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This set of 32 task cards will give your upper elementary and middle school students an opportunity to practice reading nonfiction passages and identifying the five types of text structures. These are the informational text structures addressed in Common Core Reading standards. It addresses the following five text structures:→ Sequence→ Compare and Contrast→ Cause and Effect→ Problem and Solution→ Description One unique feature of these informational text structure task cards is that each set o
After the Revolutionary War, the United States grew at an amazing rate. Many pioneers packed up their belongings and moved west. This unit on the Westward includes reading passages, organizers, character studies, vocabulary posters, timeline, map activities and more! Your students will learn all about the Westward Expansion with information about:The Westward ExpansionThe Louisiana PurchaseThe Erie CanalThe AlamoThe Pony ExpressThe Oregon TrailThe Gold RushImportant Inventions: Telegraph, Steam
This Civil War activity pack has everything you need to teach this unit! With leveled reading passages, organizers, comprehension questions, interactive activities, vocabulary posters, case files on important people & a flipbook! It also includes a study guide and a Unit Test. Your students will learn so much with this non-fiction resource about the American Civil War!**Newly Updated in 2020 with Three Different Levels of Reading Passages**Note: This unit has been updated and improved follow
These 32 context clues task cards are incredibly helpful in teaching students how to decipher meaning from short passages. A context clues anchor chart is also included!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysAnchor ChartDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel ActivityEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Card to extend the lessonAudio SupportSelf-Checking or Short AnswerMultiple versions of the recording
This author's purpose resource contains 24 task cards. Each task card contains a short passage, followed by this question: "The author's primary purpose for writing this passage most likely is..."Four multiple-choice options follow the question stem.I prefer teaching the five-option author's purpose format to my upper elementary students as I feel it better prepares my students for tests. Many multiple-choice tests add a fourth purpose as a choice, and when I only focused on the basic three, I
Theme Task Cards: This resource contains 16 task cards - each task card contains a short narrative. After reading each passage, students are tasked with identifying the theme of each narrative.Included are TWO options for student responses:1) Students write a sentence describing the narrative's theme.2) Students complete a multiple-choice worksheet, identifying the correct theme from 4 choices.********This resource is available in three formats:Traditional Printables- Print the PDF and distribut
Do your students struggle to understand multiple meaning words or homonyms? One of the best strategies they can learn is how to use context clues to understand word meaning. That skill is the focus of these homonyms task cards.Includes:24 Task CardsRecording SheetAnswer KeyDigital Task CardsDigital AssessmentEach task card has a sentence containing a word that can have more than one meaning. Students must use sentence-level context to determine the meaning of that underlined word and choose the
32 Context Clue Task Cards with differentiation options! You can use these in class or with a device, and with optional audio support, your students will love learning. FLEXIBLE USEPrintable Multiple ChoicePrintable Short AnswerGoogle Slides (multiple choice) with AUDIO SUPPORTEasel Self-Checking Assessment with AUDIO SUPPORTEasel Activity (short answer)EXTRASContext Clues Anchor Chart (1-page or 4-page format)Recording Sheets - 2 options: multiple choice or short answerAnswer KeysChallenge Card
Earth's Changing Surface - Processes that Shape the EarthThis is a complete science curriculum specifically for teaching the topic of Earth's Systems. It is fully aligned with the Fourth grade NGSS standards.--------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING---------------------This unit is designed to engage students and excite them about science by igniting their curiosity, connecting prior knowledge, and giving children hands-on experiences of complex scientific principles. Throughout this unit, studen
Learning about the United States Constitution has never been so much fun! Students will love learning all about the Constitution with this creative activity pack, with founding fathers, vocabulary posters, and a flipbook! A perfect way to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17!Go Digital--A Digital Version of This Unit is Now Available:A Digital Version of this unit for Google Classroom is available here.What's Inside:✔Articles of Confederation ✔The Writing of the Constitution✔The Constituti
Your students will love learning about the weather instruments and creating a flip-up booklet! Newly Updated with leveled reading passages in three levels of difficulty. What should you wear today? Will it be warm or cold outside? Will it rain or snow? These are all questions that meteorologists help us answer. Meteorologists gather information about the weather using many different tools and weather instruments. They then make a forecast or prediction about what the weather will be like. In thi
This resource helps students learn about the different types of maps and common map features. It includes 17 visuals/posters plus a worksheet/assessment.MAPS POSTERSThese can be kept together as a single page or cut apart into separate cards for display or a matching activity. The top of each card has the title and definition, and the bottom has a full-color illustration. WORKSHEETThis activity requires students to match the types of maps to their purpose, know the function of various map featur
Take a step back in time to Ancient Egypt with this creative and interactive unit. It's packed full of reading passages, activities, vocabulary posters, maps, timelines, organizers, and so much more! Over 100 pages in all!There are reading passages on the following topics:A Great CivilizationThe Nile River Nile DeltaA Tough LifeBread, Fish, and Flax Mud Brick HousesTraveling by Boat & CamelThe Famous PharaohsMeet Cleopatra Meet King TutMeet Osiris & IsisMyth of Osiris and IsisReligion wa
Practice capitalization with these 32 task cards designed to help students practice capitalizing and proofreading. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught capitalization rules. The multiple-choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. A student answer sheet and answer key is also included so that students can check their work. These task will work well for at an ELA center, for stations, for partner work, or with the whole class using a game like Scoo
This set of 30 task cards is designed to provide students an opportunity to practice main idea test questions.Like most of my task card sets, I have included a bonus game-like answer sheet in addition to the more traditional recording sheet. I encourage you to take a peek at the PREVIEW!! It shows the format of the task cards. You will see that each task card page starts with a passage in the upper left box, and then contains three multiple-choice questions in the three remaining boxes. In to
★ Included in This Resource:- PDF reference page (full page and half page)- PDF Reference cards for posting/bulletin boards- PDF 2 practice handouts - PDF 20 task cards- GOOGLE FORM 1 - Task cards 1-10- GOOGLE FORM 2 - Task Cards 11-20- GOOGLE SLIDES - PDFs in interactive form7/16/2020 - I am updating this product to contain two Google Forms and a Google Slides interactive activity that can be used for digital learning. Check back soon!7/16/2020 - First GOOGLE FORM added to product.7/17/2020 - S
3rd - 5th
Understanding primary and secondary sources is the key to unlocking any social studies or history content. However, most textbooks and curriculum are sorely lacking in the types of activities necessary to help students understand not only the difference between these two types of sources but WHY they are so important. This resource aims to fill in the gaps to give your students a strong foundation in understanding historical materials!For an in-depth look at this resource, please head to the pre
Help your students learn and remember the United States and Capitals. This product breaks the 50 states into five regions to make learning easier to manage and teach. United States maps are included with printable assessments.Update! Easel Digital Version is Included (updated 7/2022)Self Correcting and Easy to Assign!The United States and Capitals Geography Review Activities and Assessment BundleIncluded:50 States Maps 1-50 States test page and 1-answer key1-50 Capitals test page and 1-answer ke
Your students will love this delightfully creepy short story. It's perfect for practicing literary analysis, foreshadowing, point of view, and irony with your middle school and high school students. And... by the end of the unit, students will have written a literary analysis response.Here's what teachers are saying about this unit: "An AWESOME unit. This resource is put together really well and was really easy to use.""MY KIDS LOVED THIS!!!!! We have been having so much fun with it.""This wa
This resource includes 32 task cards for practicing the problem and solution text structure. Each passage is presented two times on adjacent cards. On the odd-numbered cards, students must identify the problem. On the even-numbered cards, they identify the solution. Cards 1-16 feature relatable, fictional situations. Cards 17-32 are informational texts and feature passages about a problem in the world and how it was solved. The cards also include differentiated answer sheets. The first answer sh
In this fun unit, students will learn about the four main types of clouds. There are reading passages, hands-on activities, vocabulary posters, and a flipbook. As a bonus, a weather bulletin board kit is included in this unit. Newly Updated with leveled reading passages with three different levels of difficulty. Have you ever sat down in the grass before to watch the clouds float by? Sometimes they look like a giant puffy cotton ball. Sometimes they look like thin dotted lines in the sky. They m
Ready to use in Easel!  Students always need to review using correct capitalization / capital letters  and punctuation marks. These proofreading "fix-it" printable worksheets have editing practice for sentences so they can find errors in their own writing. To help you or substitute teachers, answer keys are included so it's great for sick days! Related resources you might like:☞ Editing and Proofreading Sentences Practice Worksheet Part 2☞ Digital Editing Practice for Google Drive | PaperlessSav
Your students will love these creative activities and flipbook to learn all about Force and Motion! This unit includes reading passages, comprehension activities, vocabulary posters, a unit test, and a flipbook. There are two character studies where students will meet Isaac Newton and Elijah McCoy.A force is a push or a pull that can make an object move. You use pushing and pulling motions all the time! You use force when you write your name, open a door, tie your shoes, and even take a sip of y
Counting money is an important math and life skill that requires a lot of practice. These task cards target that skill and help students learn to count coins up to one dollar. Each card shows a mix of coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Students must count them to determine the total.This set includes:28 task cardsrecording sheetanswer keydigital task cardsdigital assessmentThe task cards are provided in 2 different formats:1/4 page - For individual student use or small groups

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