a guided practice fill-able chart▶️4. This product now has a Google Ready option. Just click on the blue link in the PDF and you will get a copy to assign to your students in Google Classroom, complete with te
This Civil War Unit includes 14 Civil War resources and activities including Civil War Battles, Causes of the Civil War, the impact of Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, and much more! Instead of paying over $50 for each Civil War resource separately, buy my Civil War unit and enjoy a savings of over 35%!This unit includes paper in-class versions and 1:1 Google compatible versions (to be used in conjunction with Google Classroom) for the vast majority of resources. Just follow the includ
Why do we study history anyway? This back to school activity is a must have for any history or social studies class! Start the first day of school (or the first lesson of any history class) with “WHY” because students always want to know why? Why am I learning about history? Why do we have to study this stuff anyway? When am I ever going to use this in life? Isn’t history about a "bunch of old dead people" and things that have already happened? **Major necessary upgrades have been made to ma
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
The Declaration of Independence was really just a big "break-up" letter written by the colonists to the King of Great Britain. This historical document was written to convince the world of the King's abuses and to let everyone know that the colonies no longer wanted to be in a relationship with Great Britain. While studying the Declaration of Independence, students will use this assignment as a reinforcement to understand just what Jefferson wrote in this historical document. The lesson start
Now a complete Google Ready Distance Learning unit bundle with scope and sequence, review, and assessment resources! All resources will be provided on a links page for your to copy directly into your Google Classroom for use during distance learning!Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cultural behaviors. This engaging, Com
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a history page about the evolution of cuneiform in Ancient Mesopotamia. Then, students support the main idea of the reading with supporting text, summarize, and draw conclusions in a printable writing guide. Next, students try writing like a Sumerian by trying to copy early cuneiform pictograms and later phonetic symbols. A writing translation chart is included.Now includes an answer key!***This product can be used for a rem
This FREE resource is a stand-alone project that can be turned into a FULL WEEK worth of activities. You'll find 5 region activity pages and capitals/abbreviation resource sheets and note pages. Plus, I've included a thorough teacher's guide giving you plenty of suggestions on how to turn this into one awesome mini-unit!These maps are also located in my customized state history projects. You'll find 86 student activities organized in 8 modules for easy lesson planning. This complete notebook uni
Teach STEM, COMPUTER SCIENCE, CODING, ROBOTICS and CRITICAL THINKING with supreme CONFIDENCE in 2022. Discover proven teaching strategies, lesson plans, ideas and resources that provide a wealth of information on this innovative and engaging curriculum area. Kevin Cummins (MA, Education & Technology Melbourne), an accomplished educator with over a decade in coaching STEM & Digital Technologies, provides a step-by-step guide to teaching the following areas in this 180 PAGE INTERACTIVE e-
CNN 10 (CNN Student News) is the perfect avenue for students to stay informed on current events. This PDF and GOOGLE DRIVE set of graphic organizer worksheets are an excellent way to analyze and summarize the current events of the day using CNN10. These various templates will help students of all ages stay engaged while watching CNN 10. A simple writing format helps students recognize, summarize, and write opinions about the major headlines of the day. I find this resource to be extremely prac
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a brief history about the Epic of Gilgamesh and an excerpt from the actual tale. Then, they analyze the text and draw conclusions regarding beliefs about polytheism, demigods and society in Ancient Mesopotamia. Lastly, students summarize and support claims with evidence in the form of direct quotes from the text.Includes an answer key!___________________________________________________________________________________♥♥♥SAVE
This COMPLETE DIGITAL & PDF UNIT explores Aesop's Fables to learn the concepts of THEME, MORAL and MESSAGE within FABLES, MYTHS and LEGENDS and how these timeless tales have impacted storytelling for thousands of years. Make FABLES a part of your READING and WRITING lessons in 2022 through proven teaching strategies.This EDITABLE unit Covers:⭐ What Is a Fable and Its Purpose?⭐ Who Is Aesop, The Father of Fables?⭐ 12 Famous Interactive Fables by Aesop (Professionally Narrated) ⭐ Scripted Fabl
Make civics practical and exciting for students using this Social Studies simulation that allows students to experience the Legislative Branch! Students will participate in writing bills for their school, community, or state while learning the various stages within the lawmaking process. All voices are heard as students become members of Congress, participate in committees, debate on the floor, and watch their President sign the bills that survive the entire process. Not only do students love
Use Lewis and Clark's authentic journal entries to teach students about the famous expedition! Your students will evaluate the success of Lewis and Clark's journey by analyzing primary sources, recording evidence, and answering a document based question. Everything you need for a comprehensive lesson on the Lewis and Clark expedition is included! Printable PDF and Google Drive versions are included.**This resource is part of the printable and digital Lewis and Clark Unit Bundle. It includes 5 N
THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TEACHER LOOKING TO MAKE A STUDY OF THE BUDDHISM, CONFUCIANISM, & TAOISM RELEVANT AND ACCESSIBLE FOR MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS. EASY-TO-FOLLOW, PERFECT FOR AN INTRO, DECLARATIVE LESSON, OR EVEN AS A FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT. ENJOY!***In addition to the original slides, this download now also includes the Kung Fu Panda writing assignment (in MS WORD and PDF formats), and helpful videos for teaching and learning Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism through Kung Fu Panda...Suggest
In the American Revolution Battles Student Project, 7 events are broken up and each is assigned to a student group (4 students per group are ideal). Students will conduct basic research, and create a small presentation to the class, to showcase the event.The events that students will research are:The Battle of Bunker HillThe Battle of TrentonThe Battle of CharlestonThe Battle of Long IslandThe Battle of SaratogaThe Battle of YorktownThe Winter at Valley Forge (I know, I know! It's not a battl
What happens when something disrupts the ability of a system to meet the needs of the organisms within its bounds? In this activity, students will explore what that “something” might be when presented with the problem of a precipitous decline in the native tree frog population of Mayberry, Florida.In this activity, students will identify possible causes for the “silent nights” Mayberry is now experiencing as the tree frog population has plummeted. While there is no one right answer, students ca
Will it be a political party knock out? Students decide who wins based on seven rounds of political policy issues debated by the Federalists and Republicans in early American history. Students identify the political party that best represents their own opinions. This activity is common core because students analyze and interpret quotes from both Hamilton and Jefferson. A fun critical thinking activity that fits perfectly in a New Nation or Early American Politic Unit.This activity can also be us
An entertaining BUNDLE of unique Human-Environment Interactions resources featuring adaptations & modifications! These guided lessons are FUN for students & the 6-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Each activity includes a Teacher Reference Guide to ensure success in your classroom! This unit bundle has everything you need to engage your classes! Google Classroom versions of the resources are also available in my store: BUNDLE | Google Classroom | Human Environment Interactions |
This Current Events Summary is an excellent tool for students to get involved with the news and the current events of the week. A simple writing format helps students find, summarize, and write opinions about current news stories and events. I find this activity to be a practical filler for various social studies courses.Included:Teacher directions with ideas for implementation and useSimple student directions: Find, Highlight, Summarize, Importance, OpinionGuided Student writing templates (2
This powerpoint contains a writing scaffold to help students frame their paragraphs using PEEL. Most students are familiar with PEE in their paragraphs but the L is what makes students show their understanding to a higher level.The first slide is a writing mat with the sentence starters. This can been laminated and given to students to use with their written work, in particular for essays. It could also be photocopied and stuck into the students books for regular reference. My classes have bot
In this mini-unit on the Pilgrims, receive the following FOUR resources to teach the Puritans, Pilgrims, the Mayflower Compact, the life in New England. ✯ ✯ This resource is included in my 13 Colonies Unit located here! ✯ ✯1.) A Powerpoint: “Who are the Pilgrims and the founding of the Plymouth Colony?” It covers only the essentials and teaches students who this group is, what their situation is in England (and Holland), where they originally wanted to land, and what the differences between a
A comprehensive resource for getting your students up, moving, and thinking critically about the transcontinental railroad! Students begin the lesson by working with the vocabulary necessary for understanding the six transcontinental railroad primary source documents. Next, students rotate through the learning stations answering guided questions for each document. Ultimately, students will answer the document-based question according to their findings. A pre-writing organizer and rubric are in

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