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Ancient Mesopotamia Stations: Graphic Organizer & Google Reading Investigation
This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive. The activity has 6 stations detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership, economy, and religion of Ancient Mesopotamia. Readings come with great visuals, charts, station signs, and maps. Questions and interactive mi

Also included in: Ancient Mesopotamia Lesson & Activity COMPLETE UNIT Bundle Common Core 5-8


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Distance Learning Digital Breakout Emoji Bandit Breakout Digital Escape Room
EMOTICON CITY – The Emoji Bandit strikes again! It has been two weeks since the last spotting of the Emoji Bandit, but he has resurfaced yet again to steal more emoji expressions! Eye witnesses, “Neutral Face” and “Worried Face” shared their story: “We saw one emoji go into the warehouse, but when

Also included in: Emoji Bundle EVERYTHING! - Emoji Theme Decor, Tech Lessons, Breakouts, Awards


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Observe and Infer - Picture of the Week
All young scientists need to practice making careful observations and evidence-based inferences. With this product, you will get a complete year of Picture of the Week activities for students to strengthen these skills. Students are shown an image and spend time making careful observations. After

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Jade C.


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World Religion Lesson Set Activity & Informational Text, Comparing Religions
Now a complete unit bundle with scope and sequence, review, and assessment resources!Religion is such an important aspect of the development of a civilization! The resources in this set were designed to cover the key facts that will help build great discussions and a fundamental understanding of cul

Also included in: Ancient History Year in Curriculum Activity & Note Bundle Common Core Grades 5-8


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Digital Escape Room Olympic Medals Missing Winter Olympics Digital Breakout
It is now just days before the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics and all the medals have gone missing! The Security of International Sports held a press conference where they announced that the gold, silver, and bronze medals have all been stolen! Investigations discovered the Olympic medals

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Christmas Digital Breakout Christmas Escape Room Christmas Breakout WEBSITE
Santa is making his final preparations for Christmas. While he is working with the elves and making toys, he leaves his magical toy bag locked in a special room so it stays safe. This year, Santa had a new security system installed to keep his magical bag safe all year long. However, since the insta

Also included in: Winter Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Winter BUNDLE Winter Escape Room


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DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Activity: The Big "Break Up" Letter & Texting
The Declaration of Independence was really just a big "break-up" letter written by the colonists to the King of Great Britain. This historical document was written to convince the world of the King's abuses and to let everyone know that the colonies no longer wanted to be in a relationship with Gre

Also included in: American History/U.S. History Bundle: Beginnings through Westward Expansion


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Thanksgiving Digital Breakout Thanksgiving Escape Room Thanksgiving Breakout
Tom the turkey is getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. The only problem is, he’s the main course! Farmer Lyle plans to have Tom for dinner this Thanksgiving, but Tom has better plans. Help save Tom so he can have a happy Thanksgiving this year!****************************************************

Also included in: Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Fall BUNDLE Fall Escape Room


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Halloween Digital Breakout Halloween Escape Room Halloween Breakout
While out trick-or-treating, you and your friends stumble upon an old abandoned mansion. The mansion looks like a black silhouette against the light of the full moon. Feeling daring, you and your friends approach the three-story mansion and see spider webs glistening in the moonlight. Laughing nervo

Also included in: Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Fall BUNDLE Fall Escape Room


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BUNDLE | Intro to Economy 5-E Unit | FUN Economics Resources | Distance Learning
An Intro to Economy themed bundle with lots of entertaining & unique resources! These guided lessons are FUN for students and the 5-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Build or enrich your curriculum with these materials, which are ideal for intermediate and middle school classes. Each acti


World War I & World War II BUNDLE!  20 activities for World War 1 & World War 2!
In the World Wars Bundle, you receive TWENTY total resources to teach World War I and World War II. Each resource has been designed to increase engagement, promote higher-level thinking, and create higher-level learners. Google 1:1 compatible resources are also included in this product! Use in ei


Ecology Mystery: The Case Of The Silent Night (MS-LS2-4)
What happens when something disrupts the ability of a system to meet the needs of the organisms within its bounds? In this activity, students will explore what that “something” might be when presented with the problem of a precipitous decline in the native tree frog population of Mayberry, Florida.I

Also included in: Invasive Species Activity Bundle


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Christmas Digital Breakout Christmas Escape Room Christmas Breakout 2 WEBSITE
It is now Christmas Eve and Santa just received a last minute bag full of letters from boys and girls which had been delayed due to a big snow storm. Santa sent his toy requests to his head toy elf, Bushy Evergreen. Bushy had been working hard to keep up with the demand of making toys, but now he ha

Also included in: Christmas Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Christmas Escape Room BUNDLE


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Nonfiction Reading Passages and Inference Questions About Natural Disasters
Use these brief illustrated reading passages to support the Common Core ELA standard for making inferences from informational text (CCSS RI.6-8.1). They are perfect for use as bell work activities in science classes, but can be used by any teacher who needs scientifically accurate reading passages t

Also included in: Nonfiction Science Reading Passages Bundle


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BUNDLE | Adapt & Modify Unit | Human Environment Interaction | Distance Learning
An entertaining BUNDLE of unique Human-Environment Interactions resources featuring adaptations & modifications! These guided lessons are FUN for students & the 6-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Each activity includes a Teacher Reference Guide to ensure success in your classroom! T


DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Activity: Primary Source Analysis and Questions
This primary source lesson will help students better understand one of the most important documents of all time - The Declaration of Independence. Though Thomas Jefferson's Declaration can be difficult to understand for some, this worksheet is a great overall, big-picture way to study such an impor

Also included in: CIVICS & GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: The Bundle


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Historical Podcast Project Based Learning PBL Distance Learning
With this Project Based Learning (PBL) product, students will create a mini-podcast about a historical topic of their choosing. This works with any historical topic or time period, and really works with many students at the secondary level. With this podcast project, students brainstorm, write, and

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Primary Source Activity Alexander the Great Common Core Writing and Literacy
This activity is student-centered and literacy and writing focused! First, students read a brief history of the famous Alexander the Great. Then, they analyze some of his more controversial accomplishments and evaluate his "greatness". Next, students formulate an opinion and use his accomplishments

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American Revolution Simulation, US Revolutionary War Activity
American Revolution simulation activityHistory can be difficult for students to understand and experience. Simulations help students put themselves in the past, learning about history in an authentically engaging way. Students love simulations because they don't know what the final outcome will be.

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Middle School Technology Lesson Plans | High School Technology DOUBLE BUNDLE PBL
This Distance Learning bundle includes the first TWELVE technology lessons we have available in our store.Middle school and high school students LOVE these lessons! We developed these lessons for a project-based working environment and works great with any Project Based Learning or STEM goals. We gi

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St. Patrick's Day Digital Breakout St. Patrick’s Escape Room
On St. Patrick's Day, legend tells of a rainbow that can change into a bridge and take you to a leprechaun's pot of gold! In your quest for the leprechaun's pot of gold, you were able to find the magical rainbow bridge! The only problem is when you arrived, instead of a pot of gold, there was a safe

Also included in: Spring Digital Breakout BUNDLE - Escape Rooms Spring BUNDLE Spring Escape Room


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Hinduism Ancient India Lesson Plan Writing, Literacy, & Fun Extension Activity
This activity is student-centered and literacy-focused! First, students read a two-page history of the Aryans, Hinduism, and its effect on Ancient India. After the reading, students complete a common core writing guide and analyze the text by providing evidence to support claims about Hindu philosop

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WWII Ends - Would you Drop it? 5E Lesson & Atomic Bomb Walkaround
Challenge students to consider the question, ”Would you drop it?”, in reference to using the atomic bombs to end World War II. Students get up and moving around the room for this engaging walk-around activity that leads to critical thinking and passionate debate in your classroom! My students are

Also included in: BUNDLE | East Asia Resources | FUN Lessons & Activities | Distance Learning


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Red Fox Nonfiction Reading Passage, Questions, and Color-by-Number Answer Sheet
This resource contains a non-fiction reading passage (one page - approx. 500 words) about the red fox, comprehension questions about the reading, and a color by number answer sheet for students to color based on their answers to the comprehension questions. Students LOVE color by number activities

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