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This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive. The activity has 6 stations detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership, economy, and religion of Ancient Mesopotamia. Readings come with great visuals, charts, station signs, and maps. Questions and interactive mini activities are underneath the reading AND on a separate worksheet for teacher choice. Teacher instructions are included with 4 different activity ideas with the same Common Core readings.Great news
EMOTICON CITY – The Emoji Bandit strikes again! It has been two weeks since the last spotting of the Emoji Bandit, but he has resurfaced yet again to steal more emoji expressions! Eye witnesses, “Neutral Face” and “Worried Face” shared their story: “We saw one emoji go into the warehouse, but when he looked back at us, we noticed that he didn’t have any expression!” This is the third event this month and there appears to be no end to this charade…Any clues or tips, please complete the Crime Tip
The Declaration of Independence was really just a big "break-up" letter written by the colonists to the King of Great Britain. This historical document was written to convince the world of the King's abuses and to let everyone know that the colonies no longer wanted to be in a relationship with Great Britain. While studying the Declaration of Independence, students will use this assignment as a reinforcement to understand just what Jefferson wrote in this historical document. The lesson start
Now a complete Google Ready Distance Learning unit bundle with scope and sequence, review, and assessment resources! All resources will be provided on a links page for your to copy directly into your Google Classroom for use during distance learning!Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cultural behaviors. This engaging, Com
All young scientists need to practice making careful observations and evidence-based inferences. With this product, you will get a complete year of Picture of the Week activities for students to strengthen these skills. Students are shown an image and spend time making careful observations. After this, they make inferences based on these observations. This would be a great warm-up exercise or a great addition to your weekly classroom routine. You will begin to see your students become mor
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a history page about the evolution of cuneiform in Ancient Mesopotamia. Then, students support the main idea of the reading with supporting text, summarize, and draw conclusions in a printable writing guide. Next, students try writing like a Sumerian by trying to copy early cuneiform pictograms and later phonetic symbols. A writing translation chart is included.Now includes an answer key!***This product can be used for a rem
Tom the turkey is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. The only problem is, he’s the main course! Farmer Lyle plans to have Tom for dinner this Thanksgiving, but Tom has better plans. Help save Tom so he can have a happy Thanksgiving this year!************************************************************************Get this Breakout for LESS in our Holiday Bundle!Digital Breakouts BUNDLE - Holiday Edition BUNDLE! Digital Escape Rooms BUNDLENearby Holiday ActivitiesDigital BreakoutsDigital Bre
It is the last day of the school year and you have 40 minutes until the end of the day and school year! Your teacher said that she had a surprise at the end of the day and the whole class was so excited about the special activity! That is, until you found out what it was. Your teacher asked the class if anyone knew why they have summer vacation off from school. The room was silent. She asked again, still no one knew, nor answered the question. As expected, she then told your class that you have
Santa is making his final preparations for Christmas. While he is working with the elves and making toys, he leaves his magical toy bag locked in a special room so it stays safe. This year, Santa had a new security system installed to keep his magical bag safe all year long. However, since the installation, something went wrong and the security codes do not work! It is up to you to help Santa find the reset codes to unlock the security door and help save Christmas!*******************************
This lab or activity is a hands-on and collaborative learning lesson that incorporates the following: STEM Earthquakes Geology Engineering Design Real-World Connections Problem Solving Inferencing and Predicting Materials: this handout, mini-marshmellows, toothpicks, jello Overview: Students will work together to tackle a real-world problem: engineers are constantly working to design and build buildings that can survive the impact of serious earthquakes. I show students some videos and picture
While out trick-or-treating, you and your friends stumble upon an old abandoned mansion. The mansion looks like a black silhouette against the light of the full moon. Feeling daring, you and your friends approach the three-story mansion and see spider webs glistening in the moonlight. Laughing nervously, you decide to knock on the door to trick-or-treat. Much to your surprise, your knocking pushes the door open and it creaks loudly. You and your friends peek your heads in to look around in the d
The Declaration of Independence can be a daunting document for teachers to explain to students, but this primary source lesson will help students understand the major themes and concepts within the document itself. Though Thomas Jefferson's Declaration was written in the 18th century, this worksheet has proven to be a fantastic, big-picture way for today's students to study such an important writing without becoming overwhelmed. The Declaration is really just a big "break-up letter" from the co
With this Project Based Learning (PBL) product, students will create a mini-podcast about a historical topic of their choosing. This works with any historical topic or time period, and really works with many students at the secondary level. With this podcast project, students brainstorm, write, and produce a dramatic reimagining of a historical time period. They can add in sound effects and background music to make their podcast come alive! They will also be encouraged to add in sensory details
Learning about economics is entertaining with this BUNDLE of unique resources! The guided lessons are FUN for students & the 5-E teaching model is EASY for you to use! Each engaging activity includes a Teacher Guide to ensure success in your classroom! Your purchase has editable, print & interactive, digital versions of the materials. Made for traditional in-class learning or digital 1:1 classrooms. Everything you need is included!Google versions of the resources are also available in my
CNN 10 (CNN Student News) is the perfect avenue for students to stay informed on current events. This PDF and GOOGLE DRIVE set of graphic organizer worksheets are an excellent way to analyze and summarize the current events of the day using CNN10. These various templates will help students of all ages stay engaged while watching CNN 10. A simple writing format helps students recognize, summarize, and write opinions about the major headlines of the day. I find this resource to be extremely prac
This FREE resource is a stand-alone project that can be turned into a FULL WEEK worth of activities. You'll find 5 region activity pages and capitals/abbreviation resource sheets and note pages. Plus, I've included a thorough teacher's guide giving you plenty of suggestions on how to turn this into one awesome mini-unit!These maps are also located in my customized state history projects. You'll find 86 student activities organized in 8 modules for easy lesson planning. This complete notebook uni
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a brief history about the Epic of Gilgamesh and an excerpt from the actual tale. Then, they analyze the text and draw conclusions regarding beliefs about polytheism, demigods and society in Ancient Mesopotamia. Lastly, students summarize and support claims with evidence in the form of direct quotes from the text.Includes an answer key!___________________________________________________________________________________♥♥♥SAVE
It's Valentine's Day and Cupid is missing his arrow! Every year, Cupid goes around sending arrows of love to people to warm their hearts for kindness, helpfulness, and love, but not this year! Cupid has looked everywhere from the clouds down into the ocean, but still no sign of his arrow!He then received a message by dove that read:"Dear Cupid, If you're wondering about your arrow, I locked it up so there will be no silly love songs and buying sweets when it should be only for my day. Since you
In the World War 1 and World War 2 Bundle, you receive TWENTY total resources to teach WWI and WW2. Each resource has been designed to increase engagement, promote higher-level thinking, and create higher-level learners. Google 1:1 compatible resources are also included in this product! Use in either a traditional setting or in the 1:1 environment! Buy the World War Bundle and Save a Bundle!Included in this bundle are:⭐ World War I Unit Bundle! Scramble for Africa, Causes, Trench Warfare, &
THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TEACHER LOOKING TO MAKE A STUDY OF THE BUDDHISM, CONFUCIANISM, & TAOISM RELEVANT AND ACCESSIBLE FOR MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS. EASY-TO-FOLLOW, PERFECT FOR AN INTRO, DECLARATIVE LESSON, OR EVEN AS A FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT. ENJOY!***In addition to the original slides, this download now also includes the Kung Fu Panda writing assignment (in MS WORD and PDF formats), and helpful videos for teaching and learning Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism through Kung Fu Panda...Suggest
It is now Christmas Eve and Santa just received a last minute bag full of letters from boys and girls which had been delayed due to a big snow storm. Santa sent his toy requests to his head toy elf, Bushy Evergreen. Bushy had been working hard to keep up with the demand of making toys, but now he had a whole new batch of toys to make! Santa told him that he will finish feeding the reindeer and will need to leave at midnight to make all of his stops around the world. Bushy looked at his clock and
What happens when something disrupts the ability of a system to meet the needs of the organisms within its bounds? In this activity, students will explore what that “something” might be when presented with the problem of a precipitous decline in the native tree frog population of Mayberry, Florida.In this activity, students will identify possible causes for the “silent nights” Mayberry is now experiencing as the tree frog population has plummeted. While there is no one right answer, students ca
Recently edited to align with students supporting claims with evidence! In this activity, students create a 9 scene storyboard for an animated film. The film should be about a flea-ridden rat who helps to spread the Bubonic Plague into Europe during the 1300s. An example page and an easy step by step how to draw a basic cartoon rat printable are both included.This lesson can be used afterthe Plague/Black Death Powerpoint also posted or in conjunction with our Plague that Rocked the World Lesson.
This Distance Learning bundle includes the first TWELVE technology lessons we have available in our store.Middle school and high school students LOVE these lessons! We developed these lessons for a project-based working environment and works great with any Project Based Learning or STEM goals. We give you the option to have as much or as little instruction time while giving your students the maximum working environment.Made for use with:PCMacChromebookAll resources are organized for assigning th

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