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Ancient Mesopotamia Stations: Graphic Organizer & Google Reading Investigation
This content-rich activity is student-centered and interactive. The activity has 6 stations detailing the geography, achievements, social classes, leadership, economy, and religion of Ancient Mesopotamia. Readings come with great visuals, charts, station signs, and maps. Questions and interactive mi

Also included in: Ancient Mesopotamia Lesson & Activity COMPLETE UNIT Bundle Common Core 5-8


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Ecology Mystery: The Case Of The Silent Night (MS-LS2-4)
What happens when something disrupts the ability of a system to meet the needs of the organisms within its bounds? In this activity, students will explore what that “something” might be when presented with the problem of a precipitous decline in the native tree frog population of Mayberry, Florida.I

Also included in: Invasive Species Activity Bundle


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Hamilton VS Jefferson Opposition Grudge Match Common Core Activity
Will it be a political party knock out? Students decide who wins based on seven rounds of political policy issues debated by the Federalists and Republicans in early American history. Students identify the political party that best represents their own opinions. This activity is common core because

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P.E.E.L. paragraphs literacy writing mat scaffold in history (PEEL)
This powerpoint contains a writing scaffold to help students frame their paragraphs using PEEL. Most students are familiar with PEE in their paragraphs but the L is what makes students show their understanding to a higher level.The first slide is a writing mat with the sentence starters. This can b

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Primary Source Activity Alexander the Great Common Core Writing and Literacy
This activity is student-centered and literacy and writing focused! First, students read a brief history of the famous Alexander the Great. Then, they analyze some of his more controversial accomplishments and evaluate his "greatness". Next, students formulate an opinion and use his accomplishments

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American Revolution Simulation, US Revolutionary War Activity
American Revolution simulation activityHistory can be difficult for students to understand and experience. Simulations help students put themselves in the past, learning about history in an authentically engaging way. Students love simulations because they don't know what the final outcome will be.

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Middle School Technology Lesson Plans | High School Technology DOUBLE BUNDLE PBL
This Distance Learning bundle includes the first TWELVE technology lessons we have available in our store.Middle school and high school students LOVE these lessons! We developed these lessons for a project-based working environment and works great with any Project Based Learning or STEM goals. We gi

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Westward Expansion Stations, Annotated Timeline,Graphic Organizer & Map Activity
Now can be used with interactive Google Map! This is a comprehensive mini-bundle with tons of options to fit your personal style and class level. Teachers can choose from two printable student-centered instructional choices: an annotated timeline or stations. Students fill out a graphic organizer an

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Election 2020 Complete Unit Bundle: Activities, Templates & Projects
We are deep into the election season, but how well do your students really know the candidates, the issues and the roles of the president? This bundle gives your students the opportunity to explore all of that in a student-centered, engaging and fun way! Please note that this unit will be updated a


CSI American History: Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Cuba, JFK, KKK!
CSI American History Bundle! Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Tulsa Race Riots, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK!In the CSI American History Bundle, you receive EIGHT American History focused CSI investigations! Plus, any future American History CSI lessons, will be added to this bundle -- and y


Full Year 1st Half of U.S. History Curriculum for Middle School Bundle
It's here! This is a full year bundle for the first half of U.S History - From Exploration through Reconstruction. My curriculum is focused on building critical thinking. I want my students to think about history, not just memorize history. Therefore, my activities are not just student centered, I a


Ancient Egypt Unit Activities Bundle
Students will have the opportunity to delve deep into a variety of ancient Egypt topics while developing their critical thinking skills.The bundle includes the following activities and projects:✓44 Interactive Notebook Activities✓Timeline✓Create a Newspaper✓Biography Poem✓Training Manual Booklet✓Bio


Holocaust Research Unit: Literature & Writing - EDITABLE #DistanceLearningTpT
This exhaustive unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach the Holocaust while integrating reading, research, and writing! Reframe the way you teach the Holocaust in English and/or Social Studies while creating advanced readers, thinkers, speakers, and listeners! The design of the unit could be used

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Gupta Empire Lesson Plan: The Golden Age Literacy & Writing Activity & Fun AD
This activity pack is student-centered, rigorous, and fun. It comes with an informational text one-page reading covering the Golden Age of the Gupta Empire in Ancient India. Students then complete a Common Core writing printable, that has them find supporting sentences for claims and summarize the m

Also included in: Gupta Empire Resource and Assessment Activity Bundle with Six Lesson Plans


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Ashoka the Great? Ancient India Activity Writing and Literacy Lesson Plan
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a brief history of the famous Mauryan leader of Ancient India, Ashoka (Asoka) the Great. Then, they analyze some of his more controversial accomplishments and evaluate his "greatness". Next, students formulate an opinion and use

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Ancient China Bundle
Students will create travel brochures, timelines, commercials, advertisements, currencies, newspapers, biography book covers, festival brochures, visuals, talk shows, movie trailers, scrapbooks, poems, speeches, posters, writing assignments, classroom debates, board games and dialogues.


Medieval Feudal Japan Bundle Unit Activities
Students will have the opportunity to create the following activities and projects:✓43 Interactive Notebook Activities✓Webquest: Introduction to Japan✓Geography of Japan: Create a Real Estate Advertisement or Commercial✓Create a Timeline: Medieval Japan✓Create Tanka Poems✓Create Currency for Japan’s


Colonial America Simulation, Plymouth Activity
Colonial America simulation activity: A New Life in PlymouthHistory can be difficult for students to understand and experience. Simulations help students put themselves in the past, learning about history in an authentically engaging way. Students love simulations because they don't know what the fi

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The One and Only Ivan Novel Study Unit and Book Report—by Katharine Applegate
Your students will GO APE over this unique book report project. Activities for the project-based classroom.69 ready-to-go, mix-and-match templates focus on a wide range of topics related to The One and Only Ivan by Katharine Applegate—story elements, themes, symbolism, characters, parts of a book, r

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History Crime Scene Investigation: CSI Hamilton Duel At Dawn
Hamilton was so much more than just an amazing play on Broadway. Want a great way for students to engage in a group activity while they examine eyewitness testimony, artifacts, primary sources, and solve a historical mystery? Download The Hamilton Duel at Dawn CSI! This exciting activity can be

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Election 2020 Webquest - Joe Biden and Donald Trump
In order to learn about the experiences and the viewpoints of the Joe Biden and Donald Trump, students will visit various websites, including their official ones. After researching and taking notes on the candidates' backgrounds and viewpoints on significant issues, students will determine who they

Also included in: Election 2020 Complete Unit Bundle: Activities, Templates & Projects


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CER Claim Evidence Reasoning Posters and Writing Practice Worksheets
Are you trying to implement CER into your science classroom and not sure where to start? This resource will walk you through introducing it to your students using teacher tips pages, give you ideas for practicing with your students, student reference sheets, scaffolded classroom decor posters, stude

Also included in: CER | Claim Evidence Reasoning Activity Bundle


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Charlemagne: Hero or Villain Project
Student will research Charlemagne and then determine if he should be viewed as a villain or a hero. Students will use evidence to form an opinion about the controversial, historical figure. They can complete a poster or write a dialogue. I highly recommend that students read a book that can be fo

Also included in: Middle Ages Unit Activities - Bundle


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Med. W. Africa - "The Story of Sundiata" + PP + Assessments (Distance Learning)
The Article and Power Point, "The Story of Sundiata" is an engaging story of the life-altering journey a disabled boy, named Sundiata, undertakes to become a great warrior and eventual ruler of the Empire of Mali. The story, "The Lion King" has many parallels to this story. Ideal for Venn Diagram,

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