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Why do we study history anyway? This back to school activity is a must have for any history or social studies class! Start the first day of school (or the first lesson of any history class) with “WHY” because students always want to know why? Why am I learning about history? Why do we have to study this stuff anyway? When am I ever going to use this in life? Isn’t history about a "bunch of old dead people" and things that have already happened? **Major necessary upgrades have been made to ma
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade Writing Curriculum ✏️ This resource gives you a step-by-step instructional plan that will help you teach the writing process. The Writing Plan includes my 6 favorite go-to writing units - informative, narrative, descriptive, opinion, summary, & conclusions! Most of these units consist of 5 initial lessons. Students will explore topic sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences of paragraphs. At the end of these lessons, students will have the organizatio
This writing unit focuses on explanatory and informative (expository) writing and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. It has also been recently updated to include Google Drive / Google Classroom editable handouts (perfect for distance learning!) and MLA 8 style handouts.This IS included in my mega bundle: ALL of my WRITING RESOURCES GROWING BUNDLE.Students will learn to write informative/explanatory essays and research papers by following the step-by-step process. The zipped file in
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a history page about the evolution of cuneiform in Ancient Mesopotamia. Then, students support the main idea of the reading with supporting text, summarize, and draw conclusions in a printable writing guide. Next, students try writing like a Sumerian by trying to copy early cuneiform pictograms and later phonetic symbols. A writing translation chart is included.Now includes an answer key!***This product can be used for a rem
Students can easily practice finding text evidence and other testing skills all year long with the side-by-side Text Evidence Proof Frames, which simulate one of the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) testing formats. Finding text evidence is an essential skill for any student. Use these editable text evidence proof frames for assessing your students in any subject area. Please Click the preview for more details.On the left of the document, you’ll find the text box for inserting the t
An entertaining BUNDLE of unique resources that introduce the 5 Themes of Geography! These guided lessons are FUN for students & the 7-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Each activity includes a Teacher Reference Guide to ensure success & engagement in your classroom! The bundle has editable, print & interactive, digital versions of the materials. Made for traditional in-class learning or digital 1:1 classrooms. Everything you need is included!Google versions of the resources
This FREE resource is a stand-alone project that can be turned into a FULL WEEK worth of activities. You'll find 5 region activity pages and capitals/abbreviation resource sheets and note pages. Plus, I've included a thorough teacher's guide giving you plenty of suggestions on how to turn this into one awesome mini-unit!These maps are also located in my customized state history projects. You'll find 86 student activities organized in 8 modules for easy lesson planning. This complete notebook uni
The Declaration of Independence can be a daunting document for teachers to explain to students, but this primary source lesson will help students understand the major themes and concepts within the document itself. Though Thomas Jefferson's Declaration was written in the 18th century, this worksheet has proven to be a fantastic, big-picture way for today's students to study such an important writing without becoming overwhelmed. The Declaration is really just a big "break-up letter" from the co
CNN 10 (CNN Student News) is the perfect avenue for students to stay informed on current events. This PDF and GOOGLE DRIVE set of graphic organizer worksheets are an excellent way to analyze and summarize the current events of the day using CNN10. These various templates will help students of all ages stay engaged while watching CNN 10. A simple writing format helps students recognize, summarize, and write opinions about the major headlines of the day. I find this resource to be extremely prac
This Intro to Types of Governments Unit Bundle has everything needed to keep your classes engaged! The guided lessons are FUN for students & the 6-E teaching model is easy for you to use. The materials focus on identifying types of limited & unlimited governments and comparing & contrasting political systems. Each resource includes a Teacher Reference Guide to help you easily plan. Your purchase has print & digital, interactive versions of the materials. Made for in-class learnin
This activity is student-centered and Common Core! First, students read a brief history about the Epic of Gilgamesh and an excerpt from the actual tale. Then, they analyze the text and draw conclusions regarding beliefs about polytheism, demigods, and society in Ancient Mesopotamia. Lastly, students summarize and support claims with evidence in the form of direct quotes from the text.Includes an answer key!___________________________________________________________________________________♥♥♥SAVE
Writing instruction has never been easier! This download now includes ALL of my writing resources: argument and persuasive, expository (including journalism), and narrative writing. In addition, I added helpful outlines, prompts, and rubrics. The skills practiced are standards-based, aligned with the Common Core State Standards.This is a MEGA BUNDLE of the following products:*ARGUMENT*Argument Writing Mega Bundle (Includes Unit, Editable Handouts, Rubrics, AND Presentation) (This is included in
Make civics practical and exciting for students using this Social Studies simulation that allows students to experience the Legislative Branch! Students will participate in writing bills for their school, community, or state while learning the various stages within the lawmaking process. All voices are heard as students become members of Congress, participate in committees, debate on the floor, and watch their President sign the bills that survive the entire process. Not only do students love
Assess student understanding of minerals through their completion of this birthstone project. This project has print and digital options to allow flexibility in the science classroom. First, students will complete the graphic organizer using student-friendly websites to research their birthstone. Then they will complete the brochure to demonstrate their knowledge of the mineral. This project works well as a science center, independent or small group assignment, or digitally assigned. Like this b
This curriculum unit includes 7 World War 2 lessons for 6-7 weeks of instruction & includes a printable & digital version. Some components are editable so you can tweak it to your students’ needs. Audios of the reading passages, quizzes, & tests are included. This is perfect for students with read-aloud accommodations.  The included World War II lessons help you easily integrate literacy with your social studies content with graphic organizers that focus on one specific reading skill
This Current Events Summary is an excellent tool for students to get involved with the news and the current events of the week. A simple writing format helps students find, summarize, and write opinions about current news stories and events. I find this activity to be a practical filler for various social studies courses. What's Included:Teacher directions with ideas for implementation and useSimple student directions: Find, Highlight, Summarize, Importance, OpinionGuided student writing temp
This curriculum unit includes 5 World War 1 lessons for 5 weeks of instruction & includes a printable & digital version. Some components are editable so you can tweak it to your students’ needs. Audios of the reading passages, quizzes, & tests are included. This is perfect for students with read-aloud accommodations.  The included World War I lessons help you easily integrate literacy with your social studies content with graphic organizers that focus on one specific reading skill pe
Are you looking for fun and engaging Timeline activities that also tie into your Social Studies and Writing curriculum? Do you need to teach both one-tier and multi-tier timeline skills?This timeline resource allows students to learn about Single-Tier and Multi-Tier timelines – why they exist, how we use them, and how to create them, and how to read them. Students will then complete a biography research project where they’ll put their new knowledge about timelines into practice.This activity is
This powerpoint contains a writing scaffold to help students frame their paragraphs using PEEL. Most students are familiar with PEE in their paragraphs but the L is what makes students show their understanding to a higher level.The first slide is a writing mat with the sentence starters. This can been laminated and given to students to use with their written work, in particular for essays. It could also be photocopied and stuck into the students books for regular reference. My classes have bot
Help your students know all 50 states and capitals of the United States with this huge, MEGA-Pack of resources! This product is available in printable PDF, Google Classroom, and Google Forms. A crossword puzzle, word search, test blanks, word banks, and so many more options are also included in this MEGA-Pack! You will even get a mini-research project template for students to research their favorite state, as well as a creative writing template. Whether it be for a civics unit, history class, cl
This is a full year bundle for the first half of U.S History - from Exploration through Reconstruction. This bundle is a product of 19 years of teaching experience. I've been teaching these subjects throughout that time, and the products listed here represent my expertise as a classroom teacher. This is a stand-alone product. They are a few videos that you might like to purchase or stream to students, however, the total cost of those videos is less than ten dollars. My curriculum is focused on b
Introduction to Esperanza Rising (Pre-Reading Research Project): Are you teaching a literature unit using Esperanza Rising this year? Since this is a historical fiction novel, it is a good idea to give students some background information before they read Esperanza Rising. This is an interactive WebQuest that takes students on a journey to learn more about the setting and events that take place in this book. Depending on your group, this research project is expected to take anywhere from 2 - 4
Students read a brief history of the evolution of hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt. Then, students support the main idea of the reading with evidence from the text. Students decipher a message and try writing like an Egyptian by writing his/her name in hieroglyphics. Lastly, the students support a claim with evidence from the text in a Claim, Evidence, Reasoning graphic organizer. This product comes with an answer key!═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════►►► This prod
This lesson discusses the the causes and effects of the War of 1812. To understand the causes, the class will visit an interactive website that discusses why people were both for and against the War of 1812. In order to understand the impact of the war, students will visit four stations which represent varying impacts. They include westward movement, the growth of American art and literature, the destruction of Washington D.C., and the growth of Andrew Jackson's popularity after the Battle of Ne

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