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Ready to use in Easel!  Students always need to review using correct capitalization / capital letters  and punctuation marks. These proofreading "fix-it" printable worksheets have editing practice for sentences so they can find errors in their own writing. To help you or substitute teachers, answer keys are included so it's great for sick days! Related resources you might like:☞ Editing and Proofreading Sentences Practice Worksheet Part 2☞ Digital Editing Practice for Google Drive | PaperlessSav
Counting money is an important math and life skill that requires a lot of practice. These task cards target that skill and help students learn to count coins up to one dollar. Each card shows a mix of coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Students must count them to determine the total.This set includes:28 task cardsrecording sheetanswer keydigital task cardsdigital assessmentThe task cards are provided in 2 different formats:1/4 page - For individual student use or small groups
Your students will love these 32 Fact & Opinion Task Cards!Use these 32 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion. Each card features three related sentences. Students must select which one is either a fact or an opinion. The multiple-choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. If you want your students to go a little deeper, there are also two challenge cards that can be added to any of the other cards and answered either verbally or on notebook pap
Your students will love this delightfully creepy short story. It's perfect for practicing literary analysis, foreshadowing, point of view, and irony with your middle school and high school students. And... by the end of the unit, students will have written a literary analysis response.Here's what teachers are saying about this unit: "An AWESOME unit. This resource is put together really well and was really easy to use.""MY KIDS LOVED THIS!!!!! We have been having so much fun with it.""This wa
Students will determine the setting of the passage using inferencing skills with these 32 task cards!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel ActivityEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Card to extend the lessonAudio Support Self-Checking or Short AnswerMultiple versions of the recording sheet includedGreat for 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A
These 72 Analogy Task Cards are divided into 3 color-coded sets of 24 cards each. Students can solve the analogies orally in groups or use the included answer sheet to record their answers. There are also answer keys for each card set so that your students can check their work. Analogy Task Cards are also available in a short answer format. Please see below for link.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Short Answer Analogies Task Cards are available here.Other great products:•
Your students will love these creative activities and flipbook to learn all about Force and Motion! This unit includes reading passages, comprehension activities, vocabulary posters, a unit test, and a flipbook. There are two character studies where students will meet Isaac Newton and Elijah McCoy.A force is a push or a pull that can make an object move. You use pushing and pulling motions all the time! You use force when you write your name, open a door, tie your shoes, and even take a sip of y
This financial literacy resource has everything you need to teach your students about goods and services and other concepts of money! WHAT'S INCLUDED:There are both printable and digital components giving students multiple ways to access the material.Vocabulary Posters - Includes word with definition - goods, service, consumer, producer, supply, demand, and barterPicture Sort - 15 picture cards that students sort according to whether they show a good or a service. Includes heading cards.Writing
Your students will love these 32 possessive nouns task cards!Here are 32 task cards to help your students learn to properly punctuate and identify singular and plural possessive nouns. Each card requires students to both write the possessive noun correctly (by adding the apostrophe), and to tell whether the word is singular or plural. Several of these cards are quite challenging. Tricky words have been used such as princesses' and wolves'. Further, for some cards students must look for clues in
This product includes 32 task cards. Each card contains a group of words. Students read the card and determine whether each group of words is a:A. complete sentenceB. run-on sentenceC. fragment (missing a subject)D. fragment (missing a predicate)These can be used for independent practice as part of a center, or your students can do the popular scoot activity to complete the task cards with a partner. (I place each card at a different location throughout the classroom. Each student goes to a diff
Interpreting the remainder is a difficult skill, but these 32 division task cards & anchor charts help students to master this concept using short answer or multiple choice!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColor4 Reference PostersRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google Slides - Short AnswerEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Cards to extend the lessonSelf-Checking or Short AnswerMultiple versions of the recor
Your students will love these 32 subject verb agreement task cards! Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to help your students gain fluency with subject-verb agreement. On half the cards the students must select the correct verb and on the other half they must select the correct noun. Tricky words such as everyone, no one, and anyone are included, as well as a few irregular verbs. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, at stations, for partner work,
Learning about the weather has never been so much fun! Students will love this creative and interactive pack with information on erosion, forecasting, types of clouds, weather instruments, and meteorology all in one pack! Newly Updated with Leveled Reading Passages with three levels of difficulty, labs, and even more hands-on activities.Weather is an important part of our everyday lives. Knowing what the weather is going to be like helps us decide whether to wear shorts, carry an umbrella, or we
This is a set of posters, sentence sorts, worksheets, and assessments for the homophones that often cause students the most trouble:there, their, and they'reyour and you'reits and it'sThese can be very confusing for kids and are often misused in their writing. The activities in this resource will help them understand and remember the difference between these easily mixed up words.For EVERY set of homophones, this pack includes:Poster with definition and illustrated example of proper useSentence
This set of 32 task cards is designed to provide students an opportunity to practice using context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words. Students read the sentence(s) and use context clues to determine the meaning of the underlined word. Words include: disdain, punctual, angler, herald, voucher, secluded, scarce, commence, and toil.Students read the task card and record their answer on the recording sheet. In addition to the basic answer sheet format, there is also an optional workshee
Preschool to Kindergarten worksheets are perfect for prewriting alphabet letter practice. These NO PREP worksheet activities are great for Morning Work, take-home and Centers. Your preschool student will love tracing lines and shapes that show how to write the letter. Each worksheet has the letter in correct formation, beginning sound image and the word for the image to teach the sound. Also, there is a set of custom designed lines and shapes to practice writing. 26 worksheets Aa-Zz - 2 levels C
Do your students need practice with point of view? These point of view worksheets and activities are perfect to teach, practice, and review point of view in literature. These activities are the perfect addition to your point of view unit! skyrocketdealsThese print and digital point of view worksheets and practice activities include short paragraphs asking students to identify the point of view from which each story is narrated. Students will decide if each paragraph is written in first person po
Quotation mark rules for dialogue can be tricky for students! Help them to practice their punctuation and proofreading skills with these 32 versatile task cards!These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught quotation rules. While many of these cards offer practice with some of the most common quotation situations, others are more challenging. Cards that include song and poem titles, quotes within quotes, and interrogative sentences are all included. (Note: The quot
This resource contains 20 reading comprehension passages (10 nonfiction passages, 9 fiction passages, and 1 poem). Beneath each passage, there are six multiple-choice comprehension questions. These reading passages can be used in so many ways! Some options include using them as a test prep activity, as morning work or homework, or as part of a small group lesson.The comprehension questions vary with each passage, which allows your students the opportunity to review several reading skills at once
This is a set of activities, worksheets, and posters to support your primary economics unit on needs and wants. Includes both printable and digital items.Includes:Vocabulary Posters with definitions of needs and wantsPicture Sort - Students sort picture cards according to whether the item is a need or a wantWriting Activity - Student write about what a need and want is and then describe something they want and something they need.Cut-and-Glue Word Sort - Students classify each item as a need or
Use these 32 cards in your shades of meaning lesson plan to reinforce this language skill. The multiple choice format requires students to compare three related words (usually synonyms) and select the best one. Please keep in mind that shades of meaning is somewhat subjective. On most of the cards, all of the words will work to complete the sentence, however, the student is asked to select the best word. I believe that the answers given in the answer key are indeed the best, however, it is possi
Your students will love these 32 parts of speech task cards!Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to practice parts of speech. The following parts of speech are addressed in this set:nounproper nounplural nounpronounverbadverbadjectiveWhat's included?32 Task Cards- Color32 Task Cards- BlacklineGoogle Slides ActivityEasel Assessment (Self-checking)Classroom Poster/Student HandoutStudent Response SheetsChallenge CardAnswer KeyA student answer sheet for students to record their answers is include
Are you getting ready to teach you students about past, present, and future tense verbs? This unit has everything you need! Your students are sure to be engaged with the variety of practice included. These pages are perfect for literacy stations, independent/group work, morning work, homework, or anything else you want! The best part is that there is no prep - just print and start learning!Not sure if you want to purchase the unit? Try a couple of activities with your class and see how it goes w
------------------WELCOME TO MY STORE---------------------Waves - Fourth Grade - Science - Complete Unit - NGSS AlignedThis is a complete science curriculum specifically for teaching the topic of WAVES. It is fully aligned with the Fourth grade NGSS standards. --------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING---------------------This unit is designed to engage students and excite them about science by igniting their curiosity, connecting prior knowledge, and giving children hands-on experiences of compl

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