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P.E.E.L. paragraphs literacy writing mat scaffold in history (PEEL)
This powerpoint contains a writing scaffold to help students frame their paragraphs using PEEL. Most students are familiar with PEE in their paragraphs but the L is what makes students show their understanding to a higher level.The first slide is a writing mat with the sentence starters. This can b

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Fast Food Lessons - 3 Days of Fun Lessons on How to Choose Healthier Fast Food!
★★★★★ These are fun "unhealthy versus healthier" fast food choices lessons and includes an art project too! This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group activity!This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING" individual Health lessons!★NEW!! This res

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American Revolution Simulation, US Revolutionary War Activity
American Revolution simulation activityHistory can be difficult for students to understand and experience. Simulations help students put themselves in the past, learning about history in an authentically engaging way. Students love simulations because they don't know what the final outcome will be.

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AP World History: Modern - Full Curriculum Bundle - 90% Pass Rate - Google Drive
Updated for 2019-2020! The curriculum is a living bundle that includes Google Drive access with the download.This complete class curriculum is intended to best-prepare you and your students for passing the AP Test with the exact same model and approach I use. It has helped my students consistently a


Art Activity: How Alcohol Affects the Body Wheel Project
★★★★★ This interactive art project is a great way for your students to see how hard alcohol is on the growing body, how it affects the brain, what "alcohol poisoning" is, and more! It's one to three days of lessons and a fun art project with an important message! -----------------------------------

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Health Lesson: Life Stories Project-Overcoming Hardships and Sharing Your Story
★★★★★ This 3 to 5-Day project will have your students sharing personal stories you never realized they had, and telling things about themselves they've possibly never shared before! This is one of my personal favorite lessons and it can change the way your students interact with each other. My stu

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Elie Wiesel: Hope, Despair and Memory - What is Textual Analysis?
This is one part of a larger lesson on Elie Wiesel. There are some common elements in the two, but my second unit goes beyond the scope of this free unit, so if you like what you see here please have a look at the following: ❤️❤️Elie Wiesel: Hope, Despair and Memory ❤️❤️ MOVE AWAY FROM GENERIC QUESTION

Also included in: HOLOCAUST (BUNDLE #1)


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Sub Plans SUPER BUNDLE: 6 Impacting Lessons for Teachers of Any Subject
★★★★★ These substitute plans include 6 Easy-to-Teach, impacting Lessons for any subject 6th - 12th grade.You and your middle or high school students will LOVE all six of these substitute lessons!! They're all teen issues that will engage and interest teens!! ★Here are the topics: 1. Values2. Self

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Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire worksheet
Genghis Khan and the Mongols worksheet AIM QUESTION: Were the Mongols a positive or negative force in history? Common core-compliant worksheet. Contains a variety of activities that promote critical thinking, class discussion, and an array of other social studies skills. Topics covered in this les

Also included in: 9th Grade Global/World History MEGA Bundle


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Biology Writing Prompts Year Long Bundle
Want to improve your students' science literacy? Included are 40 biology writing prompts (both pdf and Google slide versions) that cover your year-long curriculum! Bundle and save! Topics include:1. Scientific Method (throughout all units)2. Characteristics of Life3. Cell Size4. Levels of Organi


True Story Articles: A "Must-Have" if You Work With Teens
★★★★★ Change the course of a teens' life!! This resource has 140+ true story articles on relevant teen issues. Teens LOVE true stories about real people; whether inspirational or tragic, and they can learn powerful lessons about dangerous decisions before making similar mistakes themselves!I've se

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Who was Jack the Ripper? HISTORY MYSTERY
Can your students decide who Jack the Ripper was out of a cast of 12 suspects?In this lesson they will compare and evaluate 12 possible suspects before deciding on the most likely guilty person. They will then justifying their decision both verbally and in writing. The lesson works as a knockout t



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Health Lesson:  Peer Pressure Role-Play Task Cards Activity!
★★★★★ You will be amazed how well these task cards work, and how these varied role-play scenarios will help improve student assertiveness skills! This resource includes 5 different role-play scenarios (60 task cards) with these important teen topics:1) Alcohol2) Drugs3) Bullying4) Sexual Pressures5

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Apartheid in South Africa worksheet - Nelson Mandela
Apartheid in South Africa worksheet – Nelson Mandela AIM: How did apartheid rise and fall in South Africa? Common core-compliant worksheet. Includes several activities designed to promote critical thinking, active engagement, and class discussion such as:Do now that appropriately sets up the lesson.

Also included in: Bundle #7 - Africa - Global/World History Common Core


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Boy in the Striped Pajamas (COMBINED - BOOK AND FILM)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Bundled) DISCOUNTED by 10% THIS IS A BUNDLED PRODUCT ON THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS - SEE THE LINKS BELOW - IT MAY BE USED WITH THE BOOK AND THE FILM. • Holocaust Studies: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Research Qs; Critical lens Q) • Holocaust studies: The B

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End of World War II, Start of the Cold War worksheet
End of World War II, Start of the Cold War worksheet AIM: How did the end of World War II pave the way for the Cold War? Was the Cold War inevitable? Common core compliant worksheet focusing on the Yalta Agreement and its aftermath Contains several student-centered activities designed to promote

Also included in: Bundle #5 - World War II


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Holocaust Research Unit: Literature & Writing - EDITABLE #DistanceLearningTpT
This exhaustive unit contains EVERYTHING you need to teach the Holocaust while integrating reading, research, and writing! Reframe the way you teach the Holocaust in English and/or Social Studies while creating advanced readers, thinkers, speakers, and listeners! The design of the unit could be used

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NGSS-Aligned Claim Evidence Reasoning Rubric
This product contains two rubrics for helping student construct explanations and arguments in science. The rubrics are generic enough to accompany any lab, or any science discipline. Use this product in three ways: 1. As an assessment tool for summative evaluations. Print a half-sheet rubric for e

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Rear Window: Study Guide for Hitchcock's Film | Distance Learning
Alfred Hitchcock's “Rear Window” stars Jimmy Stewart as a globetrotting photographer confined to his New York City home. He passes the time by watching his neighbors and suddenly thinks a murder been committed in a nearby apartment. Stewart’s girlfriend (Grace Kelly) is skeptical. Is what he’s seen

Also included in: Bundle: "Rear Window" and "Vertigo" Hitchcock Film Study Guides


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WWII Propaganda Posters Activities and Project Print & Digital
Make persuaders out of your students with several activities that analyze famous World War II posters, then culminate their learning with a propaganda poster of their own to promote a positive behavior to address a current school problem.This resource also comes in Google Slide format for a paperles

Also included in: 1900s US History Activity and Project Packs Bundle


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Colonial America Simulation, Plymouth Activity
Colonial America simulation activity: A New Life in PlymouthHistory can be difficult for students to understand and experience. Simulations help students put themselves in the past, learning about history in an authentically engaging way. Students love simulations because they don't know what the fi

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2-Week "Cultural Diversity" and "Celebrating My Ethnic Heritage" Unit
★★★★★ As each student researches his/her own ethnic identity in this “Celebrating My Ethnic Heritage” Health unit, students come to appreciate and celebrate their own individual uniqueness!!The lessons were created to promote the spirit of positive self-esteem and the celebration of diversity!FREE!

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Water Garbage Fossil Fuel Sustainability PBL Unit Bundle
Explore the increasingly urgent problem of our world’s biggest environmental dilemmas: how to conserve our water, how to end our addiction to fossil fuel oils, and how to stop generating so much garbage in this three-part bundle sustainability unit. Everything from pollution to conservation, carbon


Interactive Health Lesson: How Alcohol Poisoning Affects the Brain "Flip-Up"!
★★★★★ WOW-this flip-open brain turned out awesome!! You’re going to love how informative and interactive it is!!Teach students how alcohol poisoning affects the brain using this interactive "cut, tape, and flip up" activity.---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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