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Understanding cause and effect is vital in understanding history! Use this quick graphic organizer (shrink it slightly to fit in interactive notebooks!) to help students make connections between events--World War I, the Great Depression, the rise of totalitarian leaders, and World War II. I like f
This 90 minute lesson plan is designed to introduce or expand on students' knowledge of the 6 leaders of WW2: Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt. Included: 6 handouts, each containing a mini-bio of a leader, student notes, and a "How-To Guide" for teachers to know exactly how
This document facilitates sorting facts about World War II leaders. It is designed for each name or fact to be a full-size page, but can be printed or copied smaller for individual student use. There are a total of 45 pages.
Leaders of World War II Essay Questions challenges students to go deeper in their study of World War II by taking a closer look at the lives of 25 influential leaders of the period. Leaders studied are from Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the
World War 2 Allied Leaders Pop Up PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook LessonThis wonderfully creative lesson has students creating pop up figures of 7 Allied leaders who helped lead their nations to victory in World War II! Included is a printable sheet with 7 people for your students to cut out: Fr
This is a compilation of pictures and facts about the leaders involved in World War II. Students must name the leader whom is pictured or whom the statement applies to. Leaders included are: Douglas Macarthur, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevlet, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Dwi
Perfect for distance learning, these sensory figures, also known as body biographies, are great for characterization or biography projects and helping students analyze people or characters from multiple angles. Choose to use the traditional printable version or the paperless digital Google Slides™ v
- This is a distance learning activity involving 3 post WWII nationalist leaders - Gandhi, Ataturk and Kwame Nkrumah. During this lesson, students will research these 3 individuals locating important points of information and making the connection to the enduring issue of nationalism. Links and vide
This WWII- Rise of Dictators/Extremist Leaders Test Covers key ideas from this unit including: Leaders, their plans, ideologies, and results..Topics: totalitarianism, communism, socialism, fascism, black shirts, SS, gulags, collectivization, imperialism, nazism, Five -Year Plans, and more...
This WWII- Rise of Dictators/Extremist Leaders- Check for Understanding covers questions about:Definitions for Communism, Fascism, Nazism and TotalitarianismStudents will identify leaders and their nationsStudents will identify and describe how the leaders rose to power including identifying the pre
This is a fun and interactive project to get your students to learn about the important leaders of World War II. Students will be assigned 3 out of 12 leaders of WWII and create trading cards with important information about their assigned leader. Both Print & Digital (Google drive) versions i
An engaging, Common-Core-based unit in which students analyze the words of Churchill, Hitler, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Truman and make character inferences about these influential World War II leaders. Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin,
Instruction of Totalitarianism/WWII always falls around Valentine's Day. This "Speed Dating" activity is a fun way to incorporate the holiday into the curriculum. This activity is one of those "highlights" that kids talk about all year. Students are assigned a leader pertinent to World War II: Wins
**Includes music & video!** This lesson will introduce students to the leaders involved in World War II, as well as a background on the country's they represent. This will include some lower-level objectives like vocabulary, in order to provide proper context as we go through the unit. They wil
This download includes blank and completed historical stick figure (mini-biography) assignments for the following six WWII leaders:Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.)Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)Winston Churchill (England)Emperor Hirohito (Japan)Adolf Hitler (Germany)Benito Mussolini (Italy)Downloads comes
WWII Figures Mini-Fold-Ems, Research GOs, & Writing Templates Grades 6-12—45+ Pages! Product Overview/Preface: Introduce, Research, and Enhance a Unit on the Figures of Word War II with this Hands-on Activity! Simple Steps: Print, Cut, Add Inserts & Writing, and Fold! Includes: <
From the mid-1920s the leader of Soviet Russia was Joseph Stalin. He had been ruling the USSR until his death in 1953. Though Stalin and Adolf Hitler never met or spoke, their lives and their fates were inextricably linked. Both men loathed and feared the other, yet there was much Hitler and Stalin
Students will read a brief description of the major leaders of World War II, then answer question about what they have read.Leaders include:- Franklin Roosevelt- Winston Churchill- Adolf Hitler- Joseph Stalin- Benito Mussolini- Hirohito
Hideki Tojo - Webquest with Key (World War Two Japan Leader) WWIIThis 10 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to Hideki Tojo, the military leader of Japan during WWII, and his life and his actions during World War Two (WWII). It contains 37 questions from a great history websit
This is a 16 slide, highly animated, power point presentations on World War II - German Political Leaders - Josef Mengele. Each of the presentation slides are editable so you can change it to fit your individual needs. Josef Mengele was a German doctor and Nazi War Criminal who escaped justice afte
The ActivityThrough this activity, students will use a Google Slides powerpoint to fill out charts on their google doc pages. They will learn about the 6 major leaders of WWII - Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Mussolini, Roosevelt, and Churchill -- through a powerpoint. Then they will fill out a graphic organ
Have your students dig deeper to learn more about the men who led their countries during World War II with this printable trifold/brochure. Includes sections on the policies and laws of each leader, a history of the leader before the war, allies of the leader and his nation, as well as artistic oppo
This lesson contains biography's from Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, and Benito Mussolini. Each Biography has vocabulary highlighted in yellow with the definition next to it. The readings are accompanied by a graphic organizer and quiz. This lesson w
This reading contains biography's from Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, and Benito Mussolini. Each biography has vocabulary highlighted in yellow with the definition next to it. This reading can be chunked and modified for students.

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