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Plan a Vacation Project | Plan a Road Trip PBL Project Based Learning
What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this fun, high-interest Road Trip Project? In this unit, students will have the opportunity to plan a trip and persuade others to visit their chosen destination!SAVE Big with the PRINTABLE & DIGITAL MEGA B

Also included in: Project Based Learning Mega Bundle - PRINTABLE & DIGITAL Versions


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Research and Inquiry - Graphic Organizers for ANY Subject
Research / Inquiry Organizers - Looking for something to help your students manage a research or inquiry project? Use these comprehensive templates and organizers to help your students succeed! I've used these organizers with multiple grades and subjects and had great success! Great for any subject

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Scientific Method Independent & Dependent Variables &Questions Distance Learning
Need an activity to illustrate experimental design? This one is AWESOME!Explore the fundamentals of setting up a scientific study: independent variable, dependent variable, control variables, and articulating the question that will guide your study.Students arrange variables on their “shuffleboard”

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Any Book & Movie Comparison Reader's Notebook Activities CCSS RL.7
Movie and Book Comparison Activities with Interactive Reader's Notebook Foldables - Use with ANY Novel or Story Aligned to the Common Core State Standards for grades 7-12, Reading Literature RL.7 and Writing Standards W.4, W.7, W.9, W.10 Contains 37 printable pages with numerous prompts, evaluatio

Also included in: All of my Reading Resources (Fiction / Nonfiction) Growing Bundle


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5 Themes of Geography Bundle - Intro to the Five Themes 5-E Unit
An intro to the 5 Themes of Geography themed bundle with lots of entertaining & unique resources! Follow Stickman through these guided lessons that are FUN for students and the 5-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Build or enrich your curriculum with these materials, which are ideal for in


World War I & World War II BUNDLE!  20 activities for World War 1 & World War 2!
In the World Wars Bundle, you receive TWENTY total resources to teach World War I and World War II. Each resource has been designed to increase engagement, promote higher-level thinking, and create higher-level learners. Google 1:1 compatible resources are also included in this product! Use in ei


Short Biography Research Project for ELA or SS: What Would ____ Do?
Have you ever wondered what historical figures would say about today’s current events if they were still alive? Would Gandhi approve of the Occupy movement? Would Amelia Earhart fight funding cuts to the space program? Would Dr. King be taking on urban education? Hook students into doing primary AND

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Electricity Labs: Current & Voltage in Series Circuits & Parallel Circuits
Clear and easy to follow circuit labs! Schematic diagrams guide students in constructing various series and parallel circuits. Student then attach voltmeters* and ammeters* to compare and contrast voltage and current through different parts of each circuit. Space to record answers is provided. *

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Travel Brochure Template and Research Project
Build research and writing skills with this historical travel brochure project, specifically designed to work with ANY location. Your students will have a chance to research a historical location and create a unique travel brochure, a perfect way to showcase learning! Everything you need to seamles

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CSI American History: Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Cuba, JFK, KKK!
CSI American History Bundle! Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Tulsa Race Riots, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK!In the CSI American History Bundle, you receive EIGHT American History focused CSI investigations! Plus, any future American History CSI lessons, will be added to this bundle -- and y


Density Inquiry Labs and Density Math Problem Sets with Answers & Solutions
Two great labs highlighting scientific investigation and lab skills along with 5 pages of density math word problems.In “Density of Rubber Stoppers,” students are challenged to find the density of different rubber stoppers. Much to the dismay of many, however, it is only after measuring, graphing a

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Age of Exploration European Explorers Interactive Activity
Age of Exploration and European Explorer interactive activity! This 35 page packet contains a fun activity about explorers who traveled and discovered the New World.This packet includes:6 Step Outline for ActivityLabels for Interactive Board/Chart7 Different Charts (with and without European explore

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World Poverty Living on One Dollar a Day PBL Mini Unit
Explore extreme world poverty using a variety of sources with this eye-opening PBL mini-unit that will leave your students feeling thankful, aware, and empowered to create change.Almost half of the world lives on $5.50 a day or less. At least 70% of all humans live on $10 or less. While those are sh

Also included in: Current Global Issues Course Mega Bundle


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50 States Worksheets | Activities | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Printable and Digital 50 States Worksheets! Everything you need for students to research the 50 states is included! Each state worksheet is designed for students to research and complete independently. The extra research pages provide added rigor for those students wanting a challenge. The bibliog

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas (COMBINED - BOOK AND FILM)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Bundled) DISCOUNTED by 10% THIS IS A BUNDLED PRODUCT ON THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS - SEE THE LINKS BELOW - IT MAY BE USED WITH THE BOOK AND THE FILM. • Holocaust Studies: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Research Qs; Critical lens Q) • Holocaust studies: The B

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Fields Exist Between Objects NGSS Middle School Magnetism Lab Activity MS-PS2-5
This 2 day EYE-OPENING, FUN, and INTERESTING lab activity challenges students to prove there is REAL IRON in cereal by designing and conducting their own experiments to prove magnetic fields exist between objects!!! It addresses the NGSS Performance Expectation through the Science and Engineering Pr

Also included in: Distance Learning Science NGSS Physical Science Bundle Activities Middle School


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Oregon Trail Project | Google Classroom | Distance Learning
Students independently or collaboratively research the Oregon Trail in order to create a historical travel brochure detailing the overland experience. After researching the Oregon Trail, students are ready to create their travel brochures and apply their knowledge. ***Paper PDF AND Google Drive Res

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Distance Learning Science Erosion Project STEM and NGSS Middle School MS-ESS3-1
Newly updated as digital PDFs for home or distance learning! This resource is a SUPER FUN, CREATIVE and ENGAGING NGSS middle school research and engineering project incorporating STEM that challenges students in 6 different scenarios of erosion to save their house/land! They research the type of ero

Also included in: NGSS STEM Bundle of 7 Projects for Middle School


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20 Research & Note-taking Graphic Organizers and Templates
These research graphic organizers will help your students form strong note-taking habits, organize findings, build vocabulary and keep track of the sources they used to find information. - 20 Diverse Graphic Organizers / Templates for Research - Generic enough to be used across different subjects, a

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Holocaust Research Unit: Literature & Writing - EDITABLE #DistanceLearningTpT
This exhaustive unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach the Holocaust while integrating reading, research, and writing! Reframe the way you teach the Holocaust in English and/or Social Studies while creating advanced readers, thinkers, speakers, and listeners! The design of the unit could be used

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Rear Window: Study Guide for Hitchcock's Film | Distance Learning
Alfred Hitchcock's “Rear Window” stars Jimmy Stewart as a globetrotting photographer confined to his New York City home. He passes the time by watching his neighbors and suddenly thinks a murder been committed in a nearby apartment. Stewart’s girlfriend (Grace Kelly) is skeptical. Is what he’s seen

Also included in: Bundle: "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" Hitchcock Film Study Guides


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Medieval Feudal Japan Bundle Unit Activities
Students will have the opportunity to create the following activities and projects:✓43 Interactive Notebook Activities✓Webquest: Introduction to Japan✓Geography of Japan: Create a Real Estate Advertisement or Commercial✓Create a Timeline: Medieval Japan✓Create Tanka Poems✓Create Currency for Japan’s


Physical Chemical Changes Lab Stations NGSS 5-PS1-4 MS-PS1-2 and TEKS 6.5C 7.6.A
In this fun and engaging 8 station activity, students in middle school rotate through each of the lab stations and perform simple experiments to distinguish between physical and chemical changes. Students collect data on whether a physical change or a chemical reaction has occurred and record their

Also included in: Distance Learning Science NGSS Physical Science Bundle Activities Middle School


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The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights US History Unit Distance Learning
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights Interactive Notebook, which works for both print and Google Drive™, investigates and helps gain an understanding of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.This download contains both a printable format as well as a Google Drive™ compatible forma

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