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MLA Style & Format 8th Edition: Citations, Instructions, Practice, Examples
Teach your students how to cite their sources! Newly updated to include MLA 8th edition (7th edition is also included). MLA style and format for citations includes teaching instructions, practice exercises, interactive notebook flip book, and many examples. The citations are those your students use

Also included in: Writing Resources Bundle Argument Expository Narrative Journalism


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Industrial Revolution - Invention Poster Project
INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ACTIVITY - Students really enjoy this assignment where they become an inventor from the Industrial Revolution and market / sell one of their inventions. Students must research both the inventor and the invention and then "sell" themselves and their ideas. Includes the followi

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Avoiding Plagiarism: A Mini-Unit
Most teachers have had to deal with plagiarism in some form or another, and many still haven’t quite figured out the best way to combat it. Some teachers give a stern warning and threaten serious consequences. Others use software to detect plagiarism. These methods work to some extent, but many stu

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Research and Inquiry - Graphic Organizers for ANY Subject
Research / Inquiry Organizers - Looking for something to help your students manage a research or inquiry project? Use these comprehensive templates and organizers to help your students succeed! I've used these organizers with multiple grades and subjects and had great success! Great for any subject

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Elements Compounds and Mixtures Classification of Matter Distance Learning
Included:graphic organizer (1 page) for student notes (matter, pure substances, mixtures, elements, compounds, homogeneous & heterogeneous mixtures);graphic organizer (2 pages) for student notes (all of the above plus: metals, nonmetals, metalloids, inorganic, organic, solutions, colloids, suspe

Also included in: Atoms Elements Molecules Compounds and Mixtures Classification Distance Learning


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BUNDLE | Intro to Five Themes of Geography | 5 Themes Unit | Distance Learning
An entertaining BUNDLE of unique resources that introduce the 5 Themes of Geography! These guided lessons are FUN for students & the 6-E teaching model is easy for you to use! Each activity includes a Teacher Reference Guide to ensure success in your classroom! This unit bundle has everything


Summarize Quote Create Parenthetical Citations for Research  MLA
This lesson gives students practice creating parenthetical citations using the MLA format. Additionally, students will practice selecting quotes, summarizing information and using both quoted and summarized materials in original paragraphs. Students will have the opportunity to use ellipsis and bra

Also included in: Works Cited and Parenthetical Citation Step by Step Research Guides Bundle


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Works Cited and Parenthetical Citation Step by Step Research Guides Bundle
This resource has everything you need to give students practice and confidence in the technical aspects of research that are often their biggest stumbling blocks: creating a works cited and using parenthetical citation.What teachers are saying about this bundle:"This product is amazing! It covers


Ecology Mystery: The Case Of The Silent Night (MS-LS2-4)
What happens when something disrupts the ability of a system to meet the needs of the organisms within its bounds? In this activity, students will explore what that “something” might be when presented with the problem of a precipitous decline in the native tree frog population of Mayberry, Florida.I

Also included in: Invasive Species Activity Bundle


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Families of Elements on the Periodic Table: Note Organizer Distance Learning
Identify families of elements and organize your notes with these effective and efficient worksheets. On the left, a periodic table to highlight elements belonging to each family and, on the right, space reserved for notes.1st page: Metals, Non-Metals, and Metalloids2nd page: Alkali Metals, Alkaline

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Travel Brochure Template and Research Project
Build research and writing skills with this historical travel brochure project, specifically designed to work with ANY location. Your students will have a chance to research a historical location and create a unique travel brochure, a perfect way to showcase learning! Everything you need to seamles

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BUNDLE | Intro to Culture | FUN 5-E Unit & Resources | Distance Learning
An entertaining BUNDLE of unique Intro to Culture resources! The guided lessons are FUN for students & the 5-E teaching model is EASY for you to use! Each activity includes a Teacher Reference Guide to ensure success in your classroom! This engaging unit includes everything you need!Google Clas


Project based learning: Who Killed Edgar Allen Poe
Who or What Killed Edgar Allen Poe? Edgar Allen Poe’s death has been the subject of speculation for over 150 years. Have your students meet the suspects, compare and contrast eyewitness statements of his symptoms to current medical knowledge, and write persuasive pieces to promote their theory of

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Distance Learning Science Invasive Species Reading and Questions NGSS MS-LS2-4
Great for distance or home learning when you simply EDIT the directions! This simple and interesting cross curricular lesson can be used as a LOW PREP SUB PLAN in an ecosystems unit, to promote literacy in science class, for introducing invasive species, or for gathering evidence for the NGSS Perfor

Also included in: Distance Learning Science NGSS Middle School Science Growing MEGA Bundle


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Solar System Project: Totally Tourist Tour of Our Solar System Distance Learning
Solar system of course! With the internet as their resource, students explore current information about our Solar System and discover some fun and interesting information about the planets along the way.Original Artwork (©AwesomeScience). For Personal Use Only. Uneditable. Copyright ©

Also included in: Space Science & Atmospheric Science Activities for Middle School & High School


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CSI American History: Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Cuba, JFK, KKK!
CSI American History Bundle! Lost Colony, Salem, Donner Party, Lincoln, Tulsa Race Riots, Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK!In the CSI American History Bundle, you receive EIGHT American History focused CSI investigations! Plus, any future American History CSI lessons, will be added to this bundle -- and y


Credibility Evaluation Chart, Glossary, Avoiding Plagiarism,  Citation CCSS W.8
Help students evaluate Web and print resources for credibility, accuracy and reliability by answering a set of twenty questions. The answers are marked yes, somewhat, or no on an easy-to-use chart, resulting in an overall rating of credibility. Includes a model. A handy Glossary defines all terms

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20 Research & Note-taking Graphic Organizers and Templates
These research graphic organizers will help your students form strong note-taking habits, organize findings, build vocabulary and keep track of the sources they used to find information. - 20 Diverse Graphic Organizers / Templates for Research - Generic enough to be used across different subjects, a

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MLA Citation Practice with Task Cards
Give your students practice in writing citations correctly for 11 types of resources! Updated for the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook, there are 72 task cards for resources often used when writing a bibliography for school assignments as well as less common resources that students might also use.

Also included in: Compare & Contrast Writing, Opinion & Persuasive Writing, MLA Citations BUNDLE


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Age of Exploration European Explorers Interactive Activity
Age of Exploration and European Explorer interactive activity! This 35 page packet contains a fun activity about explorers who traveled and discovered the New World.This packet includes:6 Step Outline for ActivityLabels for Interactive Board/Chart7 Different Charts (with and without European explore

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World Poverty Living on One Dollar a Day PBL Mini Unit
Explore extreme world poverty using a variety of sources with this eye-opening PBL mini-unit that will leave your students feeling thankful, aware, and empowered to create change.Almost half of the world lives on $5.50 a day or less. At least 70% of all humans live on $10 or less. While those are sh

Also included in: Current Global Issues Course Mega Bundle


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50 States Worksheets | Activities | Distance Learning | Google Classroom
Printable and Digital 50 States Worksheets! Everything you need for students to research the 50 states is included! Each state worksheet is designed for students to research and complete independently. The extra research pages provide added rigor for those students wanting a challenge. The bibliog

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Oregon Trail Project | Google Classroom | Distance Learning
Students independently or collaboratively research the Oregon Trail in order to create a historical travel brochure detailing the overland experience. After researching the Oregon Trail, students are ready to create their travel brochures and apply their knowledge. ***Paper PDF AND Google Drive Res

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PRESIDENTS DAY PROJECT: Summarize the Life and Biography of a President
OverviewStudents will create a PowerPoint, video, or project about a President of their choice. This project explains what students must research, and includes a grading rubric for the teacher. Students will research both personal and executive events of their chosen Commander in Chief. Great for

Also included in: CIVICS & GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: The Bundle


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