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This resource will help you teach the long E spelling patterns of ee, ea, and ie. Vowel pairs can be confusing and students need a lot of practice to learn them. With these activities, they will practice reading and spelling long E words in a variety of ways. INCLUDES:Spelling ListPractice TestSound Patterns Heading CardsSpelling Word CardsSpelling Word Picture Cards (color and black/white)Interactive Notebook FoldableLong E Patterns Picture SortLong E Words Crossword Puzzle2 Long E Word Searche
Point of View Task Cards: This resource contains 24 task cards for identifying the following points of view:First PersonSecond PersonThird Person LimitedThird Person OmniscientStudents read the passages and determine the point of view. They write it on their recording sheet, AND they justify their answer! Or, students can complete the alternate answer sheet if you want to engage your students with a game-type format!'********This resource is available in three formats:Traditional Printables- Pri
This FUN No-Prep activity pack about the Three Branches of Government has it all! It includes leveled reading passages, vocabulary posters, and a flipbook! The passages come in three levels so you can meet each student's reading level with the same content information.What's Inside:✔Three Branches of Government✔The Executive Branch✔The Legislative Branch✔The Judicial BranchGo Digital--A Digital Version of This Unit is Now Available:A Digital Version of this unit for Google Classroom is available
These 32 making generalizations task cards help students to conquer this tricky reading strategy.WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Card to extend the lessonMultiple versions of the recording sheet includedGreat for 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A LOT MORE! This resource is part of a money-saving bundl
This workbook covers the Grade 3 Soils in the Environment unit in the NEW 2022 Ontario Science curriculum (Earth and Space Systems). Students will explore the importance of soil and the role it plays in the natural environment. Topics in this workbook include different types of soil, composting, pesticide use, soil erosion, salt in soils, and the living and non-living things that are found in soil. Interactive, hands-on activities are explained, with follow-up worksheets included. There is a var
Your middle school students will be captivated by this chilling short story! Students will want to analyze characters, motive, plot, and foreshadowing. This creepy, unsettling story is great for middle school and high school students. Reasons to love this unit:print and digital versions (Google Slides and PowerPoint)super creepy story is sure to engage your students!includes lesson plans and teacher checklist – makes an ideal sub plan provides literary analysis practice: students will analy
This one page reading passage explains the 4 stages of the water cycle - evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection - in simple language your students will understand! The passage comes with 10 multiple choice reading comprehension questions, an answer key, and 2 self-scoring digital versions - EASEL and Google Forms. Color and black and white illustrations are included to accommodate black and white printing. This reading passage is part of a growing collection of Science Shorts r
In this epic Norse Mythology unit, you and your students will explore the realms (Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim, etc.) and characters (Odin, Thor, Loki, etc.) of Norse Mythology and study Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey (monomyth). You will apply the Hero’s Journey to the Norse myths as well as Marvel’s Thor and connect the past with the present by comparing Norse myths to The Lord of the Rings and Marvel’s Thor. In other words, you’ll leave your ordinary world, enter a special world filled with g
Practice using transition words with your students with these transitions task cards! These cards feature multiple-choice options that prompt students to choose the best transition word!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Card to extend the lessonGreat for 3rd or 4th grade! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A LOT MORE!NOTE: This resour
3rd - 4th
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards for practicing simplifying (reducing) fractions. The multiple choice format makes this set perfect for test prep. A student answer sheet and an answer key is also included so that students can self-check. In addition, there is also a Challenge Card which can be used with any other card to extend the activity. This card asks students to order the answer fractions from least to greatest.PLUS.... You can use this resource with Easel Assessment to assign a se
This resource contains 20 reading comprehension passages (10 nonfiction passages, 8 fiction passages, and 2 poems). Beneath each passage, there are six multiple choice comprehension questions. These reading passages can be used in so many ways! Some options include using them as a test prep activity, as morning work or homework, as part of a small group lesson, or as part of a distance learning activity.The comprehension questions vary with each passage, which allows your students the opportunit
Learning works best when it doesn’t feel like work.This hands-on fun Interactive Lapbook Project is so much fun! Your students are going to enjoy sorting and matching activities, and doing a little bit of writing. And, of course, drawing, coloring, cutting and pasting are always the best part of any activity. Use this project as a review or as an assessment. This project is also perfect for group or individual work. These mini-lapbooks will look amazing on display in your classroom or in the h
Your students will love these 32 adjective and adverb task cards! Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to help your students gain fluency in selecting the correct comparative or superlative modifier. The first three cards on every page focus on adjectives, while every fourth card is focused on adverbs. So, if you just want to focus on one skill or the other, you can use just those cards and have students fill out the appropriate column(s) on the answer sheet. There are more adjective cards th
This engaging and COMPLETE unit has it all with leveled reading passages about different types of animal adaptations, types of camouflage, hibernation, and migration. Students will enjoy the comprehension and connection activities, vocabulary skills, interactive notebook activities, and so much more! Your students will love learning all about animal adaptations with this BEST SELLER! Newly updated with Reading Passages with Three Levels of Difficulty to meet the needs of all your students.With I
Here are 32 spring-themed, multiple-choice task cards that cover a variety of English Language Arts skills and standards. Each skill is presented within the context of a sentence and shows up 3-5 times throughout the set. Plus, a super fun board game to use alongside the task cards!What's included?32 ELA Review Task Cards- Color32 ELA Review Task Cards- BlacklineEasel Assessment- Self-CheckingGoogle Slides Digital ActivitySpring Board Game- ColorSpring Board Game- BlacklineSpring Board Game Pawn
Using apostrophes in contractions and possessive nouns can be tricky for students, but this resource can help! This resource has everything you need to provide your students with a variety of fun and engaging practice. These printables would work well as morning work, homework, independent centers, for early finishers, or anything else you want. The best part is that there is no prep - just print and start learning!This PDF File Includes:* Apostrophes Anchor Chart (color and black & white) *
Musical 4 Corners is a favorite activity for reinforcing dynamics, and a fun review for reinforcing instrument families (brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion, and keyboards) and timbres! PowerPoint Game, Boom Cards, and an Easel Assessment are included!The Boom Cards do not require a membership fee or student log-ins.These are a great option for those who want to link to them in Google Slides.► Preview the Boom Cards here!There are LOTS of slides so the game can be played for 5 minutes or 20.In
Your students will love learning about the Medieval Times with this COMPLETE unit. This FUN unit includes reading passages, interactive activities, vocabulary posters, and much more. Each section has comprehension questions and connection activities to make learning fun! This unit is divided into 8 sections:Introduction People of the Middle AgesThe Feudal SystemMedieval CastlesKnights and TradesmenFamous People: Charlemagne, Richard the Lionheart, Joan of ArcImportant Events: Magna Carta, The Cr
Use these 32 multiple choice Story Elements task cards to increase your students’ understanding of the building blocks that make up a story: setting, character, problem, and solution.WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or Print5 Challenge Cards to extend the lessonGreat for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A LOT MORE! This resou
Your students will love these 32 subject and predicate task cards! Contents of this set include:Directions and Suggestions32 Task Cards- Color32 Task Cards- Black and WhiteGoogle Slides ActivityTpT’s Easel AssessmentChallenge CardStudent Answer SheetsAnswer Key Use these 32 cards to help your student gain fluency identifying both the simple and complete subject and predicate. The pages are all formatted the same way, so if you wanted to work on just one of these skills. For example, the simple s
These 32 informational text (nonfiction) multiple choice cards (print or digital) help your students understand the different types of text features such as index, glossary, bold print, diagrams, maps, captions etc. A student answer sheet and answer key is also provided so students can check their work. The multiple-choice format makes these cards great for assessment and test prep. Use at centers, in pairs or small groups or with your entire class using a game like Scoot. PRINT SET INCLUDES:Di
The 32 cards were created using state standardized tests and grade 3 math Common Core Standards. Almost every standard is covered (often one question addresses several standards).Use at a center, with games or with the whole class. A student answer sheet and an answer key is provided. There is also a “Rate It” card that students can use to rate the difficulty of each card. Note that the grade level does not appear on any of the cards or answer sheets, so the resource can be used as review or rem
Teaching the long A spelling patterns of a_e (silent e), ai, and ay couldn't be easier with this long vowel teams phonics resource! With these activities, students will practice reading and spelling long A words in a variety of ways. Spelling ListPractice TestSound Patterns Heading CardsSpelling Word CardsSpelling Word Picture Cards (color and black/white)Interactive Notebook FoldableLong A Patterns Picture SortLong A Crossword PuzzleLong A Word SearchLong A Homophones CardsA_E Pattern Word Ladd
Your students will love these 32 parts of speech task cards!Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to practice parts of speech. The following parts of speech are addressed in this set:nounproper nounplural nounpronounverbadverbadjectiveWhat's included?32 Task Cards- Color32 Task Cards- BlacklineGoogle Slides ActivityEasel Assessment (Self-checking)Classroom Poster/Student HandoutStudent Response SheetsChallenge CardAnswer KeyA student answer sheet for students to record their answers is include

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