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Author's Tone Task Cards: This product includes 24 task cards. Each task card takes the form of a short note written from one person to another, followed by this question: Which word best describes the tone of this note? Students are then given four choices, and they must choose the word that best reflects the author's tone.An answer key and a recording sheet are also included. ***This set of task cards features a gamelike recording sheet option, in addition to the traditional recording sheet.
Being able to identify and use text features is essential to reading and comprehending informational texts. Have your students show what they know with this nonfiction text feature assessment. It consists of four pages. I have always used this resource as an end-of-unit assessment, but you can also use it as part of large group or small group lesson, or as a practice worksheet.This nonfiction text feature resource contains 22 multiple-choice questions. Just print and go! Students read each quest
Use these 32 task cards to help reinforce comma use rules and to practice proofreading. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been taught comma rules. Please note that in order to help students avoid over punctuating, few of the correct answer have no commas.WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:32 Task Cards (prints 4 to a page)Black-lineColorRecording SheetsAnswer KeysDIGITAL:Google SlidesEasel Assessment - Self-CheckingDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintChallenge Card to ex
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to reinforce common multiple meaning words (homographs) and improve vocabulary. Each of the featured words appears on two cards. Not only will this help to solidify the words and their meanings, it may also help some students to self-correct as they work.A student answer sheet is included along with an answer key for self-checking. There is also a Challenge Card that can be used in conjunction with any other card to extend the activity. Black Line versions
The Diagnostic Radiology Lab is a fun and engaging way to introduce students to the use of x rays (radiographs) in the diagnosis of a wide range of problems from broken bones to intestinal blockages and more. Students learn how radiographs are made, the basics of how to interpret them, and how to distinguish what is normal from what is not. Allow your students to become the doctor (they just won’t get paid like one)! Get your students up and running faster than ever with the addition of Google A
5th - 12th
Practice prefixes with these 32 prefix task cards! The set contains two types of cards. The first 16 cards require students to change a base word in a sentence into a new word by adding one of four prefixes. This will help your students to see how adding a prefix changes the meaning of the word. Cards 17-32 require students to fill in the blank in a sentence with the correct word, given four choices. Only one of the choices will work. These cards will help your students to practice using the cor
Practice identifying what item you would need to complete the life skill task on each card. Each card has 3 picture choices. This resource is perfect for therapy sessions, guided practice, stations, or group work! This product contains:54 task cardsCheck out our other life skill products:What's in the Cart/Fridge/Cabinet Adapted Book SeriesWhat's in the Suitcase/Wallet/Purse Adapted Book SeriesEasy Matching Weekly Workbooks Life Skills EditionFor more resources, tips, and materials to help you
Not Grade Specific
Are you looking for engaging physical science reading passages and questions? This Atom, Molecules, and Elements Reading Comprehension is the perfect NO PREP, print-off resource with three informational texts with multiple-choice questions and free-response questions to go along. It can be used as an extension activity, review, content front-loading, and practice reading strategies with science. Answer key is available. This resource includes the following:✔ Text on Atoms - with 6 multiple choi
This figurative language pack includes a types of figurative language handout that defines different figures of speech like similes, metaphors, idioms, personification, and hyperbole and gives an example of each. On the first worksheet students have to identify ten sentences that use metaphors or similes, and underline what is being compared. Students then have to tell whether each of the following ten sentences is an example of hyperbole or personification. Then there are then nine additional p
32 multiple choice Ordering Decimals Task Cards to help your students practice this important skill. Each of these cards includes series of four decimals for students to compare and order. The decimals include whole numbers and decimals to the thousandths place and are mixed on the cards so that students can develop fluency with this skill. These cards will work well at centers or stations, or for games like Scoot. In addition, the multiple choice format makes them ideal for test prep.WHAT’S INC
Use these 32 multiple choice cards to practice word root meanings. Each card features two words with the same root and a choice of meanings. Students must use their knowledge of the word meanings to infer the correct answer. A student answer sheet for students to record their answers is included along with an answer key for self-checking. There is also a Challenge Card that can be used in conjunction with any other card to extend the activity. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will
This easy to understand, one page passage explains what light energy is and how it moves. It describes concepts like the speed of light, reflection, and refraction. The passage includes 10 multiple choice reading comprehension questions, an answer key, and 2 self-scoring digital versions - EASEL and Google Forms. Color and black line illustrations are included for your convenience. You may also be interested in this passage about Sound Energy. This reading passage is part of a growing collection
Your students will love these 24 critical thinking Odd One Out task cards! Each odd one out task card features four images (or descriptions for blackline) and asks the students to choose which one is the "odd one out". Uniquely, there are multiple answers to build student creative and critical thinking skills!Plus, there's an Easel poll included! This is great for a discussion starter!Flexible Features: Use with or without technology!Printable in color or black and white (4 cards-to-a-page)Digit
This set of 42 figurative language task cards include the following literary devices: SIMILE METAPHOR ONOMATOPOEIA PERSONIFICATION ALLITERATION HYPERBOLE IDIOM These cards are all written in a multiple-choice format, but they follow two different formats. For half of the cards, a sentence containing figurative language is in the question stem, and students have to determine which type of figurative language is used within that sentence.On the other half of the cards, students are asked, "Which s
These 20 independent digital activities are meant to be assigned as extra math practice for students once they have been taught about place value. The activities are compatible with Google Slides and Seesaw, and come preloaded and ready to implement. They are perfect for your blended or hybrid learning model!The digital activities can be assigned to students individually or they can also be accessed for digital use as a whole class or in small groups.Give your students the supplemental math pra
This Ancient Rome non-fiction activity pack has it all! It includes reading passages with comprehension questions to help students connect to the information, vocabulary activities, a timeline, map activity, government chart and so much more!!Everything that you need to teach Ancient Rome is in this activity pack.There are reading passages and comprehension questions about the following topics:Geography of ItalyLegend of Romulus and RemusRoman Daily LifeMediterranean DietCenter CourtyardsReligio
Your students will love these 32 Prepositional Phrases Task Cards! This is a set of task cards for helping students understand prepositional phrases! Each sentence has three options for students to decipher the prepositional phrase from. Students will love the fun pictures and bright colors as well as the fun sentences! This set also comes with two easy to use digital versions! What’s included?32 Task Cards- Color32 Task Cards- BlacklineGoogle Slides ActivityEasel Assessment2 Reference Posters-
This Turkey Learning Quest provides research activities that guide students through independent learning about turkeys. Students are self-directed as they independently complete these learning quest activities. These activities can be completed as traditional classroom lessons, centers, homework, independent work, or are great for fast finishers. The Turkey activities are offered in both print and digital so teachers can mix it up to find the perfect balance of versatility that meets the face-t
This is a set of activities for teaching the associative property of multiplication. It includes both independent work and centers.PosterAssociative Property PuzzlesAssociative Property Matching ActivityWorksheetsAnswer KeysDigital Quiz/AssessmentPOSTERIncludes the definition of the associative property and an example. MATH PUZZLESThis is a set of 20 individual three-piece puzzles. . Each one shows a multiplication expression written two ways (with the order of the factors switched) and the prod
Musical 4 Corners is a great interactive PowerPoint music game for reinforcing treble clef note recognition! There are also LOTS of slides so the game can be played for 5 minutes or 20. Boom Cards are also included.All games can be found in the BIG BUNDLE!A favorite indoor recess game at my school is "4 Corners." I've modified the game so that each corner is a note on the treble clef staff. Notes are from Middle C to G above the staff, but the majority of the game focuses on EGBDF and FACE.I
Are your students struggling with Parts of Speech, or are brand new to the concept? This Parts of Speech graphic organizer allows students to compile their knowledge and understanding of the Parts of Speech (nouns, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, verbs, interjections, adverbs and adjectives) in a doodle notes style! Give your students a welcome change of pace by leading them through the ideas and concepts underpinning the theory behind parts of speech and then gift them with time to doodle
Take a step back in time to learn about Ancient Greece. This complete unit includes reading passages, hands-on activities, vocabulary posters, character studies, timeline, map, and so much more!There are reading passages on the following topics:A Great CivilizationGeography of GreeceTwo Early Greek CivilizationsThe MinoansThe MycenaeansA Tough Life Life in AthensLife in SpartaThe Way of Life: Boys and GirlsA Greek DietGreek HousesTraveling by Boat Clothing of Ancient GreeceReligion in GreeceGods
Here are 32 equivalent fraction multiple choice task cards to help reinforce your students' understanding of fraction equivalents. A student answer sheet and an answer key is also included so that students can self-check. In addition, there is also a Challenge Card which can be used with any other card to extend the activity. This card asks students to generate another equivalent fraction to the one on the card.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What's included?32 Task Cards-
Your students will love learning about the Solar System with this creative interactive activity pack! This COMPLETE unit has leveled reading passages, comprehension questions, hands-on activities, a flip book, fact flaps, vocabulary posters, character studies on Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, a unit test, answer keys, and much more! A solar system is like a community where the planets, moons, and stars all live together. Our solar system is made up of the Sun and everything that orbits around it

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